Friday, December 2, 2011

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 10.

I know I said I'm not continuing the story, but I feel like I'd like to..

Faris pulled out Sarah's chair, and gave her a sweet smile as his hand hovered over her seat. Sarah looked at him, and bit her bottom lip, so mesmerized by how this remarkable creation of a man, was hers.

She took a seat and looked up at him smiling, he shot her a seductive smile and winked at her. Her heart fluttered like a million fireflies in the afterglow.

They quietly devoured their dinner. It's remarkable to find someone that you can enjoy a moment of complete silence with, and not have it feel like it was at all awkward. It was like their eyes, their actions, their subtle looks towards each other did what they their words could have.

It was Faris who broke the relaxing silence between each other..

"Al7een, bayeeblich shay a3arif inich t7ibeena!" He smiled
"Farous, matyouz? What other crazy thing do you have planned?" She giggled
"Relax mama, relax! No need to be uptight about it! Ana wiyach! Ana akhaly shay y9eer feech?! Thalma.." Faris shook his head

Sarah for a second, looked like someone had slapped her with a frying pan flat across her face! She looked at him and stuttered trying to find something to reply with.

She lowered her head and spat out the words, "Ma7ibik! 7mar!"

She didn't feel Faris get out of his seat and make his way to her. He slipped his hand under her chin and lifted her face. She looked at him, blinking in the dim lights that were along the chilly streets of Paris.

"Mu ila t7ibeenii," he slowly whispered, "elmuhim ana a7ibich.." she saw his lips move forming those words.

She licked her lips wanting so bad to lock them with hers.

He got down on one knee, and cupped her face. He studied every curve on her face, not that he needed to, since he already knew it by heart.

"A7ibich.. T3arfeen shno ya3nii a7ibich? T3arfeen shno magdar a3eesh dinyiti bidounich? My world, my entire universe, revolves around you, always had, always will. I can't stand the thought of someone else ever intertwining their fingers with yours, or locking his lips with yours. I want to spend every breathing millisecond with you. I want you to be the mother of my children, the reason I wake up in the morning.."

3younha gamat etghourig! Hearing him say that to her, made her heart race so fast.

"Marry me." He told her

Sarah looked at him dumbfounded, not knowing what she's expected to say back to him..


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  1. OMG! Okay i think a couple of tears escaped my eyes.. :')
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    Um flfola

  3. Love it ! Love your blog! keep writing ;)

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  4. S*: Currently trying my best to give you a breathtaking post! I'm glad I still have that affect on you! x

    Um flfola: Inshallah I'll complete it! x

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