Monday, August 24, 2009

"You Mesmerize Me.."

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Her phone vibrated with a message. 
She looked down and read the message.. 


You look so graceful running with the wind in your face..
I can't stop staring.. 
7ayatii.. You mesmerize me.. "

She slowed down and replied.. 

"You're not stalking me now are you? :p"

She giggled and kept running.. 

She finished her run and got back into her car to drive home and shower. She looked at her phone and found 3 missed calls, and 2 new messages. The 3 missed calls were from Alya. And the messages were from Jassim and Alya. 


Don't you wish I'd stalk you to make sure you're safe?! :p
But no baby, I was getting into Starbucks and you were backing out and you didn't see me, so I thought of following you and seeing how it goes;p"


Hey babyyy! We're goin for dinner tonight.. Join us? 
Me, you, Dalal, n unfortunately Hiba.. Please come and save us? :(
I love you, n hope to see you! 
Ciao! :*"

She replied to the two messages and drove off.. Change of plans.. Home, shower, change and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!!!

She got home, showered, and called Alya.. 

"Babyyy!!" Alya screamed
"And there goes my ear.. Hii sweetie.." She laughed
"You cominnnn?!" Alya asked interested
"Yuppp, but you didn't tell me where.." she said annoyed. 
"Sliders babyyy!" Alya informed her
"Okayy then! I'll get dressed and meet you there.. But wait, formal or casual?" Jenna wanted to know
"Mmm.. Make it formal? You'll never know who you'll bump into" Alya said
"Great! I'll get ready now! Meet you in an hour honey!" Jenna said and hung up

"Mmmm.. What should I wear?" Jenna wondered while looking into her closet.. She started to think a dress and heels.. "GOT IT!" She screamed. She decided on a beige, silk cut out Stella McCartney dress with black Christian Louboutin pumps. She pulled her hair back into a sleek pony tail and put on a crystalized head band. Classic yet cute.. She got out her black classic Chanel bag, put on some mascara, and red lipstick and she was ready to go..
She called Alya to tell her she was leaving and left for Sliders.. She got there in approximately 30 minutes. 

By the time she got there, the girls were seated and ready to order. They ordered their usual and started chatting..


Jenna looked down at her phone. 


Kint ga3ed afaker feech.. And I was wondering, can I see you?"

"Umm.. I'm out having dinner with friends now.. Agdar agoolik ba3dain?" She replied

Her phone beeps again.. 


Yeahh, sure baby! :) Have fun and deeray balich, Okay?"

"Hehe, OK baby."

She put her phone into her bag and continued chatting with her friends.. It became 9 and the girls were still sitting and giggling at old high school memories.. Oh how they wish they could go back to those fun, carefree days.. 

"Dinner's on me tonight" Jenna informed them smiling. 
"Noo! Jen! On me please!" Hiba said
"La2! Bes, I said first, and I'm paying. So I suggest you put more food in your mouth and shut it!" Jenna said and stuck her tongue out. 
"You never change do you?" Laughed Hiba
"Nope.. Same old Jenny" Jenna laughed back 

Jenna paid and got into her car while each of the other girl got in their cars and drove off.. 
She looked at her phone and she had one message.. 


8arart amout ib 7ubak wamshee ma3ak if darbak inta ya sakin galbee isma7lee a3eesh ib galbak.. Gurbak tara ya7yinee o0 9otak ana ihadeenii.. Bu3dak tara ibakeenii, lat3'eeb 3anii o0 rabak.. 
Ihda2 5a999!
A7ibichhh ya Jennaaaaaaa!!!!!!! :*"

There was nothing she could do but blush.. She decided to see him.. She dialed his number and waited for him to pick up.. 

"Hala o0 3'ala bil zain kila!" He said
"Hehe, hala feek.. You still up for meetin up tonight?" She asked him.. 
"Akeeed! I'm DYING to see you!" He told her.. 
"5ala9 3ayal.. Wain?" She asked him.. 
"7adee8at il 6'a7ya? Not far from your house or mine.. And no one's there now.." He informed her.. 
"5ala9, I'll see you soon.."
"Jenna.." He said
"Yeah?" She asked
"Ana akthar.."

She got there in 15 minutes. She found his car parked with the head lights on. He flashed his lights twice and she knew to get into his car. She got out and hopped into his as fast as her heels would let her.. 

"Wow.." He said amazed.. 
"Hehe.." She said blushing..
"Can I show you something?" He asked
"Sure.." She said confused.. 

YAY!! I've got a couple stuff up my sleeve;p Hehe! I can't wait til you read the next post.. 
I hope you liked this once! 
I love y'all! 



  1. I love how he flashed his lights ahahaha!

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  2. Haha!
    There is ALOT more to come(:
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  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa luvd iiit <3 :d