Monday, August 31, 2009

"You Make Me Feel Like SuperMan"

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“Talk to me..” Marzoug said calmly
“He's been in a couple of fights, been to the police chem mara ba3ed, o0 kan yadris bara until this summer lemn red likwait.. Kan gam yadris law, bes igooloon ina he has an american woman ihnak..” 3abdallah told Marzoug
“Mmm.. Mara ammreekiya.. 7ilo.. 3ash idor ihnak 3ayal..” Marzoug added
“Haha! 9a7 ilsanik..” 3abdallah laughed
“Inzain, kamil..” Marzoug said
“o0 hatha bes ilee I got to..” 3abdallah said dissapointed
“Zain, 5air inshallah, mashkoor 7abeebii” Marzoug thanked him
“Laa, walaw, inta o5oyy!” 3abdallah said
“7abeeeb!! Inzain, ana lazem arou7, Jenna al7een yaya..” He said
"5ala9, famanila" 3abdallah said
“Faminila” Marzoug replied and hung up

Jenna came out of her room, wearing dark jean shorts, a white tank top, and pink flip flops. She had her hair down and it was still wet. She hated drying her hair after a shower, because it got it frizzy. Marzoug was so taken aback by how she locked he forgot to breath.

“Ermm.. Hii?” She giggled
“Haa? Hala!” Marzoug blushed
“Shfeek?” She giggled
“La salamtich! You look damn fine if I may say so..” He winked
“Hehe, thank you! You look damn good too!” She laughed
“a7im a7im!” was all he said
“Laaaa! 3ada don't get all cocky!” She nudged him
“a77! Zain!” He laughed

She picked up the pillow and smacked him with it, but he caught it right on time and threw it away, he picked her up from her knees and had her on his shoulder face down. She couldn't stop laughing.

“Marzoug! Bes nazilneee!! HAHAHA!!!” She laughed
“LA2! Mara7 anazlich! Ana awareech shloon it6igeeniii!!” He laughed
“I'm sowieeee!! Pwease nazilneee!!” She pouted
“Zain, since you said sorry, badanzlich, bes gooleeha again, shloon shloon?!” He said putting her down
“Sowieeeeee” She giggled
“Woooi!!! Wallah mako wa7da bil dinya mithlich..” He told her
“Hehe, thank you.. Bes ako a7san miniii..” She told him
“Wallah mako.. Jen, tara it's not the way you look, that brings me to my knees, its the way you look at me.. And I can stare at you forever, if forever you were staring at me.. You make me feel like SuperMan.. Wallah ma3ach I feel so carefree! Agdar asawee ilee abeeh..” He told her looking into her eyes
“Wow.. I don't know what to say..” She lowered her head
“Don't say anything.. Bes promise me inich dayman ra7 itkooneen ib 7ayatii.. In ANY way!”
He told her
“I promise.” She smiled

They sat on the sofa, and they started flipping channels, until it got to the point nothing caught their attention and Marzoug suggested watching a movie.
“Shrayich we watch a movie?” He asked her
“EEE!! Sure!!” She screamed
“Shno tabeen itshoofeen?” He asked her
“Kaifickkk!” She told him smiling
“Shrayich a horror movie?” He asked her
“Ee, okay! Bes I'm warning you! I can scream VERY loud! a5af I hurt your ears..” She giggled
“Chubayy! I've heard blood curling screams.. Yours bi9eer music..” He pulled her near
“Okay! Yalla 3ayal!” She told him

They loaded Silent Hill into the DVD player and the movie started.. She would scream and hide her face in his chest, and he would pull her in tighter making sure she was safe. He didn't tell her, but it made him feel wanted. It made him feel like she loved him. It made him remember the old days. And he smiled. Time came for Jassim to come.. Jenna excused herself to go and get ready. Marzoug didn't stop her, secretly he liked seeing her dressed up, it made him think about how she would look like when she would get married. But before getting ready, Jenna called Alya and asked her some fashion advice and what she could wear since she would be in her house, so dressing up completely and wearing heels and the all would be overrated.

“Al! I need your help! Marzoug is going to meet Jassim tonight! o0 Jassim yay baitna! Shno albis?!” She screamed into her phone
“Shhh!! Haday!! Look! Don't get all dressed up because you're home, and it would be overrated..” Jenna knew Alya shrugged at that moment
“Okay okay! Shalbis 3ayal!” Jenna asked again
“Libsay your skinny jeans and your D&G shirt and flip-flops!” Alya smiled
“YES!! Thanks 7ayatii!! I love you! I'll fill you in ba3dain! Bye baby!” Jenna said
“Haha, you bettaa! Bye!” and the phone called ended

Jenna got ready as quickly as her body would let her. She put some mascara and blush on, and she was ready to go! Less is more;) She left her room and found Marzoug sitting in the living room watching the news.

“Min mita it6ali3 il a5bar 7a6'ritik?” She laughed
“Malait ga3id an6irich.. Fa gimt a6ali3 hal bullshit..” He said annoyed
“Okayyy.. Inzain, nanzil?” she asked
“Ee, okay.” He said and started for the stairs.

They settled down and waited for Jassim to call Jenna so they could let him in and start what they were all waiting for..

After 10 minutes of Jenna and Marzoug waiting for Jassim, he finally called Jenna to tell her that he's 5 minutes away..

“Jana?” Jassim said
“Hala 7abeebi” Jenna said, and that tore a part of Marzoug's heart..
“Ana 5 digayig and akoon bara..” He told her nervously
“YAY! Alright, al7een ni6la3 3ashan we welcome you” She smiled
“La mala da3eee” Jassim said
“Lah da3y! And stop tryna change my mind.” He giggled
“Rasich yabis! Haha, zain zain..” He laughed
“Yala.. See you soon!” She hung up

Jenna and Marzoug went out to greet Jassim..

“Elsalam o0 3alaikum” Jassim said lending his hand
“Wa 3alaikum il salam” Marzoug said shaking Jassim's hand
Jenna blushed, and Jassim kissed her cheek.
“Tifa6'al!” Jenna smiled
“Mashkoora..” Jassim said walking into Jenna's house for the first time..

They sat down and got done with the formalities, and then the real talk started..

“Jassim, ana 3indii so2al lik, bes don't take it seriously.. I'm just making sure Jenna doesn't get hurt here.." Marzoug said
“Marzoug.” Jenna said sternly
“5aleeh.. Go ahead..” Jassim said
“Ana sami3 ina you have an American girlfriend.. Is it true?” Marzoug asked, knowing what he was getting into.. Breaking Jenna's heart with that question, and getting into Jassim's deepest darkest kept seceret..
“Ee, I used to.” Jassim said
“You did?” Jenna asked
“Ee, I did. Lemn I was in the states, she was a friend and then things progressed.. Bes 5ala9, we're not together anymore, ma3ana we're still friends.. We now see eye to eye..” Jassim said
“Laish ma kint adrii?” Jenna asked him annoyed
“Madrii?” Jassim said
“Kayy.” Was all that Jenna said, “ana baroo7 ashoof itha il 3asha 5ala9..” Jenna said getting up
“Mo hatha ilee ana sam3a..” Is what Marzoug said after he made sure Jenna was out of hearing distance
“Don't believe what you hear..” Jassim said annoyed
“Mmm..” Marzoug replied



“Isma3, ana bagoolick al7een, ana a7ib Jenna, o0 6oul 3omrii kint a7ib'ha, o0 ga3id anabhik.. Wallah itha i9eer feeha AYSHAY......” Marzoug trailed off
“Lat 5af mara7 asawee feeha shay.. o0 adree it7ib'ha.. Bes ana a7ibha o0 mosta7eel ajra7'ha.. 7ayatii min doon'ha ma tiswa shay! o0 inta adra.. 7atan itha ana wiyaha are not together anymore, abee 3al a8el ina akoun ib her life, la2na she's an insanely amazing girl, ma7ed yit8aren feeha..” Jassim continued
“Good.. Bes mo ya3nii I'm going to be any less protective..” Marzoug informed Jassim
“Good, I'm glad it won't.” Jassim said

“IL 3ASHA JAHIZZZZ!!!” Jenna screamed into the living room
“Zain zain, 5ara3teena ya mama!” Marzoug laughed
“Sowie Zougi!” Jenna laughed
“Tifa6'al..” Marzoug said

He's only putting up with this because of Jenna, because he loves her and can't be without her, and if he has to give up on his happiness 3ashan'ha, he'll do so.. He'll give up his soul for Jenna..
They sat down on the dining table and started eating, laughing at the mis-haps that happened to Jassim in the states..

“Jassim, abee as2ilick shay..” Jenna said
“Si2lay..” Jassim smiled

To be continuedddddd..
I hope you liked this! This cliffhanger isn't murderous.. Is it? :p
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