Saturday, August 8, 2009

I found you, and you found me, now please don't let me go..

Yalla, here we go again;) Inshallah i3ajibkummm!! <3

Must Love Alvaro, thank you galbi 3ala all the support you give me<3 


Umbayyyyyy!!!! Ya rabiii!!! Shasawiii!!! Jenna thought to herself.. 5ayfa, bes nafs il wagt galbha mayit min il far7a.. 

"Jassim Al-Flani want to add you to his contact list;
Ignore - Allow - Spam" 

Her heart was pounding like it was about to jump out of her chest.. She took a DEEEEP breath, &clicked "Allow" 
Allah yastir al7een shi9eeer!! Allah o0 a3lam shno bifakir feenii.. She said to herself.. 
She went through her notifications and then.. DING! Facebook Chat.. 
What the..? Who's IMing me?  She asked herself confused.. 

Jassim: Halla o0 3'ala bil 7ilwa;)
Jenna: Halla feek ;$ 
Jassim: Shfeech mista7ya? ;p 
Jenna: La hehe, salamtik.. 
Jassim: Adree ana wa7id 3'areeb..
Jassim: Bes shway o0 ra7 ita3alimain 3alay;) Ana mani mithil bajee il shabab.. Ana at3araf 3ala il bint awal.. 

These days.. Thats how some girls meet boys.. Through facebook.. Or a random wrong phone call and BAM! He won't stop calling and she'll allow it instead of stopping him.. Who blames them? Times change I guess.. 

Jenna: Ah, OK. Bes tara ana mo nou3y inee ibsir3a I trust a guy.. Bes the ones ilee kanaw ma3ay in school and I know, yeah, bes mo guys that I see outside.. And because you came up and talked to me and gave me my money back, which again, mashkoor, sawaitick add.. Willa chan you would've been ignored;p Hehe
Jassim: Afaaaa! Bes la, 9a7 kalamich, lich il 7ag, because there's a lot of creeps out there now;p o0 3afya 3alaich.. o0 again, it wasn't a problem:)

He's a genuinely nice guy.. Inshallah mako ib bala shay..? Jenna asked herself.. I better get off a5af he thinks ina ana nafs hal banat ilee kila hayteen o0 ma3a shabab.. :/

Jenna: Lol, inzain, ana lazem arou7.. It was nice talking to you! You're a nice guy:) And again thank you, ti9ba7 3ala 5air Jassim:)
Jassim: Ya 7ilo ismii lemn intay itgooleena:) And thank you miss for your very nice compliment, it puts a smile on my face:) Yala goodnight beautiful:) I hope to talk to you soon;)
Jenna: And thank you for your compliments! ;p I should go, haha;p
Jassim: Haha, okay, yalla bye:)

Jenna got off, took a shower, and went downstairs to spend some quality time with her family..

Days went by, Jenna and Jassim talked.. And talked.. AND TALKED. Seems like those two have a lot in common.. Jassim was a graduate of law from Los Angeles, California. Jenna was still studying here in AUK, Architecture.. Her love for art was always in her blood.. Jassim was just a few years older than Jenna. 

One sunny July day.. 
Jassim: Jenna, ana lazem a3tiriflich ib shay..
Jenna: 5air inshallah? ;S
Jassim: Ana awal mara shiftich in3ijabt feech.. You had this ora around you that no girl I ever saw had.. Your smile brightens my day. And I promise you, each day I get on here just so I can talk to you, because when I talk to you I feel like everything will be okay. Jenna, shway shway gimtay it5aleenii a7ibich, o0 ana al7een a7ibich 7oub 3omri ma 7abait wa7da thanya hal kithir.. I fell for you, and I feel VERY deep.. Can you give me a chance of being with you..?

Jenna just kept reading what he said, over, and over, and over, and over again.. Wow she thought to herself.. 

Jassim: Jenna? 7ayatii, mawjooda? I'm sorry I sprung this on you, I couldn't hold it in any longer.. I'm sorry:( Please talk to me 3omrii
Jenna: Wow Jassim, no no, it's OK, I just needed to digest it;$
Jenna: Jassim, wallah madrii shagoolick.. 
Jassim: Goolay you'll give me a chance.. 
Jenna: :/
Jassim: Jenna please, 5aleenii athbitlich ina ana a7ibich! Mo bes ga3id al3ab 3alaich! Itha tabeen ayee a56ibich 3ashan abayinlich ASAWEEHA! 
Jenna: La la Jassim, 9al 3al nibee! OK, fine honey, I'll give you a chance.
Jassim: :D Thank you 3omrii! ;** You won't regret it..
Jenna: Loooool!! You're a happy man;p
Jassim: You don't even know!
Jenna: Dom inshallah;*

She giggled to herself, she was so happy! She finally got prince charming! She called up Alya and Dalal and told them what happened, they were SO happy for their friend..
Jenna and Jassim were still talking..
Jassim: Baby, 3adii ashoofich bacher?
Jenna: Wain?
Jassim: Roo7ay jam3iyat il 8ur6uba o0 ana amorich bacher, be there at 7;) It's a surprise.. ;**
Jenna: Mmm.. OK:) Hehe, I LOVE surprises! :D 
Jassim: 5ala9 3ayal, it's a date;) Yalla 3omrii, it's getting late.. Roo7ay namay and I'll see you tomorrow.. I'll send you a message soon:) 
Jenna: OK honey:) I'll see you tomorrow, and I'll be waiting;*

Jenna got off with a feeling of BLISS!! How did she find this AMAZING creation of God? 
She took a warm shower, hopped into her comfy Victoria's Secret shorts and tank and fell asleep to the thought of seeing Jassim tomorrow.. 

Her phone screamed at 3am with a message.. 

Hey gorgeous.. I miss talking to you, I know you're asleep.. Bes magdar aba3id 3anich wayid:( a7ibich"

She smiled.. And answered.. 

"Hi handsome:) I miss talking to you more.. And I was asleep bes 3adii;p wana a7ibick akthar;**" 

She put her phone and head down, and drifted off to la la land.. 


She woke up at 11:30am feeling calm and relaxed.. 
She took a shower and went to get her nails done for tonight..
"Mamaaaa! Ana ray7a asawee a6'afeereeee!! Ba6la3 ma3a il banat 3asha il layla! Be back soon! I love you mommy!" She screamed as she was walking down the hallway.

At the salon she settled with a ruby red nail polish color, sexy yet feisty at the same time;) It took her ROUGHLY an hour.. So by 2 she was home.. Lunch with the family and then time to get ready for the fascinating night she has ahead of her! 
 She took off her clothes, hopped into her house robe and started getting her hair done; Biggg round lustful curls.. At first her thoughts were on dressy, then comfy, then she decided to go for something that could be both.. So she picked out her black Marc Jacobs blouse, and White Frankie B skinny Jeans and Red Christian Louboutins..  Cute! 
All in all, her hair too a bit longer than expected, but hey! What DO you expect with hair?! ;p Her make up didn't take long.. Retro eye liner, mascara, a peachy blush, and a cute pink lip gloss.. So by 6:30, the little missy was ready! 

She got into her car, popped in her Katy Perry CD and drove.. 
Because of the sick sick traffic that was crowding Kuwaiti streets, by 7 she was there.. She saw his black Lexus jeep.. She parked next to him, jumped out of her car, and straight into his! 

"Yah yah.. Shno kil hal 7alat?! Kil hatha 7agee?!" He squealed with delight
"Akeed! Ha 3ayal?! 7ag mno!?" she shot back comedically 
"Ha? Ready for your surprise babe?" He asked.
"As ready as I'll ever be!" She screamed with happiness
"Yalla 3ayal, mishaina!" He replied

He backed up, and drove down the road.. Jenna's heart thumped with joy.. Waiting for her surprise.. 

Adree! This post is long, bes I just had to write! ;$ Hehe;p
Inshallah 3ajabkummm! <3
Love you all!!



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    You better post every single day;) I'm loving your descriptions and the events! Keep it up xx

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