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"There Was No Parade.."

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"Gool.." She smiled

"Jen, tara ma nisait ilee giltlich iyah when we were younger.." He told her

"Oh.." Was all she could say

"No, please sim3eenii gabel lat gooleen shay.." He told her

"Inzain, sorry, tifa6'al" She said

"I still mean it. I really do. Jen, I never loved wa7da like I loved you, mara7 agi9 3alaich o0 agoul I waited and didn't see other girls, I did. But not one of them got a hold of my heart like you did. And you know what they say, you're first love will always last.. Forever. And I still love you. Seeing you made me alive again." He explained

"Wow.. Zougii, madrii shagool..?" She said and lowered her head blushing

"Fidait ilee tisti7ee!" He said and laughed

"Hehe.. Zougii can we go now? I don't want to talk about this here.." She told him looking around

"Ee, inzain, yalla.." He motioned for the waiter to get the check

The paid and left. They got into Marzoug's car and he turned on the radio. To her surprise, he has Jordin Sparks on. No Parade.

"Hatha ihda2 7agich" and he held her hand

"Hehe, mashkoor" and she squeezed his hand

"I'm already looking back

I'm already looking around

Where do we get off the track?

What was it that brought us down?

I'm already waking up

Or how I've been to sleep too long?

Losing you is hard enough

Not knowing anything was wrong

Changes come, but where they go?

You never know

Just another day like any other

Nothing in the sky said "run for cover"

Just another reason

Never thought it would end this way

There was no parade

No lights flashing

No song to sing along the way

There was no parade

Story was supposed to last

You were never supposed to plea

Just somebody in the past

Somebody I used to see

Trouble crept up on us

A warning that never came in time

Before I knew that we were dust

Just left behind, left behind

Changes come, but where they go?

You never know

Just another day like any other

Nothing in the sky said "run for cover"

Just another reason

Never thought it would end this way

There was no parade

No lights flashing

No song to sing along the way

There was no parade

No waves crashing

There was no one else around for days

There was no parade

And after all the noise I never heard

Our last goodbye was as silent as a butterfly

There was no parade

No lights flashing

No song to sing along the way

There was no parade

No waves crashing

There was no one else around for days

There was no parade

No parade... (No parade)"

"Shiftay il ayam shloon.. We didn't even know this would happen to us.." He kept driving..

"Lets get ice cream? ON ME!" She told him

"Haha, intay bes amray!" He told her

"May amir 3alaik 3ado" she said and kissed his cheek

"Alaaah! I missed that you know?" He asked her

"Hehe" She said blushing

He took her to The Avenues..

"La76'a, shga3deen insawee ihnee?" She asked him

"Getting ice cream!" He laughed

"Inzain, why here?" She asked him again

"Hey! Shno hatha?! Why are you questioning me?! Just wait and see!" He said

"Inzain inzain!" She pouted and he pinched her cheek

They walked into Phase 2. And he led her way to Coldstone

See this..?” He asked her pointing to Coldstone

UMBAAAY!!!! COLDSTONE!!!!!” She screamed

Hahaha! Eee, shiftay?! If you didn't harass me in the car and just WAITED then this would've been a humungous surprise! Bes intay! Il duda ilee feech!” He laughed

Umbayy Zougii! I love you do you know that?!” She laughed

Haha, and I love you too babe” he said

Did he just call me babe? She asked herself.. She let it pass, because after all, he'll always be her best friend, she'll always trust him even though it's been a while since she talked to him or told him anything. He still remembered what she liked, he remembered everything about her. And THAT'S what matters..

They both took their ice creams and laughed together at how they were throwing the ice creams in the air, and singing. It's been a while since she'd had THIS much fun with Marzoug.

Finally, her best guy friend is back in her life..

She paid, like she told Marzoug she would. Yes, il bint ras'ha YABIS! Fa he knew not to argue or she'd make a scene;p So they paid and left. In the car, they laughed and sang to songs they both knew and loved.

Zougii, drop me home please? I want to spend time ma3a omii gabal la itroo7” She said and pouted

I3youn Zougii intay, 7a6'er, al7een awadeech” He smiled

He drove her home. She thanked him and left his car and walked to her front door.

She walked in and the house was empty.

Mamaaaa?!” Jenna screamed.

Your mom left already Jenny” Mary the maid said.

WHEN?!” She screamed in fright

About an hour ago.” Mary said again

Okayy! Okayy!” She ran to her room and called Marzoug

2 rings and he picked up

Marzouuuuug!! Please ta3al! Il7ag 3alay! I feel like I'm suffocating!” She cried into the phone

Shfeech?! Jenna ana yayich al7een!” He screamed and hung up

He started to drive as fast as he could, just to get to her. He couldn't stand seeing her cry, or hear her cry for that matter. He would do whatever he could just to see her smile. He would give up his soul for her.

Jenna loved her mom to bits, and not seeing her for a day would torture her, she didn't see her mom for long today, she wanted to spend her last day here in Kuwait laughing and talking and giggling with her mommy.. But her mommy got on a plane and left.. Gone for 3 weeks.. Jenna will be counting these days 'til her mommy comes home to her safe..

5 minutes passed, and Marzoug was parking his car, and running into Jenna's house looking for her, he ran to her room, and found her face down on her bed. BAWLING HER EYES OUT.

I didn't get to spend time with herrr!! What if something happens!! Tell meee!? How could I forgive myself?! I didn't tell her I loved her or I'll miss herrr!! Zougiiiiiiiiii!!!!” She screamed and went on her crying streak..

Sweetie! I bet she knows! la 5ala9! lat 9ay7eeeen!! Wallah mara7 i9eer shay! Bes haday Janooya!” He told her as he climbed on her bed and pulled her close into his arms.

He could feel her shake and shudder in his arms, just like when a baby starts calming down from all the tears he cried..

He talked to her, promised her everything would be okay, he made her giggle with old memories..

Ha Janooya.. Are you okay now?” He asked

Mmm..” She said

Goodnight my love..” He said and kissed her head

She fell asleep in his arms, he didn't want to move, so he called his father.

6ooo6.. 6ooo6..

Aloo?” His father said

Hala yuba” Marzoug said

Hala 7abeebii” His father replied

Yuba, Jenna mit6'ayga ina omha ra7at ilyoum, o0 a7isa mi7tajatnee, fa ana banam ihnee il layla, a8ra6'ee ma3ay, fa lat 5af, adig 3alaik bacher agoolick shloonha” He reassured his father

Ee, 5ala9 3ayal yuba, barak allah feek.” Is all he said and hung up

Marzoug sat there looking at her sleep so peacefully.. He didn't even feel the sand man creeping up on him and flooding his eyes with sleep. Soon enough, his lids were getting heavy, and he fell asleep..

Jenna woke up in the morning finding herself asleep in his arms, and her phone in her hand and Marzoug asleep, she got up and went to get washed up. She took her phone with her to the bathroom. Checked her phone. And well..

She had a message from Jassim..


Hey baby, ma dagaitay 3alay fa 5ift 3alaich, I didn't want to call you la2na he might still be there, and I don't want to cause trouble. Fa digay 3alay when you have a chance. I love you”

She answered him, but didn't tell him she called him back and fell asleep in his arms.. She left the heartbreaking details out..

Hii 7ayatii, I'm sorry, I forgot I fell asleep as soon as I came home. ;$ I'll call you when I get a chance, because I woke up and found him asleep bil 9ala. I guess 3amii gala yig3ad.. :/”


When she got out Marzoug was still asleep.. She pulled the blanket that was at the end of her bed, and covered him, she went downstairs to make some breakfast.. She made some French Toast, and Scrambled Eggs. She asked Mary to squeeze some fresh orange juice and make some tea and milk.

"Alaaaah! Shno hal ree7a?!" She heard Marzoug ask from behind her

He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her..

"Hahaha! Please let me go before I break or burn somfinnnn!" She giggled

"5ala9" he said and kissed her cheek

How am I going to tell him..? He's still in love with me.. o0 ohwa malaaaak! He doesn't deserve his heart to be yanked out.. I so wish I was The tin man so I wouldn't have a heart to break.. She thought to herself

"Zougii, can we talk please? Bes mabii a7ed i3arif, you're the only one la2na I trust you.." She told him

"Eeeh, and don't worry babe, I'm all ears, and I promise not one word will come out of me. Afa 3alaichh! Mo lazem 7aten itgooleen chithee!" He smiled

"Okayy, thank you. Ig3ad please.." Was all she could muster..

He sat down, not knowing what's about to hit him.. He looked so happy.. Soon, that smile would be turned upside down.. And his whole world might come crashing down..


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  4. Alvaro: Haha, you started calling him Zougii too? ;p
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