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"You're The One.."

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“9ij?! You’ll marry me?!” He asked Jenna

“YES! I’ll marry you! Inshallah you weren’t just saying that..” She asked him

“Laaa, I meant it!” He kissed her cheek

“Hehe, okay.. Al7een all we have to do is tell your dad, and wait until my parents come back..” She said

“I’ll tell it to the world! Mo bes my dad!” He screamed

“Hahaha! Ana shimsawya feek?” She laughed

“Intay imdaw5atniiii!!” He smiled

“Umbayy!! Sorry!!” She giggled

“7abeebtii, la tit2asifain.. La2na it makes me fall more and more in love with you everyday..” He told her

She blushed and lowered her head

“Woii!! Amout 3ala ilee yisti7oun!” He laughed

“Hehe” She giggled

“Yalla, imshay..” He told her

“Amshii? Wain?” She asked him

“Abii ag3ad ma3ach..” He said

“Ya3nii hatha shno?!” She laughed

“La2, mo chithii.. Abee first a6ali3 ma3ach a movie, ba3dain ni6la3 insawee ilee tabeen..” He said smiling

“Hehe, okay..” She smiled


Sometimes we let our hearts get hurt just for us to find the right person.. And a heart can only break too many times before it shatters, and when it does shatter, sometimes it won’t mend, and at other times, it will with the strength and love of the people who actually do love you. And she found the strength in Marzoug. Jassim broke her heart, but Marzoug was there for her, he was her strength, and he jumped into the shark tank to fight off the sharks that tried to get her. Those sharks were the pain, the shredding pain she was enduring. He risked his own emotions just so she could smile..


And us, i7na the Kwaiti girls, aw 7atan kil banat il 5aleej, we’re so naïve to the feelings of love.. o0 because of that, we run after the guy like he’s everything to us, when in fact, he was just a little piece that could be replaced when the right person comes along..


“I didn’t accept Jassim’s proposal and I accepted Marzougs’, because I know deep down he’s the one for me. 3omra ma jara7nii, 3omra ma ga9 3alai, o0 3ogeb kil hal frag, he’s still there for me.. 9ij ina he walked in and out of my life, but he had a reason.. and it was a valid one.. Jenna lat5aleen il shay6an yil3ab 3alaich, ta3awithay min iblees, o0 samay bil ra7man, you made the right decision.” She told herself.

And it was true, she knows it, she’d always have, he was the one. You know what they say, you’re first love will always be forever.


“Did you pick a movie?” Marzoug said interrupting her train of thoughts

“Huh? Umm, la2.. Ga3da adawir..” She said

“Shfeech, why are you spaced out?” he chuckled

“La, mafeenii shay.. I’m just thinking..” She flashed a half hearted smile

“About?” He asked

“You..” She replied

“Me?” He winked

“Eee, hehe..” She said

“o0 what about me?” He asked her

“You’ve always been there for me, and no one can take your place, no one.. I love you..” She said

“o0 I’ll always will, I’m never going to leave you.. because as crazy as you might think it is, I’m in love with you, MADLY in love with you..” He said

“Hehe.. Me too 7ayatii” She said

“Inzain, shrayich, instead of watching a movie, inrou7 intimasha o0 we have dinner?” He asked

“You read my mind!” She laughed

“Yalla 3ayal, mishayna” He smiled

“Wait, can I at least change?” She asked

“9a7, yeah, you better do so, tara ana a3’arrrr!!” He warned her

“Hehe, adrii, give me 10minutes.” She smiled

“Okay 7ayatii, take your time..” He told her


She ran to her room and took off her clothes, she pulled out her light wash, ripped jeans, hopped into them and stared at her closet like it was a post-disaster area.


“I GOT IT!!” She said and ran out of her room in her jeans and bra. She stared down the hall and found Marzougs’ bag in a corner.

She slowly walked to it and unzipped his bag; she looked for his plain white t-shirt, the one he wears when he’s being lazy. She giggled and squirmed into it. It was baggy, but it looked sexy to be wearing her boyfriends’ shirt; he’s not her “fiancé” until both parents of the bride and groom approve..

She ran back to her room to look for shoes to wear, she pulled out her red ballet flats, wore them; and started running down the stairs, mobile and wallet in hand.

“DONE!” She smiled

“Yah yah yahhh! Wait, is that my shirt?” He asked chuckling

“Yeahhh!” She smiled

“Allaaaah!! 7alayteeh!!” He carried her

“Hehehe, thank you..” She kissed his lip

“Mmmm..” He said biting his lip after she pulled away, “your lips are like candy to me.” He continued.

“Hehe, you might be getting much more of my lips” She winked at him

“INSHALLAH YA RAB!!!” He looked up as if yad3ii

“Inzain, yallah, let’s gooo!!” She said

“Zain, yalla, we’re going” He said carrying her out the door.


They walked to his car, and he opened the passenger door for her and she hopped in. He walked to his side and got in, started the engine, and drove off.

“Wain tabeen itrou7een?” He asked her

“Wherever inta tabii itrou7.. La2na if I’m with you, I’ll be fine” She smiled

“You have a way with words” he winked

“Hehehe, yup!” She giggled

“Inzain, lets go take a stroll?” He asked her

“Stroll it is then!” She screamed


He turned on the radio, it was Lil Wayne at first, and then, My Everything by 98 Degrees came on.

“Tadreen, kil mara asma3 hal i3’niya, afakir feech..” He told her

“La2.. Ma kint adrii..” She whispered back

“Well listen to the words, la2na you really ARE my everything..” He told her


She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Amout 3alaik, allah i5aleeleeyak” She said

“Ana a9lan kilee lich!” He said

“Hehehe!” She giggled


She listened to the rest of the song in awe and amazement, she didn’t know that she meant all that to him. She doesn’t want to lose him, and she can’t lose him because he’s her everything now.

She erased the name Jassim from her heart and her mind, she knew he was nothing but a player, all he wanted was to play her and break her heart, he was nice at first, but hey, anyone can put up and act right? Well he did. She knows Marzoug won’t hurt her the way Jassim did.. Also with Marzoug, she didn’t have to hide who she is, she can just be herself and have fun! She found her knight in shining armor.. She found the love she has always wanted. The type she’d only see in movies, the guy every girl would die for. Yes. She found him. Indeed she did. And his name was Marzoug. Marzoug Liflani. HER Marzoug.

Sexy Can I by Ray J came on, Marzoug looked at Jenna and wiggled his eyebrows

“HAHAHA!! Zougii! Ahaha!” She laughed

“Sexy can I please pardon my manners?” He asked her and winked

“Baby you don’t need manners with me” she winked

“Laaa?” He teased

“Mhmm!” She said, “Aint I your soon to be wife inshallah?!” She asked

“Eee! And the mother of my children inshallah ba3ed!” He added

“Hehe, well so yeah, you don’t need to hide anything from me!” She smiled

“And I never will, la2na you’re my woman now” He smiled

“Ya ba5tii!” She giggled

He raised the volume and turned right into Chilies’ parking lot..


She was about to say something when her phone vibrated.. She pulled out her phone to check who it was when Marzoug pulled her phone away from her and dropped it into the cup holder.

“You’re with me now..” He winked

“And I’m all yours..” She winked back

“Good..” He said

He pulled out a box from his pocket, and inside it was a small gold heart shaped bracelet, it was being held by a gold chain. On the heart,  “M&J” was engraved.. and when you’d flip It over, “Forever..” It said.

Jenna’s jaw dropped.

Before she could say anything Jassim’s phone rang. He took one look and said he had to take it.

“Oboy..” He said

“Oh, may5alif, take your time..” Jenna said


She picked up her phone and opened the message. The question on the screen made her nauseous[i]..

[i] Nauseous; feeling sick, about to throw up. Queasy.  




That’s it for now! Inshallah 3ajabum! I’ll try writing soon!! I miss y’all!! And again, FEEDBACK!!! I hope this is long enough, and I can’t color code it because of time:/

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