Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"When I Look At You.."

Hii 7abaybii!! I'm trying to update y'all as much as I can, bes I've been busy with school o0 kil hatha, fa lil2asef, I haven't been the best blogger;( I'm sowie my loves! :*

Anyway! Ana ba7awil akamil now, yimken not as long as it should be.. or it COULD be, bes I'll try(:

Warning!!: This post could make you cry.. Especially if you've been heartbroken before. I'm sorry if it brings back bad memories, or sad ones..

I love you ALL!!!!!!


“Jassim. Go. You're friends yaboonik bil diwaniya.” She told him

“Jenna! My friends can wait! You're my girlfriend! Mara7 ahidich when you're bleeding like this!” Jassim said

“Jassim.” She said

“Jenna.” He said and cupped her face in his hands, “I CAN'T leave you. I WON'T leave you.” He continued

Marzoug stood there with Jenna in his arms while she talked to Jassim. Jassim looked at Marzoug, and Marzoug started walking, because he knew there was no use in trying to send him home, he won't leave with his Jenna bleeding like this.

“Zougi, your car.” Jenna cried to Marzoug

“Min i3youni” He told her

“Ana bal7agkum” Jassim said knowing they wanted to be alone

Jassim got into his car and followed Marzoug's car. The fact that his Jenna didn't want to ride with HIM, and didn't rap her arms around HIM or told HIM to take her to the hospital broke his heart.. He kept asking himself what did he do wrong? Was it what Marzoug brought up? Was it that he hid the fact that he dated an American girl? He honestly didn't know. But it killed him.

Have you ever had that feeling when you love someone so much that you would give up everything you worked for just for them, and then they do one little thing that breaks your heart into a million little pieces? That is what he was feeling. He couldn't take it. It felt like she yanked his heart out of his chest and threw it on the ground right infront of Marzoug, she spat on it, she stomped on it, and walked away. Not giving a damn if she hurt him or not.. Just as long as she didn't get hurt in the process..

They got to the hospital and Marzoug carried Jenna into the ER. She was crying and keeping the tissues Marzoug gave her on her hands. The pain was too much to bear, it was burning. She couldn't take it. She cried and cried. With every tear drop, a shred of Marzoug and Jassim's heart ripped off. Two men, one girl. They both love her.. But who'll be the one she'll spend forever with? That's the answer to the question we're all asking. But we won't know until the end..

“DIKTOOOR!!!” Screamed Marzoug

“Eyyh?! 7a9al eyhh?!” Asked the egyptian doctor.

“Inkasar il 9a7an,” she sniffed and went on, “o0 dash ib eedainiii!! i3awirrrr!!” She cried

“5ala9 5ala9, nurse nurse! Come baleez!” The doctor called for the nurse and told her to take Jenna and clean her wound up so he can stitch it up and send her home.

“Diktoor! Shloun al7een?!” Marzoug asked worried, his hands dirtied with Jenna's blood.

“3ayzeen in5aya6 il gar7 la2noo 3ameeg kiteer. 7atina9'af if gar7 il nurse, o0 7adee'ha bange (Banj) maw9'i3ee o0 a5aya6ooh. 5ilal si3a in-sha2-allah 7atkoun zay il full!” He smiled and walked away

Jassim looked at Marzoug, and Marzoug turned away and walked towards the chair waiting for Jenna to come.. Jassim started thinking.. Asking if he should just walk away and let Jenna live her life, or hold on and try being everything she'll need..

Marzoug stood up when he saw the doctor coming out with Jenna trailing behind him rubbing her hand, and Jassim lost his trail of thoughts.. He knew what his decision was when he saw Jenna there, her eyes red.. Looking at him.. and looking at Marzoug..

She went back to her house with Marzoug, Jassim behind them. When they got to her house..

“Marzoug, 3adii akalim Jassim ibroo7a please?” She asked

“Ee, mo lazim tis2ileenii..” Marzoug said, “Ana baroo7 adig telephone, take your time..” He told them..

“Jassim ta3al ma3ay please..” She told him

“7a6'er..” He said and followed her

She took him up to her room, and they sat next to each other on her bed..

“Jassim, I'm sorry..” She cried

“Jenna shfeech? 3ala shno?” He asked her wiping away her tears

“Madrii, I got jealous 3ala the other girl, for a split second I hated you.. Jassim, I dreaded that I wasn't the one ma3ak bil states, wain nigdar inrou7 ay mokan bidoun ma the people's accusing eyes burn us to death! Jassim bidounik amout!!” She cried, and this time he cried with her

“o0 bidounich ana amout..” He told her and wiped her tears again, she hugged him and he pulled her close and tight.

“Intay wallah mat3arfeen shno intay 3indee! Itfakreen ay wa7da tigdar ta5ith mokanich!? LA2 ya Jenna, LA2! Tadreen lemn Marzoug shalich 7asait ina galbee mat.. La2na mo ana ilee shaylich.. Mo ana ilee shaklich kintay tabeen.. Chinich kintay tabeena ohwa.. o0 I swear to you, law a7ad stabbed me in the heart and killed me, it would hurt less than this.. Kint bamshee lemn il diktoor 5athach da5il.. Kint bamshee o0 ba5aleech itkamleen 7ayatich bidounii..” He told her

“I'm sorrrryyyyy!! Please NEVER leave me!!” She cried into his chest, “Ma kint adree hatha ilee kan ra7 isawee feeeek!! Kint abeek it7is ilee ana 7asait.. I'm sorry Jassim” She cried some more

He tilted her head upwards and kissed her lips, it was like their first kiss all over again.. He pulled away..

“Jenna, I promise you, ra7 akoun all you need, I'll be the best boyfriend. I'll be your best friend if you need me to be, I'll be everything, and anything you need! Inshallah I have to fly half way across the world just to make you smile, I'll do it. Wella shay bil dinya yiswach ya Jenna, abee3 kil ilee 3indee wella abee3ich intay. Bidounich ana wella shay.. Whatever decision you make, I'll back you up 1,000,000% , even if you wouldn't be my girl, I want to be your friend. La2na you complete my life..” That was his decision..

In her mind, Miley Cyrus' song “When I Look At You” kept going on and on and on..

“Everybody needs inspiration

Everybody needs a song

Beautiful melody, when the nights so long

Cause there is no guarantee

That this life is easy (Yeah)

When my world is falling apart,

when there is no light to break up the dark

That's when I (I) look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore and I

can't find my way home anymore

That's when I (I) look at you

When I look at you

I see forgiveness, I see the truth

You love me for who I am like the stars

hold the moon

Right there where they belong and I know

I'm not alone (Yeah)

When my world is falling apart,

when there is no light to break up the dark

That's when I (I) look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore and I

can't find my way home anymore

That's when I (I) look at you

When the waves are flooding the shore and I

can't find my way home anymore

That's when I (I) look at you

You appear just like a dream to me

Just like a kaleidoscope colors that cover me

All I need every breath that I breathe

Don't you know you're beautiful (Yeah, Yeah)

When the waves are flooding the shore and I

can't find my way home anymore

That's when I (I) look at you

You appear just like a dream to me.”

“Jassim.. When my world is falling apart.. And there's no light to break up the dark, that's when I look at you..” Was what she told him..

Jassim's reply..



I hope 3ajabkum! I hope it's long enough! O0 inshallah I'll post somehting new soon!!! I love you!! :*


&sorry lil ta25eer!! ;(



  1. wai3 jassim wai3:( ma7iba!
    zoujiii! come back!!:( oo be with jana!
    other than that i loved the post! bess wai3 jassim go die i hate you!!!!:(
    i HATE you!! zoujiii i LOVE you:p
    loved the post next post please!!:P

  2. jassim i hate him bss madrii laish i adored what he said ib this post ;s
    ma3ana hattered cumms min kil galby 7aga.. who cares about him ;@;p
    MARZOUG 2 words LOVE HIM <3
    loving your story w uu ;*

  3. i think iam liking jassiim bass always zougii<3
    love the post yalla post morre;p

  4. awww...forgivness people,chance is worth giving to those people who we cherish, they might mess up sometimes, but thier only human..

    its was nicely written Q

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    I'll Kill YOU!