Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'll always keep an eye out for you..

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"Eeeh, and don't worry babe, I'm all ears, and I promise not one word will come out of me. Afa 3alaichh! Mo lazem 7aten itgooleen chithee!" He smiled

"Okayy, thank you. Ig3ad please.." Was all she could muster..

He sat down on the high chair waiting for her to tell him what she wanted to say to him.. He started getting anxious..

"Jenna shfeech?" he asked her

"Marzoug." She said

"JENNA SHFEECH?!" He yelled

"I'm with someone.." She said and lowered her head..

His eyes grew wide with shock.

"Mno ohwa?" He asked her with a stern voice.

She said nothing.

"Ana sa2altich so2al. MNO OHWA?!" He said again. This time his voice getting louder.

"MARZOUG! BES!!!!!! I am SERIOUS!! Suddenly you walk out of my life and then come back in and you expect me to drop everything cause my childhood love STILL loves me and wants me back?! Marzoug! I didn't even recognize you when I saw you! He's a nice guy! AND I'd appreciate it if you would be my friend NOW and stop acting like the jealous boyfriend! Because HE DIDN'T GET JEALOUS LEMN GITLA BA6LA3 MA3AAAAAK!!!!!!!" She screamed and stormed out of the kitchen

She ran up to her room and slammed the door behind her. She sat on her bed hugging her knees. Wondering is he going to come in and say he's sorry or is he going to take his stuff and leave. She didn't want him to leave. But if she learned one thing about guys is that they need their time.

Knock knock..

"Mno?!" She screamed

"Ana.. Zougich.." He said

"Na3am?!" She asked him infuriated

"Momken adish?" He asked her calmly

"Tofa6'al.." She said in a low voice

He opened her door, walked in and sat beside her on her bed..

"I'm sorry. You had a point. Bes lima3loomatich, I didn't walk out on you.. I thought if I disappeared it would be easier for the both of us.. Ya3nii later.. And itha intay o0 madrii shisma don't have a problem with me meeting him, I'd like to meet him. Bes Jenna, itha sawa feech aw shay! Aw jas ish3ara 3ala rasich, al3an 5airaaaa!" He warned her

She jumped up and hugged him

"ZOUGIIIII!!!! I'd LOVE for you to meet him! Walla he's a nice guy! I'll call him and agoola tabee ita3araf 3alaih! o0 3ala 6arii isma.. Isma Jassim liflani.. " She told him smiling

"Ahh.. Zain, wild nas.." He said

"Eee" She smiled

"Inzain, yalla goomay! Abee a6al3ich, mabee i6'eeg 5ilgich at all!" He told her

"Hehe, mashkoor.. Wain binroo7 inshallah?" She asked him

"again with the questions?!" He laughed

"You're not taking me to Coldstone again are you?!" She giggled

"Laaa! Somewhere else.. Intay bes goomay!" He winked

"Inzain, casual or formal?" She asked him

"Casual! o0 i7na mara7 in5ali9 ma3a the questions. I didn't murder someone you know?" He laughed

"Inzaiiiiiiiiiin, bara baraaa!" She told him

"Laaa! Abii a6ali333!" He tickled her

"Marzouuug! BARAA!! BES YA SHAGOOL!! OUT NOW!!" She laughed

"Zain, zain, I'm going out.." He got up and kissed her, close to her lips.. and left the room

She sat there in awe. He almost kissed her. But he KNEW she was off limits. She shrugged it off and got up to change. She decided to wear blue Juicy Sweats, and white converse shoes. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail, and applied some black mascara and clear lipgloss. She got her LV Speedy bag and threw whatever she needed into it.

She went out to find him sitting in the living room.

"You look ADORABLE! You look like you're 14 again.." He laughed

"Hehe, thank you" She said as she bowed in curtsey

"Yalla mishaina?" He asked

"Yallaaaah!" She screamed and threw her hands in the air

"This time, we're taking my car babyyyy!!" She added

"Haha, inshallah" He smiled

They got into Jenna's Porsche with Marzoug driving. He drove until he got her to their shalaih in Jlai3a. He got out of the car..

"SURPRISE!" He laughed

"Surprise my ass! But, hey I like it" She smiled

"8a9bin 3alaich! Haha! Yalla! Go in and I'll be there soon, bes ayeeb il a8ra6' and I need to call my dad to tell him wi9alna" He winked

"Haha, inzain, and stop winking yal m3'azilchee!!" She kissed his cheek

"Kaifiiii!" He screamed and winked again

She went inside and he got the stuff out of the trunk, and dialed his father's number, got finished with the formalities and hung up. Then, he dialed another number..

6oo6.. 6ooo6.. 6ooo6..



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  1. minoooo minoooo ?!
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    i love zoujii!!!!!
    oo ma7ib hal jasim!iff!:p
    did i tell u that ur talented! itha i didnt im telling u il7een mashallah ur so talented!!:P
    again LOVED THE POST!!!
    next post please!!:P

  2. Identity: AHAHA!! Inshallah! Soon! In a couple hours 7ubii:* &yes you did, &again, THANK YOU:**

    i just got it min IDENTITY!
    walla daga 3aly itgollii u have to read this new blog 3ajeeeb!
    oo she was right ur blog 3ajeeeb i loved it!
    zoujii ishaweeg he's a man ! i love him!
    jasim mm cute bess i would rather see her with zoujii!
    loved it! oo akoo another post today(a)!


    Post 3shanii ana 7beebtich ily a7biich ;$!!

    wwwwoiiii wallaah i love you<33
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    7aram the guy loves her.. Loving how ur updating regularly walla it5aleeni insaana mstansaa :P Love ya daahling o mashalla 3ala ur talent o the way u keep us hanging and drooling for more ; )

  6. Wallah I love you all!
    Anonymous: I'm writing al7een 3ashankum! So INSHALLAH post today! =]
    Zarh: Inshallah 7ayatii:* I love you more! <3 &I accepted(:
    Dazzlin: Someone(: You'll soon see.. :*
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