Friday, August 28, 2009

"How Am I Supposed To Tell You How I Feel I Need Oxygen"

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"Jenna shlounich?" The unknown person said..
"Zaina, and you?" She asked
"Good good.." They said..
"Jenna, do you know who this is?" Her mom asked
"Umm, no?" Jenna said confused.
"Hatha Marzoug wild 3amich" Her mom said
"Ohh! Hii Marzoug, sorry, ma 3araftik.. " Jenna said and took a seat on the table
"La 3adii, ishda3wa 7abeebti" he said and winked

Okay, hatha shfee he winks? I didn't recognize him, I don't remember him, and I sure as hell don't know him THAT well! She thought to herself

"Jenna, lemn asafir, Marzoug ilee ra7 iyee o0 ra7 i6il 3alaich min time lay time.. 3amich doesn't want you to stay home with the driver and nanny alone, bes giltla ina they've been with us for a while o0 we all trust them, fa he's okay with it. BUT, he asked to let Marzoug come and check on you from time to time.. And I agreed, 3ashan la a7atee 3alaich 7ayatii" Her mom informed her
"Umm, yeah, it's okay mommy, ma 3indii mani3!" Jenna said and smiled
"Okay, 5ala9 3ayal yuma, you can go now.." Her mom said
"Okay 3ayal. Ti9bi7oon 3ala 5air." She said
"Wintay min ahala" They said in unison

She went upstairs and got on MSN. No one was online.
"WAI3333!! MALALLLL!!!!" She said and got offline.

She went into her bathroom, washed up and hopped into her bed.. She looked at her watch, it was 6pm. Wai3! Ilyoum 6IWEEEEL!!! She thought to herself, and fell asleep listening to her iPod.

She woke up at noon. She checked her phone and found that it had only 4 bars of battery, so she plugged her charger in and plugged her phone and went to shower. When she came out, she had 4 missed calls, and a new message. She looked at the missed calls it was from an unknown number. 9997****. And the message was from the same number, it read:
"Halaw, ana Marzoug, hatha ra8mii, call me if you need me."

She answered and said:
"Ahh, OK. Thanks."

She went downstairs and had her breakfast. While eating she wondered where he came from, how come she hasn't seen him in a while, not even during 3eed! Kan fee shay mo 9a7! o0 he looked at her like he knew her bes ina he was in awe of what she became. Jenna was not the skinny girl, bes she had curves, she had natural long curly brown hair, and light brown eyes. She was also tall. So she looked GORGEOUS! Or so that's what people told her.. She had dimples on both sides of her cheeks, and perfect eye brows. Ma kanat it7if until she got to Uni. THAT type of gorgeous.. Some friends even envied her.

1 New Message.

"Anytime. ;)"
That's what Marzoug replied to her..

La hal walad fee shay..

She kept thinking about the younger days, and her jaw dropped. Could he be? Could that be Zougi?! Her ONLY friend then. She trusted him, she loved him! They used to walk around hand in hand.. And then she remembered what he told her when they were 8.

"Jenna I love you. o0 when I grow up abee atzawijich" and then he kissed her cheek and she hugged him.

Tears stung her eyes, old memories came running back and flooding her mind..

"I came apart inside a world made of angry people I found a boy who had a dream making everyone smile, he was sunshine, I fell over, my feet like bricks under water.. and how am I supposed to tell you how I feel I need oxygen!!"
Her phone started ringing..


She picked up the phone..
"Aloo?" She asked
"Hala o0 3'ala" He said
"Hala feek" She answered him
"Janooya, agdar ashoofich ilyoum?" He asked her sounding a wee bit nervous
"Umm, yea, sure.. Wain?" She asked him
"Shrayich amurich?" He told her
"Umm, inzain, bes 5an a3alim omii o0 ashoof itha ra6'ya o0 adizlick message, okay?" She asked him
"Eeh! Zain, chithee okayy!" He said sounding a little hurt

She hung up.

"Mama, Marzoug deg 3alay o0 yabii imourni o0 ni6la3 ilyoum. Sam7atlee?" she asked her mom
"Ee yuma roo7ay, mo 3'areeb ohwa, wild 3amich, min demich o0 la7mich.." Her mom told her
"Inzain, mashkoora" she said and kissed her mothers head.

She decided to call him to lift up his spirits.
"Omii ri'6at.." She told Marzoug
"5ala9, amurich at 8. We'll head for dinner" Her replied.
"Great! Where?" She asked
"Mmm.. Wasabi?" He asked her.
"YUMM!" She replied and giggled
"5ala9 3ayal, I'll pick you up at 8" He told her and hung up

She sent a message to Jassim.
"Hii 7ayatii, I'm sorry I didn't call you, I woke up late. I'm going out with wild 3amii ilyoum. Omii bitsafir in 2 days bitroo7 7eg o5oy in DC to help him pack. HE'S COMING BACK HOME! :D Fa wild 3amii ra7 i6il 3alay while my mom is outta the country, o0 my dad ib Dubai, he comes back in a month, fa thats why he's gonna come and check on me min time to time.. I just wanted to tell you that I'm going out with him tonight for dinner. My mom knows and approves;p Bes 7abait agoolik, and I'll call you when I get home. I love you"
She pressed SEND.


Okay baby. Have fun. o0 digay 3alay if you need anything. I love you more! ;**"
He replied

She got up and took a shower and got ready. By 8 she was ready and waiting for Marzoug. And 8 o'clock EXACTLY he was there. She saw his black FJ Cruiser and hopped in.
"Yah yah, hatha kila 7agee?" He teased her
"Haha, la 7agii" She said and stuck out her tongue
"lat 5aleenii ag6'ib ilsanich al7een!" he said and laughed
"ya wailikkk Zougii!!" She screamed
"Alaaaah!! Tithakirattt!!" he said and hugged her
"Hehe, akeed! Chem Zougi 3indee?" She said and hugged him back
"yalla, imshay 5an roo7 o0 inta3asha!" He said and drove off

They got to Wasabi, and sat down to have dinner.. People gave them a couple stares, but they didn't care, because they knew the had nothing to hide..
They talked while they ate.. And then came the REAL talk..
"Janooya, abee agoolich shay.." He told her
"Gool.." She smiled

To be continueddd!!!
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  3. Zarh: Ahahaha!!! I'll post soon 7ubii! :* I'm writing it(: &thank you! :* I loved it! BES KAMLAY OR IMA HUNT YOU DOWN!!!
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  4. Perfect length for the post walla.. BAS SHO HAL ENDING?! Loved it wayed wayed ABA A3RF WAT HAPPENS NEEEXT??

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