Thursday, September 17, 2009

Something wrong?

Hii y'all! Okay, I'm seeing that something is going on.. I'm not getting any feedbacks.. 
o0 I'm wondering, is everything okay? :/
La2na wallah you guys, itha kil hatha mo 3ajibkum, I'll stop it o0 abdii shay yideed.. 

I'm waiting for your answers.. I won't post something until I get up to 6 comments on the last post, that are NOT me. So, YOU guys need to comment.. Itha I get 6 comments from different people, I'll post something new, and I know you guys are capable of doing it.. 

Love y'all. 

You guys there's going to be a twist! The message she got.. Intaw bes ni6raw.. I promise you'll be in shock.. 
Love y'all. 


  1. the post is great its just that u need more twist and turns somthing exciting and keeps us wondering:)

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayid 7ilo

  3. it was amaaaaaazing!!


  4. im sorry 7ubii itha ra7 tez3leen miny! wayed sorry bess im with anony! i will tell u 1 thing for sure the story is NOT and i say it again NOT boring bess like anony said u need twist and turns!! oo im so LOVING the story bess u need a little action! and again the story is NOT boring bess u need a little action;D oo im sorry itha ra7 tez3leen bess i just wanted to tell u what i thought!
    btw im still loving the story! oo itha u dont like what i said completely ignore this point! oo sorry i havent been commenting bess with school oo all im just so busy!!:/

  5. ya zagga ill fucking murder you if you stop :)

    and i mean it.

    Love you lol ;*

  6. hey love your story...keep it up ;)