Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who could you be?

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This is for Zarh!:*
I NEED A GUYS NAMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But here we go again! =]


"Mama shfeech?" Jenna asked her mom
"Jenna.." She said
"Na3am, mommy what's wrong?! Wallah ga3da it5ar3eenii!!" Jenna said with tears stinging her eyes
"05OOOCHHH IBYIRJA3 LIKWAITTTT!!!" Her mom screamed and jumped up
"7ILFAAAAY?! HIYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Jenna screamed and hugged her mom
"Hahaha, a5eeran ha mamati?!" Her mother asked her
"Umbayy! Eeeeh! Mita ibyirja3?! Umbayy! Mama I can't wait!! 9arla 7 years!" Jenna said
"Ee adrii yuma, he's coming back in 3 weeks. Bes he needs me to go there 3ashan I help him pack and move.." her mom said
"Oh.. Mita bitroo7een?" Jenna asked her mom
"3ogeb 3 days lazem aroo7.. Tadreen ina oboch ib Dubai for work and he's going to be there for a month.." Her mom informed her
"Oh, oo ee adrii.." Jenna said
"Fa you have two choices.. You either stay home here alone with Mary and Joey. Aw itroo7een bait 3amich.." She said.
"Umm.. Bait 3amii?" Jenna asked
"Ee, bait 3amich, la2na i3yala ihnak and your dad already talked to him.. He said if you want to go and stay there, 7ayach.." Her mom said
"Bes mama, Kila i9bayan! They don't have a girl! And I think I'll be safe home.. a5alee my friends iyoonii and Mary oo Joey are here fa I'll be safe." She told her mom
"3ala ra7tich.. Wain ma tabeen itroo7een roo7ay.." Her mom told her and walked away

Jenna went upstairs and updated her Facebook and was on the phone with Alyaa when her mom paged her room and told her to come down stairs.

"Mama?!" Jenna screamed looking for her mom
"Ana ihnee mama" Her mom answered 

Jenna walked to the dining room and was shocked to see someone sitting on the table with her mom.. 

"Esalam o0 3alaikum.." Jenna said in awe.
"Wa 3alaikum il salam.." They said in unison.. 
Heeeeh!!! Post=] 
How do you like this one?! 
Adree it's not long! ;( Sowie! Bes it's all I could do for now! I promise the next one will be longer! :D 
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I NEED A NAME!! If not I'm going with Mi7sen(: 
The longer the names take, the longer the post will take.. Fa PLEASE Give me a name(: 
I love y'all!! 



  1. KHalid , Marzu8 , M7sin < ;p

    and thanks waaaaaaaaaaaaaayd for posting tday;*

    t8abal alla 9yamich ;p

  2. 3bdulla, S3eed, M7med, Rashid... (cant think of others.. )

    And dont ya just looove ur cliffhangers?! I love um too tara :p

    Yalla i soo cant wait to find out whos sitting with her mother..

  3. Zarh: Kila likum:* &Ta8abal allah mina o0 minich 7ayatii:*

    Dazzlin: Haha, I'm glad you like my cliffhangers, I try my best! ;p &you'll soon find out! I'm deciding on a name(;

    For both of you, I like Mi7sen, Marzug, &3abdallah.. I'll think of it until you all see the next post! I have my heart set on one of those three.. You'll soon see my loves:*

    I love you all!!! <3

  4. EH 9a7! and thanks for the dedication ;$ 7beebty wallah;*!!

    post today la athb7ich @:

  5. Ahaha!!! Inshallah! Soon(;
    I'm actually writing it RIGHT NOWWW!!!! :D
    &You're most welcome 7abeebty(:
    o0 I'd love talking to you outside of the blogs;p Fa if you can private message me, do so(: &lets talk on MSN aw shay=] Wallah intay thahab:*