Saturday, August 29, 2009

"You're Mine I said, MINE!"

Credit goes to: Yuni Harushi

I'm going to keep writing! 3ashankum:*

&Identity, I love how you called your friend at freaking 5am to check out my blog! a7ibich!! o0 al7een you'll know minoo minoo! :p

I'm going to write.. It's might take a turn for the worse, or a turn for the best.. THAT is up to YOU guys!
Bes, that all I'm going to say, Ima keep writing(: Love y'all! <3


"Aloo?" the voice said
"3aboud?" Marzoug said
"Hala Marzoug" 3abdallah said
"6alabtik" Marzoug said
"Amir ya 7abeeb" 3abdallah said
"Abeek tis2al 3an hal walad, isma Jassim liflani. Abee a3arif kil shay 3ana! No questions asked inzain?!" Marzoug warned
"Ee, 5ala9 ya 7abeeb, inta bes amir!" 3abdallah said dumbfounded
"Mashkoor, famanila" said Marzoug and hung up

He went inside to find Jenna sitting on the sofa flipping channels on the TV.
"Zougii! A bit of help please?" She blushed
"Shfeech?" He laughed
"Ma a3arif 3ala your stupid TV!!!" She pouted
"Ahaha! Zain, mno gaylich you're gnna sit and watch TV all day?" He asked her
"Anaaa!" She smiled
"Chub, chub! yalla goomay!" He told her
"Agoum wain!?" She screamed
"Goomay roo7ay chaykay yem il bab ako jan6a, feechee o0 wear the thing that's on the very top" He smiled
"Shno?! Shno on the very top! Ra7 aficha o0 a snake is gnna jump out!" She screamed frightened
"AHAHAHAHA!!!! 7ilwa! 7ilwa Janoo! Bes la2.. Go and check!" He said
"Zain zain.." She said and got up pouting

She went and opened the back and found a baiting suit, shorts and a tank top. Ya rabii hal walad, min wain i3arif my size?! La2 wait.. These look like they're mine! Umbay! they are! She laughed. She got dressed and went to meet him. He was already ready. And damn did he look fine!!!! He was wearing blue shorts and wasn't wearing a shirt. His abs were perfectly drawn. They looked ROCK SOLID! I've been hugging THAT?! She thought.
He was getting the JetSki out.

"Yalla!" He called out to her
"Shno?!" She screamed back
"Imshay! I'm going to take you for a drive!" He screamed back
"Allahhh! Wanasa! I'm cominggg!!" She ran down to the beach

"Zougii! Pleaseeee, lat sari33!" She pouted
"Inshallah.." He said, o0 la ma8a6'ha! ;p
"GO! What are you waiting for?!" She screamed and hugged him tight
"Yallahh! Janooy! You're mine I said, MINE!!" He laughed and sped off

They laughed and she giggled at the silly comments he made about the people driving around.

"Marzoug! Ba6i2 please.. I don't feel so good"
"Shfeech?" He turned around to look at her
"MARZOUUUG!!!!" She screamed

And then, a burning sensation..

This is all I could do for now!
As Zarh knows, I got stuck lil 2asef.. D:
&now I need to get ready 3ashan fu6our(:
I love y'all! :*



  1. sh9aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar :@

    b3'6 il nas 5aruubaw nomtii today !!

    mabii sorry :P abii another post ;$ pleeease;**

  2. :O
    shinoo sh9aar !!?:O
    zoujii i love you!!:D:P
    bess walla shinoo 9ar may9eeer hall cliffhanger!!:(
    ee i called her oo told her lazem she reads ur blog!!:P la2na ur blog 3ajeeba so thats why i called her!!:*
    loved the post !!
    next post pleaseeeeeeee!! la2na abii a3arf shniooo 9ar!!:P

  3. Zarh: Sorry inee 5arabt noumtich 7ayatii! :* &3ashanich the next post! ;)
    Identity: You'll read soon(;
    &i9eeeeer! ;p That's what's grabbing you in! Wallah intay il 3ajeeba! :* &wallah ra7 it3arfeen! ;p

  4. ambayy shil salfa !?
    zujii w jana shinu 9aarlhum ?
    jasim has to be dumped ! 7ada material maal last season..;p
    love you w your story !! :*

  5. S*: Ahaha, al7een ra7 it3arfoon(; I'm writing it.. I like that Jassim "material maal last season" ;p I love you more!! :*

  6. Hello
    Ams lgait ur blog w it's real COOL!=*
    Aaah what happened !?=\

  7. Hii(:
    Awwhh! Thnx 7ayatii:*
    What happened is posted(;