Friday, September 18, 2009

"My life is over.." {Part 22}

Hii my loves! I'm going to write(:

Bes awal shay;


This is where the twist happens.. ;) It’ll shock you, and it’ll keep you wanting more(: So I’m going to keep writing and I want to see your reactions when I’m done;)




She picked up her phone and opened the message. The question on the screen made her nauseous.. She didn’t know what to do, and she was fortunate and relieved that Marzoug was still on the phone with his father. Something was going on is what Jenna suspected, but she didn’t innterupt or say anything.

And she knew better than to tell him what the text said, because it would drive him insane, and the one person she can’t afford to lose is Marzoug.


“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” Jenna texted Alya

“Haa?! Why are you saying those words?!” Alya texted back instantly

“I just got a text, n in that text is something, and someone that’ll ruin my life! :’( " She texted her back

Wth?! Mno?!” Alya asked

Guess..” Jenna replied calmly

“Mno?! I don’t know!” Alya answered frustrated 2 minutes later

“Sa3ad.” Jenna replied with her heart coming up her throat

“WTF!!!!! 3ogeb kil ilee sawah lah wayh idizlich message!?” Alya asked infuriated

AL!!!! It’s NOT that he texted me! It’s what he said in the text!!!! Mitdoodha 7AIL!!!” they kept texting back and forth..




“Shno galich?” Alya asked..

I’ll forward you the message..” Jenna texted back, and looked through her inbox for his text


“Did you think I forgot you? I can see you.. Mno ilee ma3ach? Jannoyy, la tinsain ina agdar a3eed ilee sawaita, o0 hal mara, I’ll succeed. I know where you live, forgot I know everything about you? :p Hahaha! I’ll be watching sexy. ;)”


Sa3ad was a guy Jenna was dating a 2 years ago - She was 16, and he was 18 - and DAMN did she get hurt.. She trusted him, she loved him, she did everything for him, she even sneaked him into her house when no one was home. Until that un-fateful night in Sa3ad’s car. They were in his back seat, talking, laughing, flirting, everything a happy couple does.. He leaned in to kiss her, and he started touching her, and the next thing he was on top of her trying to rip off her clothes wanting to take her innocence away. She screamed and cried for him to let her go, but he wouldn’t.


“Sa3ad, hidniii!!!” She cried

“MABII!! ANA ABEECH JENNA!!!” He screamed

“Tikfa sa3ad! Mabiii!!! Sa3ad!! PLEASE!!!!” She cried some more

He still wouldn’t let her go. She took off her heels and rammed them into his head, and he became unconscious; she ran out of his car and got into a taxi. She called Alya to tell her she’s going over to her place, and Alya welcomed her with open arms. She gave the taxi driver Alya’s address, and soon she was in Alya’s room crying, and taking off her clothes, running into Alya’s shower trying to wash away every trace she had of him.

-End of Flashback.


Jenna’s eyes started sending unconscious salty rain drops.. Marzoug was done from him phone call by then.

“Janooy?! Baby shfeech?!” He asked worried

“Mafeenii shay” she smiled

“3ayal laish it9ay7eeen?!” He wondered

She looked at her hands and found the bracelet in her hand and held it up

“This..” She giggled

“Mo 3ajbich arida!” He comforted her

La2, la2, I love it! It’s just no one has ever given me something this nice, and I don’t have anything with this much meaning..” She explained

“Ahaaa” He said, “3alaich bil 3afya, you deserve it!” He smiled

He didn’t buy it though, he noticed she was texting while he was on the phone..

“7ayatii, lazem inrid il bait, oboy yabeenii ib sha3’la; fa ra7 inrid baitkum, anazlich, a5ith a8ra6’ii o0 amshii 3ashan oboy o0 ayeebla hdoum ni6’eefa” He explained

“Ee, okay, may5alif,” she smiled, “Ana adig 3ala Al a5aleeha tiyeenii, min ziman ma shift’ha..” She continued

“Okay, 3ala ra7tich..” He kissed her cheek

She dialed Alya’s number and waiting ‘til she picked up.

6oo6.. 6oo6..

“My babyyyyy!” Alya screamed

“Hehehe, hiii there sweetie” Jenna said while a smiled drew across her face

Woiii, even just hearing her voice can make me feel better! Jenna thought

“Are you okay babe?” Alya asked Jenna

“Yeahh yeahh, I’m fine honey. My baby’s gnna drop me home and leave me there,” She looked at Marzoug and pouted when he turned to her when she said that, “can you come over?” She asked Alya

“Sureeee!! I’ll get ready now” Alya confirmed

“5ala9, see you soon then babe” Jenna said

“See ya! Ciao!” Alya said and hung up

Marzoug and Jenna got to Jenna’s house, he walked with her all the way inside, and when he picked up his duffle bag he said;

“Baby, if you need me, just give me a call, o0 wallah, ayeech arki6’ 7afee ba3ad!” He beamed

“Haha! Okay, thank you 7ayatii” She said and planted a soft kiss on his lip

“La, la, ba3ed..” He pleaded

She kissed him some more, and then pulled away.

“bes 5ala9!” She laughed

“Zain zain..” He said disappointed and walked out to his car.

Jenna went up to her room to get changed. She took of her clothes, folded her jeans, threw Marzougs shirt in the dirty basket, and wore her green Juicy Couture Terry sweats. She pulled her hair up into a pony tail and took her dirty clothes to the washing room so she can give Marzoug his shirt back when he comes back.

When she came back downstairs her phone had 4 missed calls, and 2 new text messages.

Her heart started to pound, it might be him she thought..

But she opened it anyway..




To be continued!

I hope you liked the twist.. Might be disturbing to some of you, and I’m sorry if it is, but these stuff actually happen.. So again, I’m sorry if it got to you, I was just trying to make it as real as possible.

I love you all!!!

I’m hoping for 7 comments or more from different people. And if I do, I’ll post again. =]

Stay safe my loves<3




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