Saturday, August 22, 2009

"The little things you do to me are taking me over"

Imbarak 3alaikum il shahaaaar! o0 inshallah it3oodoona kil sina ib 9i7a o0 salama! :) 
I'm going to keep writing bes allah o0 a3lam how long it'd be.. ;p
I'll try to make it a long post! :)
I'm also going to try to make this colorful(: Hehe, idk HOW It'd look.. Yalla.. Here goes! ;)


"Aloo..?" Jenna said
"Jenna?!" Jassim replied in concern
"Shfeech? Nayma?" He asked
"Ya3nii what do you think? It's late.. You broke my heart and I'm not in the mood. Shfeek?" She asked annoyed. 
"La la, afaaa!! ya3nii that's how much you love me?! I was just kidding you baby! I would never leave! I'd make you my wife before I go ANYWHERE!" He told her
"Wtf! Kidding me?! Jassim you broke my heart!" She told him
"I tried telling you bil shalaih! Bes ana a7acheech o0 chinich ma tismi3een!" he shot back
"Akeed ya3nii! The guy I loved was LEAVING!
"Alaaaah! The guy you love.. Wallah.. intay tis7ireenii.. I love you.." He whispered
"Ermm.. Hehe.." She giggled
"alaaaaah!! I love your giggle! Are we okay baby?" He asked her
"Ermm.. Ee, I guess we are.. Hehe" She answered 
"I'm sorry for waking you up.. I couldn't sleep.. And I thought I'd get up and pray and then call you and tell you.. gilt yimken rabii i5aleech itsam7eenii.." He laughed
"Eee, shoof! Rabii i7ibik, haha" She laughed
"Inzain, baby goomay 9alay o0 go back to sleep.." he told her
"Eee.. I will now.. Thank you for waking me up.. But I'm warning you.. Don't you DARE prank me again!" She warned him
"Hahaha! 5ala9 I won't.. I can't lose Janooytii.." he said defeated
"Hehe.. Okay baby, ana ba9alii o0 banam.. I love you.." she said
"I love you more.. Goodnight 7abeebtii" he said

Jenna got up and prayed 9alat il fayer and went back to sleep.. When she woke up she found a message.. 
She clicked "Read" 

'Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage.'
               -Ambrose Bierce 

You drive me insane. Marry me so I can be cured? :p 
I love you

She giggled to herself and answered back

"I'm sorry I drive you insane.. :( Forgive me? :)
Oh and.. 
'Him that I love, I wish to be free.. Even from me.'
                    -Anne Morrow Lindbergh 
I love you more:*"

She put her phone down and got up to brush her teeth and shower so she can start her day.. 

She finished washing up and wore her pink Juicy sweats and got into her car and drove to Starbucks to get a White Chocolate Mocha before she heads off for a run. She slurped it down in her car, killed the engine, got out, and put her headphones into her ears. She pressed play and started running.. 

"The little things you do to me are taking me over I wanna show ya everything inside of me like a nervous heart that is crazy beating" 
The Little Things by Colbie Caillat surged into her thoughts.. And yes the little things he does to her really DO pull her into him.. She can't let him go.. She WONT let him go.. He's TOO GOOD to be true.. He's HER prince charming.. 
She let her mind roam while running.. The hot humid air smelled like the sea it surged her senses and made her feel calm.. She let the air slap her face.. This is where her heart is at ease.. 

Her phone vibrated with a message.. 
She slowed down and looked at her phone.. 

To be continued..............
Hehe! It's not long.. bes still.. I thought I NEEDED to write! =]

I love y'all!! 


  1. I just came across your blog and i must say i am really enjoying it.. Mashalla ur talented o i love the way the story is progressing.. Cant wait for the next post keep um coming daahling..

  2. Dazzlin: You just put a HUGE smile on my face! &you don't even KNOW how big! ;p I'll keep 'em coming for you guys, min i3yoonyyy! =]
    Thank youuu:*

    Alvaro: It's loving you more:*

    I love y'all!