Monday, August 31, 2009

"Save me"

Hii my loves, lil 2asef this isn't going to be a long post:( Because I need to head off soon! I'll try posting another blog later tonight that's longer=] Bes 3ashankum:*

This is for Identity:*


"Si2lay.." He smiled
"Ihya, that girl.. Lail7een it7ibik..?" She asked curious
"Wallah madrii.." He answered
"Mmm.. Okay." She told him

They ate in silence until Jassim's phone rang..

"Aloo?" Jassim said
"La, ana mash3'oul ishway.."
"Ee, eeh.. Inshallah, a5ali9 o0 ayeekum.."
"Famanila.." and the phone call ended

"Mno?" Jenna asked annoyed
"Rifeejii, yabeenii arou7 il diwaniya.." He told her

In this time Marzoug was thinking to himself, how long until Jassim's cover would be blown? All he had to do was wait, and soon Jenna would run to him for comfort, and she'll see he's the guy for her.. He's the guy that'll always be there..

"Mita lazem itroo7?" She asked
"Mita ma a5ali9 agdar arou7.." He told her
"Inzain." She said and finished her meal

They ate in silence for the next 10minutes.

"Akramkum allah.." Jassim said
"7ayak allah.." Jenna and Marzoug said in unison
"You can go now if you want.." Jenna said standing up, taking her and Jassim's plate to the kitchen
"Laa, I'll leave when you want me to" He reassured her
"Inzain. I'll be back." She took the plates and went to the kitchen.

Jassim!! Wai3! Madrii laish I love him! It's not like idig o0 yis2al!! Waaaaayh!! Ya rabii!! Someone save me!! She thought to herself as she was placing the plates on the counter.
She was picking up the plates to put them in the sink when she accidently hit one of them on the faucet and it broke in her hands.

"AHHHHHH!!!!! MARZOUG!!!!!" She cried

Marzoug got up and ran to the kitchen to see what happened; Jassim running after him. They walked in to find blood on the floor and Jenna on her knees crying, terrified.

"Sh9ar?!" Marzoug asked running to her side
"I broke the plate my accident!" She cried
"Imshay inroo7 il mostashfa!" Jassim said worried
"Jassim, mala da3y, rou7 il diwaniya." Marzoug said pissed.
"La2." Jassim said, "Baroo7 ma3akum." Jassim replied sternly looking into Marzougs' eyes.
"Jassim. Law sama7t. ROU7!" Marzoug said again

Jassim was going to say something when Jenna interrupted.

Thats all I can do for now:( I'm sorry! a7ibkum! Akamil the minute I can! =]
Love y'all!!



  1. waaay ana ishwaya '6ay3a la2man she said wai33 jassim... ib his face or ib her mind ??
    MARZOUG loving him everyday more and more madrii laish :*
    w for jassim ughh i hate him isawy 3umra ma yadrii " wallah madrii " !! ;@
    loving your story w you :*

  2. MORRRE!!!
    zougii HOT!!;p jassim no coment!:s
    love u:*

  3. BASICH WITH THE CLIFFHANGERS PLEAAAAAAAASE:) al7eeeen 3ady ma anaaaam :)

  4. hahahaha the cliffhangers again!!!
    tara im starting to love them! ga3da at3awad 3alihum oo im starting to love them!!:P
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! for the post 7uby I LOVED IT!;p
    LOVED the post! next post please!

  5. eH WALLAH b6eetay chabdeeeeeeeee :@



  6. S*: La2, she said it in her mind;p &I'm loving you more! :*
    FFS: I'm loving you more! &you're soon going to get more(;
    Anonymous: Hehehe, la la namay:*
    Identity: See, they're not that bad! I5aleekum itfakroun! ;p &YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME YOU'RE WELCOME! It loved you back:*
    Zarh: Lol!! ;p I was at school;( Inshallah you'll get something soon(: