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"God. I need you."

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Her heart started to pound, it might be him she thought..

But she opened it anyway..

“I’m downstairs!” a text from Alya beamed

“Umbaaaayhhh!! Ashwa!!!” She said out loud

She ran downstairs and found Alya sitting on the dinning room table with McDonalds in hand.

“I BROUGHT SNACKS!” she laughed

“Ahaha! YAY!!” Jenna laughed back

They both sat down and started talking. Jenna explained to Alya how scared she was of what Sa3ad was capable of doing, and how he could ruin everything that made her happy.. Alya kept comforting her.

“Goomay, lets watch The Notebook. We’ll cry our eye balls out.” Alya smiled

“Okay, yalla.” Jenna agreed

The girls got up and went to the upstairs living room to watch the movie, at the painful moments they cried, they cried, and cried some more.

Noah lost his love because of her disease.. But at times they’d be the old famous couple.. So he didn’t worry, because he’ll keep reading the story until she remembers and goes back to him. And every time the story ends, she does.

They were at the part where Noah was fixing the house..














The lights went off..



“Yuma! Bismillah il ra7man il ra7eem!” alya screamed.

“Umbayy!! AL!!!” Jenna screamed hugging Alya

“shit shit shit, sh9ayer?!” Alya asked

“MADRII!!” Jenna cried

“Wain Mary?!” Alya asked

“Mary is out on Holiday, ra7 iyeebha il sayi8” Jenna informed Alya

“FUCK!! FA YA3NII WE’RE HOME ALONE?!” Alya screamed

“FUCK! YEAAAAAH!!!! UMBAYYYYYY!!!” Jenna screamed back frightened


The were slowly getting up to go to Jenna’s room when they hit something hard and solid and tall.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” The girls screamed together

And then they heard something break downstairs and screamed again

“Someone’s here!” Alya whispered

“YA THINK?!” Jenna said sarcastically

“Lets just fucking get to your room o0 lock the door!” Alya shot back

“YES. Let’s!” Jenna said


They kept taking baby steps trying to not run into something else, because running into that cupboard hurt. BIG TIME. They slowly moved left together, and then slowly took little steps forward.


Alya could hear Jenna breathing heavily, like someone was smothering her..

“Jenna?” Alya asked

“Shh..” Was the reply she got

Then she felt someone cling onto her shirt.

“Fuck Jenna, let me go!” She wined

It tugged harder.

She turned around and screamed a blood curling scream, so hard, 4 houses down would’ve heard if she wasn’t knocked out. A thump, and then the hands got off Jenna’s mouth.


“AHHHHHH!!!!” Jenna screamed

“Imshay.” A voice said

“ MABII!!” She screamed

“Ana gilt IMSHAY!” It said again

“What do you want from me?!” She asked

“Take me to your parent’s room.” They said again

Jenna started to cry

“9ay7ay, min gal 9ya7ich bifeed? HAHAHA” She remembered that laugh

“Sa3ad.” Jenna managed to say through shivering lips.

“Hii there sexy..” He said in a voice that he thought was seductive

“Let me go.” She said firmly

“Shut the FUCK up and lead me to your parent’s room..” He commanded

“I want them to know their daughter lost her innocence in their room when they weren’t here to keep her safe..” He added

“Why me?! Sa3ad leave me alone! 5ara 3alaick ma t5af rabick?!” She screamed

“Iklay 5arach o0 imshay!” He slapped her

“Ahhh!” She yelped in pain


She started walking to her parents room. If she didn’t do so she knew he’d do it to Alya, or he’d physically injure her. And she didn’t want to ruin Alya’s life for her sake. She’s take the physical pain, but she knew he’s strong enough o probably kill her or have her bleed internally.

“Here.” Jenna said

“Hmm. 7ilo.” He said

He held her firmly by the arm while he touched around looking for something solid that he can put her on.

She kept crying, she started praying asking God to send someone to help her.

She could feel his fingers touching her, her lips, her nose. She could feel his breathe on her body, her neck, her chest, and then back up to her lips.

She felt his lips and his tongue on her lips.

Wai3! Wai3! Wai3!!!! Jenna screamed in her mind

She tried to push him away, but instead he pinned her down and he was now on top of her. He moved his hands to take off his shirt, and she punched him

“HAHAHA!!!!! 7isbalich you can hurt me? Baby I’m rock solid” And then he plunged back in for another kiss

Jenna could feel his chiseled abs on her chest and stomach, perfectly drawn, any girl would swoon, but this made her sick. He took off her shirt, and she rapped her arms around her body. Scared. She kept praying, praying, and praying.

Ya rab! A6libick ya rab! 5al Alya itgoum o0 til7ag 3alay! Ya rab i3’firlee thinoubii!! She said in her mind.






The pressure on her body was gone. He wasn’t there anymore.

“AHHHH!!!” She screamed

“Jenna!! Haday!!” A manly voice said

“AHHHH!!! BES!!!! SA3DOONIIII!!!!!!” She screamed some more

“Jenna! Marzoug daznii achayick 3alaikum!!!” The voice said again

“Marzoug?” She repeated

“Eee! Marzoug!” it said again

“MARZOUG! WAINA?!” She cried

“3ind oboh! Yala goomay! You’re friend in unconscious!” it said again

“alya!!” She said

“Stop fucking repeating o0 goomay!” It said again


She got up and held on to the strangers arms. He had strong arms, no wonder Sa3ad was knocked out cold. He wrapped his arms around her, and she could feel his hard chest, her breathing was hard, and she was still scared, but no one knew about her and Marzoug, only Jassim, and her friends..

“Sit next to your friend, I’m going to check the power box” He said

“Okay.” She consented

She said down and hugged her unconscious friends’ body, and cried over her.

“I’m sorry, wallah I’m sorry” She cried


The lights came back on, and she could see Alya. She cried more. She still was in her pants and bra, her shirt was still in the room.

Fuck! She thought, and hid her body behind Alya’s.

“Jenna?” The voice said

“Don’t come! I’m not wearing a shirt!” She said

“Oh, inzain, la76’a” The voice said again

And the next thing she knew, a blue Polo shirt came flying across the corner

“Wear it.” It said

“Okay. Thank you” She said

“No prob.”

She wore it and stood up. When she saw him she was relieved, Marzoug DID send him!

“Oh my God! Ashwa it’s you!” She said and hugged him

“Yeah, it’s me. Who the hell did you think it was going to be?” He said and hugger her back confused.

“Alya!” Jenna screamed letting go of him and falling to her knees next to her friend

“He hit her with his hand, she’ll be fine; bes shway o0 itgoum. Do you have medical alcohol?” He asked

“Yes.” Jenna said moving her friends hair from her face, “Down the hall way at the end ako a bathroom, bil little cupboard, it’s in there.” She informed him

“Okay. I’ll be back.”


He walked down the hall to the bathroom and got the medical Alcohol then walked back to them.

He handed Jenna the alcohol,

“Miskay please, 5an asheelha a7i6ha 3al 8anafa” He said

“Okay” She said and took the alcohol


He carried her, and she could see his muscles flex, and his abs rock solid, tanned.. Mmmm, sexyyy! She thought. He slowly placed her on the sofa and took the alcohol from Jenna, uncapped it, and started having Alya sniffing it, and before long she coughed and came back to conscience. She took one look at him and screamed

“AAHHHH!! MNO HATHA?!” Alya screamed

“Lat5afeen, Marzoug sent him, I know him” Jenna comforted her

“Walaiiiin. My ears inba6aw minkum. Manii imsawee feekum shay!” He said

“I know..” Jenna said

“Good..” He replied

“Inzain, mno inta 3ayal?” Alya asked

“I’m –" He started to say but Jenna interrupted him




To be continued!

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