Friday, August 7, 2009

There you are! Foundja! :)

Hii!! Wallah sorry! Adrii min ziman I didn't upload something, bes la2na I'm on vacation and it's hard to write :( sam7ooniiii:( 
Bakamilikum, o0 inshallah ya3jibkum(;


"Elsalam 3alaiikum" Jassim said.
"Oo 3alaikum il salam" replied the girls in unison 
"Asif i5tii, bes intay ams kintay ib Starbucks? Wayhich mo 3'areeb 3alay" He smiled, and as he did, Jenna's heart fluttered.. 
"Eee na3am o5oy, kint ib Starbucks ams, 5air inshallah?" She smiled back, yet still managed to seem confused.. Smart girl she is;)
"La, wella shay:) Bes 7abait a3arif. Mashkoora i5tii" He said and walked away. 
"7ayak o5oy" She seemed confused. 

After he walked away she looked at her girls and laughed at his action;p Yeaaah, he seems like a weird yet nice guy! :)

The girls ate their meals talking about last night's event, and what they plan to do with the store in the future. 
"Ha, yallah ingoom?" Asked Alya
"Yallah, mishayna..!" Dalal and Jenna squeeked
"Bes intaw roo7aw gablii, omii tabeenii ayeeblaha shay min Va Va Voom.. Ana aroo7 ashtiree o0 alageekum bil parking" Jenna informed her friends. 
"Okay, 5ala9 3ayal, intay roo7ay o0 ta3aleelina bil parking lemn 't5al9een" Dalal smiled
"It's a deal babes!" Jenna winked

She went to Va Va Voom and picked up the Bobby Brown lipstick her mom asked for. She walked to the parking and while she was leaving the mall, Jassim got a hold of her.. He tapped her on her shoulder and when she turned around, her stomach started screaming in excitement. 
"Asif i5tii" Jassim said
"La basee6a o5oy, na3am, shno agdar asa3dik fee?"
"Intay kintay ib Va Va Voom tawa mo 9a7?" He asked with delight
"Ee na3am.." She seemed confused, was he stalking her?! "Momkin as2al laish?" 
"Nisaitay irdood ifloosich" He winked.
"Umbayy! Mashkoor.." She giggled and blushed
"ya 7ilo 6'a7kitich" he said
"Mashkoor, i3yoonik il 7ilwa" she blushed
"Ana Jassim liflani" He said
"Wini3m, o0 ana Jenna liflaniya" She replied
"Allah yin3am 7alich, o0 right back atcha" he said
Jenna's heart started flopping around like a fish deprived of water on the sea shore
"Mashkoor wayid Jassim, bes ana lazim aroo7, mashkoor" She smiled
"La shokir 3ala il wajib" He said, "Oh, asif, im3a6lich ana, tifa6'ilay.." 
"La 3adii, mashkoor" She said and walked away.

She walked to Dalal's car and dropped off Alya and then Dalal dropped her off, Jenna didn't want to tell them what happened yet because she wanted to PROCESS what happened BEFORE telling them.. 
She got on her laptop and got on her FaceBook. 
"One New Friend Request" he profile said.
Haw, mno imsaweenii add? :s she wondered.. 
She clicked the link and waited for the page to load.. 

There you go! Inshallah the next part SOON! :)

Bye for now! ;)



  1. You better keep on writing sister! You've got a lot of talent. I felt like i was there with them.


  2. Jassim's starting to creep me out :P He looks like a player

    Oh and call me AAA :P