Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 11. (100th Blog Post!)

In honor of my 100th post.. This, is a long one!


Sarah stood up, sending her chair tumbling behind her. She kept taking steps backwards as if trying to escape what was happening. As she did that, Faris stood up and stared shocked at her reaction.

“Sarah shfeech?” he asked her, not knowing what her response would be

“Shfeeni? Faris, do you understand what you just asked me?” She yelled

“Yes, I fully understand what I just asked you! And I shall ask it again and again! I meant, and still do mean every word that came out of my mouth! I love you! I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” He shot back at her

She collapsed onto the floor; her legs could no longer carry her weight. And as she did so, uncontrollable sobs began. Faris threw himself to her side, as if he was trying to get a hold of her before she hits the ground, but he was too far.

He wrapped his arms around her as she sobbed into his chest.

He sat there and just held on to the most important creation that has ever been brought into his life.

He let her sob. He didn’t disturb her one bit. He knew her well enough, that when she calms down, she herself would start the conversation with him, or just get up and walk to the car wanting to be taken home.

As she calmed down, with her chest heaving as she took deep uneven breaths, she let words come out of her pink, full lips,

“How will I know you wont hurt me?” she wondered out loud between sobs, “how will I know you won’t rip my heart into shards of glass that will always be in my chest?”

As she said those words, he felt as if someone had his heart in their hand, and with every word squeezed it repeatedly, hoping it would burst in their hand.

“Look at me,” he told her, “6al3eenii.” He faintly asked

She looked up at him with quivering lips, and misty eyes. He planted a kiss on each eye. He took hold of her left hand and placed it atop his heart. As her flesh touched the fibers of his shirt, his heart raced.

“My heart races at the touch of your hand. Do you, honestly, genuinely think, that I am perfectly capable of hurting you? I want a dead honest answer from you.” He ordered her.

She lowered her head, and slowly slipped her hand off of his chest, and onto her own lap.

Her ears caught hold of the sounds of snivelling.. She looked up to find beads of tears slowly escaping his eyes. She hoisted herself up on her knees, and kissed his chin.

“I’m crying. Ana rayal, w I am fucking crying Sarah. 3alaich. La2ny 5ayif a5sirich!” he howled as he held on to her face

She couldn’t stand seeing, nor hearing him in this way, saying these things. She gently raised herself, wrapping her legs around his waist, and her arms around his neck. She buried her face in his neck, and held on to him with all her might.

“Can I ask you something?” she whispered

“Amray. Lo ta6libeen 3youny ma yighloun 3alaich!” He explained

“Mumken et5aleeny afakir bil mawthou3?” She asked him

“Fakray, ekhthay ra7tich..” he announced depressingly…

She kissed her way down his ear, to the back of his jaw line, up to his cheek, and across to his lips. She planted soft gentle kisses across his lips before she locked her lips with his, working on his lower lip. He kissed back, at first, but he pushed her.

“It already hurts to be next to you and know there is a chance you might not be mine. I don’t need the way your lips work with mine to remind me again.”

He slowly got up, placing her on her feet, next to him.

He went to the table and picked up his things, including the diamond ring that is burning a hole in the back pocket of his jacket. He couldn’t stand looking at her. At that moment, he couldn’t at all look at her. He started for the car, and as he walked he yelled back to her,

“Ana na6rich bil sayara.”

She didn’t want to cause any more harm, so she quickly gathered up her things, and ran after him. Eventually walking quietly, a few steps behind him.

Faris unlocked the car, and got into his seat, not even bothering to open the door for her. She lowered her head and quietly slipped into the car as Faris ignited the engine.

“7zamich.” He ordered her coldly

“Oh” she mumbled as she raced to fasten her seatbelt.

“Bismillah il ra7man il ra7eem” he said as he started onto the street.

“I’m sorry..” Sarah whispered out to him, 10 minutes into the drive.

“Yeah, me too.” He retorted.

It was awkwardly quiet in the car, a depressing drive back, nothing like earlier.

They got to their apartment, and they both walked in, as Faris walked to his room, and Sarah reached the door of her room, she called out to him,

“Ti9ba7 3ala khair..” she said as he slammed the door of his room.

Sarah walked into her room, and locked her door. She wanted nothing to do with anyone tonight. She just needed to be alone with her thoughts.

She slowly slipped off her clothes, and walked into her bathroom for a warm shower before she slipped into the warmth of her bed. Warmth she didn’t receive from Faris tonight, in any way.

As she let the warm water run down her back, she recalled everything they went through, what he did for her, what he made her feel.. The only way she could get the right answer was to pray.

She got out of the shower, got dressed, and tuwathat 3ashan et9aly 9alat esti5ara.

Elbisat thoubha, w jabilat eljibla,

“Allahu Akbar” she started, “Elsalamu 3alaikum w ra7matu Allah, Elsalamu 3alaikum w ra7matu Allah..” she finished off.

She crawled into her bed, and soon dozed off.

It seemed like a new day, like everything that happened the night before wasn’t even real! She got out of bed, stretching, while she sleepily stumbled to her bathroom.

She unlocked the door to her room, hoping that everything that happened yesterday was just a dream, that Faris wasn’t mad at her at all! She slowly peered through the crack of the door and was almost blinded by the bright sun.

It was while she was making her way to the kitchen when she felt something take hold of her. It spun her into its arms and gently placed a kiss in the middle of her neck. She giggled and kissed his nose.

“Shno a7ibich anaaaa! A3shigich!” He yelled still holding her in his arms

“7atan ana” she giggled

“7abeebty” he sweetly said, “ana 3indy chem shaghla barou7 asaweeha w barid. Itha tabeen ay shay kalmeeny, zain?” He added

“7ather 7abeebii” she smiled

“A7ibich” He uttered

“Ana akthar” she murmered

He kissed her on her head and inhaled her scent. He walked to the door, smiling back at her as he pulled it shut.

She brewed herself a fresh cup of coffee, and swayed to the balcony of the living room. It was sunny, the branches of trees were adorned with different shades of green in different sizes, flowers were beginning to bloom, and the birds chirped, belting out their joy.

She took a seat on the white-antiqued metal chair, pulling her legs up close to her chest. She took a sip of her coffee, and scrunched up her face at its lack of sweetness. She got up to make her way to the kitchen when she felt a strong stab in her heart. The mug fell out of her hand, shattering into a million little shards, and coffee spattering all over the balcony floor.

She collapsed to the ground with her hand on her chest with only one thing on her mind.



I hope you enjoyed this post just as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Your feedback is just as much needed as appreciated!

I love you all to bits and pieces!!!!!!



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