Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Here Comes Goodbye"

Yalla.. Here we go, AGAIN!!! ;p

"Hahaha! Jassim, shno hatha?!"Jenna laughed
"Hatha? Hatha McDonalds" He smiled back
"Umbayy! Inta ZOO8A!!" She pinched his cheek
"La 7ayatii, intay il zoo8a!" he kissed her head

I honestly don't know where I'd be today without him.. He makes me want to be a better person she thought to herself.
"Inshallah rabii ma ya7rimnee minik" She kissed his cheek
"Ameen.." He said

They sat down and had their dinner, talking in between about how Jenna's school life is going, her family and almost anything that came to mind.. They're completely comfortable being together.. Like it's meant to be, like this is not something that everyone will not approve of.. Well IF heard about.. 

Jenna slurped down on some Coke and sighed 
"Ha 5ala9tay?" Jassim asked
"Il 7imdella, ee" Jenna smiled
"Okay, goomay, abee amshee ma3ach 3al ba7ar.." He explained to her
"Hehe, inzain.." She said and got up, her heart making summersaults inside her chest

They walked down the sea shore, and she savored every scent she smelled.. Especially his cologne.. A&F Fierce Cologne.. Her favorite on a man;) She looked at her phone it was 8:30 and by 9:30 she should be home.. 
"Jassim, it's getting late.. Can we leave? I need to be home by 9:30" she said and lowered her head.. 
"Ee 7ayatii, yalla mishayan" he replied, and lifted her head and kissed her on the head. 

They walked back and got into Jassim's car, and drove back. They were in the parking lot of Qurtuba Co-Op by 9:05. She was about to get out of her car when Jassim got a hold of her hand. 
She turned around, and saw sadness in Jassim's eyes.. 

"Jassim..? Shfeek?" She questioned him.. 
"Mabeech itroo7een.." He said and pouted. 
"Haha! 7ayatii inta! I'll call you when I get home, I promise" She said
"Inzain.." He answered, but he still looked like something was on his mind.. 
"Jassim, honey, you know I can still see sadness in your eyes.. Whats wrong?" This time she was REALLY curious.. 
Ha, shfee? He was fine before we headed back.. She asked herself as if she did something wrong..
"Jenna.. Please, don't make this harder than it is.." He told her
She closed the door, and turned around to face him.. 
"Make what harder than it already it?!" She asked him
"Jenna, my parents yaboonii arid il States so I can keep working on my law degree and get my masters.. Galoolee ilyoum.." He told her.. 
"Shno?" she felt her heart just got yanked out of her chest and stomped on.. 
"They want me to go back to the states to keep studying....." he kept talking but all Jenna heard was murmors.. 
She opened the car door, got out, and hopped into hers as soon as she could.. She started her car, locked the doors, backed up, and drove off.. 

"Umbayy! I feel sooo stupid!!!!!! WHY DID I DO THIS?!" She started screaming in her car as she was driving away.. She plugged in her iPod and put it on shuffle.. The first song started.. Here Comes Goodbye.. By Rascal Flatts.. 
The tears started running down her cheek.. And she let them come out.. She let them drown her face.. She got to her house, parked, got out, and ran to her room, heels in hand.. 
"Mamaaa! I'm home! I'm going to shower and sleep!" She screamed

She got to her room and locked her door. She jumped on her bed with the pieces of her heart in her hands, trying, HOPING he would do something, or SOMEONE would do something to put them back together.. She got up off her bed, turned her laptop on and clicked on iTunes.. She needed the saddest songs to help her cry it all out.. She went to her bathroom, she didn't bother closing or locking the door, since well, her bedroom door is locked so who would come in? 
She turned the water on, and got into her bathtub listening to music that she can drown her sorrow in.. 
Half an hour later, she cried all the tears she could, and no more would come out.. She's now numb.. 
She got out of the bathroom, wore her PJ's and hopped into bed.. She fell asleep in a few minutes, because all the crying got her so worn out.. 

She forgot to turn her phone off, or put it on Silent, and that's the one thing that woke her up that night.. 
She got out of bed sleepy.. and went to check her phone.. it was Jassim.. She didn't want to pick it up, but she did.. 

"Aloooo?" She said in a sleepy voice.. 

I'll let you ponder what happens next.. ;) 
Love you all