Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some other stuff..

I guess since you all know about my story with Na9er, it's only fair to share this with you..

Just a fair warning, there's a fair bit of cursing....

Me and Na9er have been friends for so long, our relationship didn't kill our friendship, though we do still hold some feelings for each other, it does not change our friendship in any way. I know he has feelings for me as he has confessed it! He has repeatedly said "I love you" and "I miss you" to me! And he asks me if I still love him! I keep replying that in a way, I do, but I can't in anyway be involved with him because of our past, it was too hurtful; in return, he states he "I know, and anyway I don't do relationships," because they fuck up his brain with doubt.

I went for a vacation with my family, and turned off my bbm - he only has my pin, he doesn't have my number - and so he couldn't talk to me. Keep in mind that before I left, we got into a fight. Here's why, Na9er is going to study abroad, and while we were once talking about him leaving, I asked if he's going to keep his bbm, and he replies that he wants to "leave his past" in Kuwait, and that I'm "a part of his past," THAT enraged me, but I just sucked it up, and put a smile on my face acting like I didn't give two shits about it. But before I left for my trip, I told him I was shutting off my bbm during the trip, and he threw a fit! Asking how are we going to talk, if I can text him, and those shit, I replied asking why did he care about talking to me or not, he's leaving his "past" behind anyway, and I'm "a part of his past" and I SWEAR, if he was sitting next to me, this is where he'd have me pinned down and yelling in my face. He said, "OF COURSE I'M GOING TO TALK TO YOU! YOU'RE Q(or as you know me, Maisa)!!!!!! HOW CAN I NOT TALK TO YOU!!!!" Excuse me, but wasn't he the one who said I was a part of his past? Way to twist words mother fucker. Anyway, I cut it off then, saying that the plane was boarding, and I needed to go. I shut my phone off, and enjoyed my trip with my family.

When I came back though....
He throws a bomb at me.
I just started at my screen dumb-foundedly.
I called the chick "a lucky girl"....

Now I can handle him getting in a relationship, I don't care WHAT he chooses to do with his emotions or to who he chooses to put them into, I've had enough pain from Na9er, just don't fucking tell me "I don't do relationships" and a few weeks later you're with someone. I don't take hypocrisy well.

What has actually been bothering me about the whole situation, is I'm not sure if he's lying to check out my reaction, or he's being dead serious. I get random bbms from him,
1. "My dear Maisaaa, I miss you dearly!"
2. "Hiii", "How are you doing pretty!"
3. "I miss you" (to which I replied with an "uhh..." and he asks why I'm hating on him? You asshole, you're "with" someone! And also says I'm COLD?! No, I'm respecting your relationship you worthless piece of shit!!!!!)

I honestly don't know what I'm supposed to do! I barely talk to him now because bru7'ha his "girlfriend" doesn't trust him that much:) Ygoul she trusts him, but she's still worried he'll cheat on her, and thats why I'm not giving him a chance to use me as the mistress, nor am I giving him a chance to hurt her! How he hurt me was brutal! And I don't want another girl to go through what I went through!

Help? What do you guys think of this? Is he bullshitting me, or is he saying the truth?

I am being somewhat cold, and my friends say to keep at it, he'll come back crawling like a dog, which he is already sort of doing.... He bbms me daily, hii and how are you kind of shit..

HELP. Seriously. I want YOUR point of view, because people can see things you don't see.. :(

And about the story, I'll post as soon as I can<3

Much love,


  1. Madry if I was in ur place.

    * I'll add him mn my friend's bb I'll ask him if he's in a relationship or ill tell him that Ana in love with him w ena like I'm obsessed w can we be in a relationship :p w when I'll get my anser i'll delete him :p

    W I have a feeling enah he's trying to make you jealous!
    Bs again maybe 9dg

    1. Biseer 7ayl maghrour chithy. He tends to become that way. Also, I don't think any of my friends would like me to add from their pins because well.... they hate him :/

  2. i think hes trying to make you jealous, its so obvious from the way he talks to u every single day and running to u like a dog, but yeah keep being cold to him so he can learn his lesson oo e7is;p

    1. That's what I'm doing, staying cold. La2na 7arakta jiddan waskha! Asshole. (Sorry for the use of that word. :$)

  3. LOOL its ok, or why dont you confront him and tell him what u feel and tell him how his actions are zag and is bothering you, but yeah keep the cold attitude it will work inshalla:p

  4. I just want to say.. If she was enough, he wouldnt want you.

  5. I say stop replying to him EVER, oo if he went like "why arent u replying" just say "too busy, fone was away, was with family.. etc" until he finally gives up complaining and hopefully he wont bother u again