Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Knight In Shinning Armor - Part 12.

My loyal readers,
I'm sorry I haven't been the best blogger, I know I've said sorry a million times but there's been a lot of things that has been happening in my life, and I simply could not find the time, nor the proper words to use in order to write a post.

Also, 3eedkum embarak oo 3asakum t3odona kil sena salmeen! x

With that said, I hope you'll take my next post as an apology, and enjoy what I'm sending your way.


Sarah's eyes darted open, tears stinging their corners.

"A3uthu'billah mn eshay6an elrajeem, a3uthu'billah mn eshay6an elrajeem, a3uthu'billah mn eshay6an elrajeem.." she repeated, "kaboos. A fucking nightmare" she growled while springing to her feet.
She ran to the door and hastily unlocked the door.

"Goddamn door! Open already!" she snarled as she flung it open and ran to Faris' room.
She tried to quietly open his door, but it was locked. What? Since when does he lock his door? That was the straw that broke the Camel's back. She started to weep, falling to her knees and landing continuous knocks on his door.

"Efta7 elbab! Please efta7 elbab!" She wailed, as her weep turned into a sob, "Efta7 Faris! Ghalaty 3indik tifta7 elbab!" she banged.

She kept banging the door, and sobbing uncontrollably, to her it seemed like a lifetime, but in real it was just a few seconds, it wasn't long before the door flung open, and Faris crashed down on his knees at the sight of her on the ground, tears oozing out of her brown eyes and hands fisted. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close onto his lap, cradling her in his arms.

"Shfeech?!" He asked in quiet urgency, "Sh9ar?!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and buried her face in the curve of his neck, breathing in his scent.

"I'm sorry," she whispered
"For what?" he crooned
"For not giving you my answer. For not jumping into your arms the minute I heard those words coming out of your mouth. For not putting your doubts and worry of someone snatching me away to rest. Simply, for not showing you how much I love you." she cried.
"Sshh" he quieted her, "don't cry. Latabcheen. There's no reason for you to cry; I'm right here aren't I?" He tried to comfort her
"But I had a dream, a nightmare, I thought I lost you!" She tightened her grip around him as her chest started to heave and her sobs got louder.
"I'm right here! I've got my arms wrapped around you while you've got yours wrapped around me! In what way does that define lost?!" He comforted her.
"Yes." She breathed.
"What?" he asked, thinking he lost a few words as he was trying to comfort her.
"Yes," she breathed once more, "I'll marry you.." she sniffed.

At that moment, he was at a loss for words. She moved her face from his neck, and stared up at him while he looked down at her in complete surprise.

"You will?" he whispered, his eyes darting around her pretty face, trying to take in what he had just heard.
"Yes," she said once more, "I-will-marry-you." she enunciated, her sobs starting to take over her body once more.
"Sshhh......" he shushed, "don't cry, latabcheen, 3youn Faris entay, dam3itich ghalya 3alay! Come here.." he whispered, effortlessly standing up, and carrying her up, cradled in his arms, and moving her to his bed.

He slowly slid into his bed, with her in his arms. He straightened out his legs, and she mimicked him, moving her arms from around his neck to his waist, and tightening her grip around him. Clinging to him for dear life. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close, and she nuzzled his chest and buried her face into him, breathing in his scent. She continued sobbing until she ultimately fell asleep, her sobs tiring her.

Faris gently loosened her grip around him, and slid out from between her arms, covering her as he stood up. He stood there, watching her as she peacefully slept. Who would believe that this girl sleeping right before him so calmly, was so hysterical just a heartbeat ago.

He made sure he tucked her in well before he quietly tiptoed to his closet and gently opened its door. Silently grazing his hands inside his closet looking for a throw he knew was in there. As his fingers come in contact with the soft threads of the Cashmere throw, he pulls it out slowly and moves to his sofa.

At first he sits up and watches her intently, he wondered what made her change her mind, what happened in those couple of hours that - now - has her in his bed, asleep, after she sobbed uncontrollably, and being worried of what, recalling her saying that she thought she "lost" him. He made a mental note that he was going to ask her when she's up, try to understand what happened.

He straightened out the throw over himself as he laid down on the sofa. He laid there, running his hand through his hair as he let his thoughts run wild about everything that happened, and might happen in the future as he, himself, drifted off into a deep slumber.

The next morning, as Sarah lazily opened her eyes, as she looks around not recognizing her surroundings, her mind registers that she's in Faris' room. What's she doing here? And where's Faris? What happened last night? Feeling the throbbing in her head, she remembers what happened just a few hours ago, the crying, Faris carrying her, getting in bed with him. Oh.. But where is Faris?

Looking next to her on the bed, Faris isn't lying next to her. Her eyes skim through the room and find him sprawled out on the sofa. She giggles to herself at how silly and adorable he looks like that. She quietly gets up and walks to him, gently getting all his heavy limbs back into under the throw. Kissing his head, she turns on her heels and leaves him asleep.

She walks back to her room while she rubs her temples, concluding that she needs a nice hot shower to sooth her throbbing head, and aching limbs. She scurries around her room, gathering what she needs before she heads into the bathroom for her warm shower.

After taking everything into her bathroom, and turning on the shower, adjusting the heat to exactly the way she likes it, she gets a clean towel from her closet, and moves into the bathroom. Hanging her towel on the hanger, she strips, tossing her dirty clothes into the hamper, and gently eases her body under the hot running water. She sighs as her joints loosen, and her aches ease.
She stays under the water for what seems like an eternity before she lathers and rinses her hair, and scrubs her body. She steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around her head before she proceeds to drying her body, slipping on her underwear, and moisturizing her body. She brushes her teeth, steps out of her bathroom, and moves back to her closet. She rummages through her clothes before she settles for an oversized sweater, and a pair of shorts, paring them with her UGGs and letting her hair air dry. Once she's fully dressed she heads to the kitchen and brews a fresh pot of coffee, for her and for Faris when he wakes.

"Good morning," he kissed her neck while she poured herself a bowl of cereal
"Ay good morning, more like good afternoon!" she teased
"Shasawy," he asked, "I was interrupted last night.." he reminded her
"I'm sorry.." she tensed, "I didn't mean to.." as reminders of her dream come to mind
"Hey.. Don't worry about it.." he said, "Ila 3ala 6ary my interrupted sleep.. Sh9ar wiyach ams?" He asked
"Umm.." she mumbled
"Khala9, mo ila etgoleenlii ay shay.." He comforted her
"La it's okay, get yourself a cup of coffee oo meet me on the balcony." She told him
"Okay.. Ilee tgouleena.." he said confused

Sarah turned around and kissed his cheek, walking out into the hallway, crossing the living room and out onto the balcony.
Faris quickly poured himself a cup of coffee, and hurriedly went after her, out onto the balcony. He sat on the chair next to her, facing her as she stared out into space.

"First off," she started..

I know this post isn't as long as you guys expected, but inshallah I'll TRY to write more from now on.. You at least deserve that much!

I love you guys so much, your comments will be greatly appreciated!

Much love to you all,


  1. AMAZING POST!!!!!! Sarah kserat kha6ryy:( Faris 3ajeeb!!! Thank you for the post:D

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