Friday, September 4, 2009


Hii my loves!!! I don't think this'll be a long post la2na I'm waiting for a friend to come over so we can go get girgai3an! :p I know, we're late? Haha! Bes shinsawii.. School is stupid;p
Anywhoo! Ana bakamil, &sorry lil ta25eer!


"Jenna, marry me.." He told her

Jenna's heart stopped right there. She thought about what would happen to Marzoug, to her studies, and finally she spoke up.

"Jassim, Ana tawnii bil jam3a, itha inta 5ali9, ana ma 5ala9t. Ahalii mo ihnee, fa ma agdar agoolihum shay! Jassim.. Lets wait.." She said
"Bes a7ibich!" He screamed
"O0 ana a7ibik! Bes let's WAIT!" She shot back
"Zain." He said and stormed out of the room

Jenna sat there in awe. She didn't move. She didn't say a word. Marzoug walked in and she was still sitting on her bed.

"Jenna, shfeech?" He asked
"Jassim" She said
"Shfee?" He asked
"He asked me to marry him. o0 ana a3ti8id giltla la2. 3a9ab o0 6ala3." She explained
"kaifa, mo shayif il malak ilee jidama. His loss baby!" He hugged Jenna
"Jassim, wallah madrii shasawii bidounik" She hugged him back

Marzoug leaned in and kissed her lips, not even Jassim's kiss compared to his.. He pulled away, and her eyes were still closed.. When she opened them, she found him smiling.. Looking at her in awe..

"I love you Jenna." He said
"I love you too.." She said
"As a friend or more" he teased
"Honestly, al7een I think more.." She said

His heart jumped, jumped, and jumped some more.. He knew in his heart, he would fight for her. Fight to death.
Before he could say anything Jenna's phone rang, it was a long number.. She thought it might be her mom..

"Aloo?" Jenna said
"Hello?" A soft voice said in an American accent
"Hello? Who is this?" Jenna asked

I'm making it THIS short on purpose! To let y'all DIE of anticipation! :p
Hahaha! I love y'all!!!


Tell me who you think it is...



  1. laa 3ad elshie5a ! this short !!! hatha wayed short ! Q get your ass back 3ala el laptop o start typin missy !!!

    and just a bit confused here ...did 2 guys kissed her in the same day ? and did she just say " i love you " to both of them ??ummm whats her problem ?

  2. woiii finally a kiss<33

    Have Fun ;p

  3. LOOL nice one identity xD
    I loved the post next one please ;* <3
    Love yew

    &Yeah .. umm I think Jassim's ex gf ? in America ? =P