Friday, August 14, 2009

For you, I'd do anything..

Sorry for the delay! Bes I'm FINALLY HOME!!! :)

Il mohim;p Ima continue with this.. BES! I ask you one favor.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE spread the word.. I would like to know what you ALL think! And I can surly use YOUR support.. :)

Okay! So I guess.. Here we go(:

"Jassim wain ray7een?" Jenna asked..
"Ni6ray.. lat 5afeen.. Mara7 asawee feech shay.. Intay 7ayatii, itha 9ar feech shay ANA amout.." He replied.. 

Jenna swooned.. Umbayy, 9ij ilee ga3ed igoola? :/

Jassim's shalaih is in Mina 3abdallah.. Fa ya3nii not THAT far;p No one would be there.. So he knew it would be the PERFECT surprise for Jenna, since her love for the beach and shalaih is NEVER ending.. 

"Janooytii, intay shno it7ibeen akthar minii?" He asked..
"Haw! Haha, shno hal so2al Jassim?" She giggled
"La la, jad wallah, shno it7ibeen akthar minii..?" He asked again..
"Madamik tigool shno, it's something material.. Not a person.." She spat back at him, "Mmm.. Ahh! Il ba7ar!!" She screamed..
"Shrayich ina il ba7ar ra7 iyee lay 3indich.." He told her..
"Ha? Sh8a9dik? I'm lost sweetie.." 
"8a9dii, ina kana wi9alna" He smiled.. 

They both got out of the car, and Jassim walked around the car to where she was at, held her hand, and led her down to the beach..
Jenna took one look at it, and gasped in awe! She felt her eyes getting watery.. A tear ran down her cheek.. 
Jassim's mom put up an island in the middle of the sea, well, not middle, but you know what I mean.. A gazebo.. It had a walk way to the gazebo, but it wasn't made of those floaty foamy stuff, but actually cement.. So it would be easier for her to walk, since well.. She's wearing Louboutin's! Down the walk way, there were candles on either side of the walk way to light it up, and in the gazebo a table and rose petals  all around them.. 

"Umbayy! Jassim shimsawee?!" She screamed and jumped on him to give him a hug
"Haha! 7ayatii intay.. Asaweelich kil shay.." and hugged her back

They walked down the walk way and sat down to eat..
She started to giggle when she saw the food;p


Sorry! Adree this post is short;p bes I didn't have time:( I'll post a longer one soon(: When I can, I will! It's still sorta 7osa here, fa SOON inshallah! ;)



  1. Allaaaah jassim yeshawg! Can't wait for more xx

  2. jassim is so cute:*
    continue pls:) ... :D

  3. Inshallah(:
    The next part is uppp,
    &Spread the word about my blog please! =]

  4. Jassim is soo cute :* am in luv with him haha xD

    mashalla 3laich ;d keep it up