Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 12.

My loyal readers,
I'm sorry I haven't been the best blogger, I know I've said sorry a million times but there's been a lot of things that has been happening in my life, and I simply could not find the time, nor the proper words to use in order to write a post.

Also, 3eedkum embarak oo 3asakum t3odona kil sena salmeen! x

With that said, I hope you'll take my next post as an apology, and enjoy what I'm sending your way.


Sarah's eyes darted open, tears stinging their corners.

"A3uthu'billah mn eshay6an elrajeem, a3uthu'billah mn eshay6an elrajeem, a3uthu'billah mn eshay6an elrajeem.." she repeated, "kaboos. A fucking nightmare" she growled while springing to her feet.
She ran to the door and hastily unlocked the door.

"Goddamn door! Open already!" she snarled as she flung it open and ran to Faris' room.
She tried to quietly open his door, but it was locked. What? Since when does he lock his door? That was the straw that broke the Camel's back. She started to weep, falling to her knees and landing continuous knocks on his door.

"Efta7 elbab! Please efta7 elbab!" She wailed, as her weep turned into a sob, "Efta7 Faris! Ghalaty 3indik tifta7 elbab!" she banged.

She kept banging the door, and sobbing uncontrollably, to her it seemed like a lifetime, but in real it was just a few seconds, it wasn't long before the door flung open, and Faris crashed down on his knees at the sight of her on the ground, tears oozing out of her brown eyes and hands fisted. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close onto his lap, cradling her in his arms.

"Shfeech?!" He asked in quiet urgency, "Sh9ar?!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her face in the curve of his neck, breathing in his scent.

"I'm sorry," she whispered
"For what?" he crooned
"For not giving you my answer. For not jumping into your arms the minute I heard those words coming out of your mouth. For not putting your doubts and worry of someone snatching me away to rest. Simply, for not showing you how much I love you." she cried.
"Sshh" he quieted her, "don't cry. Latabcheen. There's no reason for you to cry; I'm right here aren't I?" He tried to comfort her
"But I had a dream, a nightmare, I thought I lost you!" She tightened her grip around him as her chest started to heave and her sobs got louder.
"I'm right here! I've got my arms wrapped around you while you've got yours wrapped around me! In what way does that define lost?!" He comforted her.
"Yes." She breathed.
"What?" he asked, thinking he lost a few words as he was trying to comfort her.
"Yes," she breathed once more, "I'll marry you.." she sniffed.

At that moment, he was at a loss for words. She moved her face from his neck, and stared up at him while he looked down at her in complete surprise.

"You will?" he whispered, his eyes darting around her pretty face, trying to take in what he had just heard.
"Yes," she said once more, "I-will-marry-you." she enunciated, her sobs starting to take over her body once more.
"Sshhh......" he shushed, "don't cry, latabcheen, 3youn Faris entay, dam3itich ghalya 3alay! Come here.." he whispered, effortlessly standing up, and carrying her up, cradled in his arms, and moving her to his bed.

He slowly slid into his bed, with her in his arms. He straightened out his legs, and she mimicked him, moving her arms from around his neck to his waist, and tightening her grip around him. Clinging to him for dear life. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, and she nuzzled his chest and buried her face into him, breathing in his scent. She continued sobbing until she ultimately fell asleep, her sobs tiring her.

Faris gently loosened her grip around him, and slid out from between her arms, covering her as he stood up. He stood there, watching her as she peacefully slept. Who would believe that this girl sleeping right before him so calmly, was so hysterical just a heartbeat ago.

He made sure he tucked her in well before he quietly tiptoed to his closet and gently opened its door. Silently grazing his hands inside his closet looking for a throw he knew was in there. As his fingers come in contact with the soft threads of the Cashmere throw, he pulls it out slowly and moves to his sofa.

At first he sits up and watches her intently, he wondered what made her change her mind, what happened in those couple of hours that - now - has her in his bed, asleep, after she sobbed uncontrollably, and being worried of what, recalling her saying that she thought she "lost" him. He made a mental note that he was going to ask her when she's up, try to understand what happened.

He straightened out the throw over himself as he laid down on the sofa. He laid there, running his hand through his hair as he let his thoughts run wild about everything that happened, and might happen in the future as he, himself, drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning, as Sarah lazily opened her eyes, as she looks around not recognizing her surroundings, her mind registers that she's in Faris' room. What's she doing here? And where's Faris? What happened last night? Feeling the throbbing in her head, she remembers what happened just a few hours ago, the crying, Faris carrying her, getting in bed with him. Oh.. But where is Faris?

Looking next to her on the bed, Faris isn't lying next to her. Her eyes skim through the room and find him sprawled out on the sofa. She giggles to herself at how silly and adorable he looks like that. She quietly gets up and walks to him, gently getting all his heavy limbs back into under the throw. Kissing his head, she turns on her heels and leaves him asleep.

She walks back to her room while she rubs her temples, concluding that she needs a nice hot shower to sooth her throbbing head, and aching limbs. She scurries around her room, gathering what she needs before she heads into the bathroom for her warm shower.

After taking everything into her bathroom, and turning on the shower, adjusting the heat to exactly the way she likes it, she gets a clean towel from her closet, and moves into the bathroom. Hanging her towel on the hanger, she strips, tossing her dirty clothes into the hamper, and gently eases her body under the hot running water. She sighs as her joints loosen, and her aches ease.
She stays under the water for what seems like an eternity before she lathers and rinses her hair, and scrubs her body. She steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around her head before she proceeds to drying her body, slipping on her underwear, and moisturizing her body. She brushes her teeth, steps out of her bathroom, and moves back to her closet. She rummages through her clothes before she settles for an oversized sweater, and a pair of shorts, paring them with her UGGs and letting her hair air dry. Once she's fully dressed she heads to the kitchen and brews a fresh pot of coffee, for her and for Faris when he wakes.

"Good morning," he kissed her neck while she poured herself a bowl of cereal
"Ay good morning, more like good afternoon!" she teased
"Shasawy," he asked, "I was interrupted last night.." he reminded her
"I'm sorry.." she tensed, "I didn't mean to.." as reminders of her dream come to mind
"Hey.. Don't worry about it.." he said, "Ila 3ala 6ary my interrupted sleep.. Sh9ar wiyach ams?" He asked
"Umm.." she mumbled
"Khala9, mo ila etgoleenlii ay shay.." He comforted her
"La it's okay, get yourself a cup of coffee oo meet me on the balcony." She told him
"Okay.. Ilee tgouleena.." he said confused

Sarah turned around and kissed his cheek, walking out into the hallway, crossing the living room and out onto the balcony.
Faris quickly poured himself a cup of coffee, and hurriedly went after her, out onto the balcony. He sat on the chair next to her, facing her as she stared out into space.

"First off," she started..

I know this post isn't as long as you guys expected, but inshallah I'll TRY to write more from now on.. You at least deserve that much!

I love you guys so much, your comments will be greatly appreciated!

Much love to you all,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I've been a bad blogger.

The title of this blog says it all.
I've been a bad blogger.
and I honestly apologize for that! I have been so busy! It's stack after stack of work! I keep saying that I'll write a post today, then come night time say tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, say the same damn thing. It's a vicious cycle.

I swear I'm trying my best! I'm up at 7am everyday, and call it a night at 1am; I get stuck in places working on different projects that I'm trying to complete. I even believe my social life is going to hell. I don't even remember if I even fucking have a social life. And I'm about to cry at that thought.

I apologize, I really am sorry.

(To all those who contributed with the Na9er post... Guess what, she broke up with him. After he went on and on and on about her. How she was "The One". I'm not sure what to say, lol. One of my close friends said the following, and I QUOTE,
"If he was with you in the first place he wouldn't get dumped."
Hah. Like I have the time to have someone in my life where I have to put 110% into a relationship, call at all time of the day, and to reconcile the issues we have if I don't pick up the phone or when I go out without telling him... When I BARELY have the time to see my family. Maybe it's a lesson learned.)

Back on topic. I promise that I'll write whenever I have some time for myself, and hopefully, I can make it worth the wait...

I'm sorry! I hope you still love me, because I sure as hell love you!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some other stuff..

I guess since you all know about my story with Na9er, it's only fair to share this with you..

Just a fair warning, there's a fair bit of cursing....

Me and Na9er have been friends for so long, our relationship didn't kill our friendship, though we do still hold some feelings for each other, it does not change our friendship in any way. I know he has feelings for me as he has confessed it! He has repeatedly said "I love you" and "I miss you" to me! And he asks me if I still love him! I keep replying that in a way, I do, but I can't in anyway be involved with him because of our past, it was too hurtful; in return, he states he "I know, and anyway I don't do relationships," because they fuck up his brain with doubt.

I went for a vacation with my family, and turned off my bbm - he only has my pin, he doesn't have my number - and so he couldn't talk to me. Keep in mind that before I left, we got into a fight. Here's why, Na9er is going to study abroad, and while we were once talking about him leaving, I asked if he's going to keep his bbm, and he replies that he wants to "leave his past" in Kuwait, and that I'm "a part of his past," THAT enraged me, but I just sucked it up, and put a smile on my face acting like I didn't give two shits about it. But before I left for my trip, I told him I was shutting off my bbm during the trip, and he threw a fit! Asking how are we going to talk, if I can text him, and those shit, I replied asking why did he care about talking to me or not, he's leaving his "past" behind anyway, and I'm "a part of his past" and I SWEAR, if he was sitting next to me, this is where he'd have me pinned down and yelling in my face. He said, "OF COURSE I'M GOING TO TALK TO YOU! YOU'RE Q(or as you know me, Maisa)!!!!!! HOW CAN I NOT TALK TO YOU!!!!" Excuse me, but wasn't he the one who said I was a part of his past? Way to twist words mother fucker. Anyway, I cut it off then, saying that the plane was boarding, and I needed to go. I shut my phone off, and enjoyed my trip with my family.

When I came back though....
He throws a bomb at me.
I just started at my screen dumb-foundedly.
I called the chick "a lucky girl"....

Now I can handle him getting in a relationship, I don't care WHAT he chooses to do with his emotions or to who he chooses to put them into, I've had enough pain from Na9er, just don't fucking tell me "I don't do relationships" and a few weeks later you're with someone. I don't take hypocrisy well.

What has actually been bothering me about the whole situation, is I'm not sure if he's lying to check out my reaction, or he's being dead serious. I get random bbms from him,
1. "My dear Maisaaa, I miss you dearly!"
2. "Hiii", "How are you doing pretty!"
3. "I miss you" (to which I replied with an "uhh..." and he asks why I'm hating on him? You asshole, you're "with" someone! And also says I'm COLD?! No, I'm respecting your relationship you worthless piece of shit!!!!!)

I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do! I barely talk to him now because bru7'ha his "girlfriend" doesn't trust him that much:) Ygoul she trusts him, but she's still worried he'll cheat on her, and thats why I'm not giving him a chance to use me as the mistress, nor am I giving him a chance to hurt her! How he hurt me was brutal! And I don't want another girl to go through what I went through!

Help? What do you guys think of this? Is he bullshitting me, or is he saying the truth?

I am being somewhat cold, and my friends say to keep at it, he'll come back crawling like a dog, which he is already sort of doing.... He bbms me daily, hii and how are you kind of shit..

HELP. Seriously. I want YOUR point of view, because people can see things you don't see.. :(

And about the story, I'll post as soon as I can<3

Much love,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 11. (100th Blog Post!)

In honor of my 100th post.. This, is a long one!


Sarah stood up, sending her chair tumbling behind her. She kept taking steps backwards as if trying to escape what was happening. As she did that, Faris stood up and stared shocked at her reaction.

“Sarah shfeech?” he asked her, not knowing what her response would be

“Shfeeni? Faris, do you understand what you just asked me?” She yelled

“Yes, I fully understand what I just asked you! And I shall ask it again and again! I meant, and still do mean every word that came out of my mouth! I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” He shot back at her

She collapsed onto the floor; her legs could no longer carry her weight. And as she did so, uncontrollable sobs began. Faris threw himself to her side, as if he was trying to get a hold of her before she hits the ground, but he was too far.

He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his chest.

He sat there and just held on to the most important creation that has ever been brought into his life.

He let her sob. He didn’t disturb her one bit. He knew her well enough, that when she calms down, she herself would start the conversation with him, or just get up and walk to the car wanting to be taken home.

As she calmed down, with her chest heaving as she took deep uneven breaths, she let words come out of her pink, full lips,

“How will I know you wont hurt me?” she wondered out loud between sobs, “how will I know you won’t rip my heart into shards of glass that will always be in my chest?”

As she said those words, he felt as if someone had his heart in their hand, and with every word squeezed it repeatedly, hoping it would burst in their hand.

“Look at me,” he told her, “6al3eenii.” He faintly asked

She looked up at him with quivering lips, and misty eyes. He planted a kiss on each eye. He took hold of her left hand and placed it atop his heart. As her flesh touched the fibers of his shirt, his heart raced.

“My heart races at the touch of your hand. Do you, honestly, genuinely think, that I am perfectly capable of hurting you? I want a dead honest answer from you.” He ordered her.

She lowered her head, and slowly slipped her hand off of his chest, and onto her own lap.

Her ears caught hold of the sounds of snivelling.. She looked up to find beads of tears slowly escaping his eyes. She hoisted herself up on her knees, and kissed his chin.

“I’m crying. Ana rayal, w I am fucking crying Sarah. 3alaich. La2ny 5ayif a5sirich!” he howled as he held on to her face

She couldn’t stand seeing, nor hearing him in this way, saying these things. She gently raised herself, wrapping her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. She buried her face in his neck, and held on to him with all her might.

“Can I ask you something?” she whispered

“Amray. Lo ta6libeen 3youny ma yighloun 3alaich!” He explained

“Mumken et5aleeny afakir bil mawthou3?” She asked him

“Fakray, ekhthay ra7tich..” he announced depressingly…

She kissed her way down his ear, to the back of his jaw line, up to his cheek, and across to his lips. She planted soft gentle kisses across his lips before she locked her lips with his, working on his lower lip. He kissed back, at first, but he pushed her.

“It already hurts to be next to you and know there is a chance you might not be mine. I don’t need the way your lips work with mine to remind me again.”

He slowly got up, placing her on her feet, next to him.

He went to the table and picked up his things, including the diamond ring that is burning a hole in the back pocket of his jacket. He couldn’t stand looking at her. At that moment, he couldn’t at all look at her. He started for the car, and as he walked he yelled back to her,

“Ana na6rich bil sayara.”

She didn’t want to cause any more harm, so she quickly gathered up her things, and ran after him. Eventually walking quietly, a few steps behind him.

Faris unlocked the car, and got into his seat, not even bothering to open the door for her. She lowered her head and quietly slipped into the car as Faris ignited the engine.

“7zamich.” He ordered her coldly

“Oh” she mumbled as she raced to fasten her seatbelt.

“Bismillah il ra7man il ra7eem” he said as he started onto the street.

“I’m sorry..” Sarah whispered out to him, 10 minutes into the drive.

“Yeah, me too.” He retorted.

It was awkwardly quiet in the car, a depressing drive back, nothing like earlier.

They got to their apartment, and they both walked in, as Faris walked to his room, and Sarah reached the door of her room, she called out to him,

“Ti9ba7 3ala khair..” she said as he slammed the door of his room.

Sarah walked into her room, and locked her door. She wanted nothing to do with anyone tonight. She just needed to be alone with her thoughts.

She slowly slipped off her clothes, and walked into her bathroom for a warm shower before she slipped into the warmth of her bed. Warmth she didn’t receive from Faris tonight, in any way.

As she let the warm water run down her back, she recalled everything they went through, what he did for her, what he made her feel.. The only way she could get the right answer was to pray.

She got out of the shower, got dressed, and tuwathat 3ashan et9aly 9alat esti5ara.

Elbisat thoubha, w jabilat eljibla,

“Allahu Akbar” she started, “Elsalamu 3alaikum w ra7matu Allah, Elsalamu 3alaikum w ra7matu Allah..” she finished off.

She crawled into her bed, and soon dozed off.

It seemed like a new day, like everything that happened the night before wasn’t even real! She got out of bed, stretching, while she sleepily stumbled to her bathroom.

She unlocked the door to her room, hoping that everything that happened yesterday was just a dream, that Faris wasn’t mad at her at all! She slowly peered through the crack of the door and was almost blinded by the bright sun.

It was while she was making her way to the kitchen when she felt something take hold of her. It spun her into its arms and gently placed a kiss in the middle of her neck. She giggled and kissed his nose.

“Shno a7ibich anaaaa! A3shigich!” He yelled still holding her in his arms

“7atan ana” she giggled

“7abeebty” he sweetly said, “ana 3indy chem shaghla barou7 asaweeha w barid. Itha tabeen ay shay kalmeeny, zain?” He added

“7ather 7abeebii” she smiled

“A7ibich” He uttered

“Ana akthar” she murmered

He kissed her on her head and inhaled her scent. He walked to the door, smiling back at her as he pulled it shut.

She brewed herself a fresh cup of coffee, and swayed to the balcony of the living room. It was sunny, the branches of trees were adorned with different shades of green in different sizes, flowers were beginning to bloom, and the birds chirped, belting out their joy.

She took a seat on the white-antiqued metal chair, pulling her legs up close to her chest. She took a sip of her coffee, and scrunched up her face at its lack of sweetness. She got up to make her way to the kitchen when she felt a strong stab in her heart. The mug fell out of her hand, shattering into a million little shards, and coffee spattering all over the balcony floor.

She collapsed to the ground with her hand on her chest with only one thing on her mind.



I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Your feedback is just as much needed as appreciated!

I love you all to bits and pieces!!!!!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

A little surprise..

The long post might just be sooner than any of you think......


I love you!

Dear followers...

To my loving followers,

I'm currently working on a long post for you. I know I have been such a bad blogger for the past months/year, but I hope what I have will make up for it.
Just hold on for me, for now at least..

And the comments, please. Your comments really help me on writing. They are the fundamental reason for my writing. Please, la tab5iloun 3alay with your comments. :(

Sending all my love,

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 10.

I know I said I'm not continuing the story, but I feel like I'd like to..

Faris pulled out Sarah's chair, and gave her a sweet smile as his hand hovered over her seat. Sarah looked at him, and bit her bottom lip, so mesmerized by how this remarkable creation of a man, was hers.

She took a seat and looked up at him smiling, he shot her a seductive smile and winked at her. Her heart fluttered like a million fireflies in the afterglow.

They quietly devoured their dinner. It's remarkable to find someone that you can enjoy a moment of complete silence with, and not have it feel like it was at all awkward. It was like their eyes, their actions, their subtle looks towards each other did what they their words could have.

It was Faris who broke the relaxing silence between each other..

"Al7een, bayeeblich shay a3arif inich t7ibeena!" He smiled
"Farous, matyouz? What other crazy thing do you have planned?" She giggled
"Relax mama, relax! No need to be uptight about it! Ana wiyach! Ana akhaly shay y9eer feech?! Thalma.." Faris shook his head

Sarah for a second, looked like someone had slapped her with a frying pan flat across her face! She looked at him and stuttered trying to find something to reply with.

She lowered her head and spat out the words, "Ma7ibik! 7mar!"

She didn't feel Faris get out of his seat and make his way to her. He slipped his hand under her chin and lifted her face. She looked at him, blinking in the dim lights that were along the chilly streets of Paris.

"Mu ila t7ibeenii," he slowly whispered, "elmuhim ana a7ibich.." she saw his lips move forming those words.

She licked her lips wanting so bad to lock them with hers.

He got down on one knee, and cupped her face. He studied every curve on her face, not that he needed to, since he already knew it by heart.

"A7ibich.. T3arfeen shno ya3nii a7ibich? T3arfeen shno magdar a3eesh dinyiti bidounich? My world, my entire universe, revolves around you, always had, always will. I can't stand the thought of someone else ever intertwining their fingers with yours, or locking his lips with yours. I want to spend every breathing millisecond with you. I want you to be the mother of my children, the reason I wake up in the morning.."

3younha gamat etghourig! Hearing him say that to her, made her heart race so fast.

"Marry me." He told her

Sarah looked at him dumbfounded, not knowing what she's expected to say back to him..


I hope you liked this post! I'm sorry I've been a very bad blogger! I promise to try and make it up to you!

I love you to bits and pieces!
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