Friday, September 4, 2009

"Don't Ever Call Me Again"

Yalla, you'll all see who that person is.. ;)
This is for my Vampire, it really feels like you're like my soul sister GA=]

"Hii, um is this Jenna?" The voice said
"Yeah, who are you?" Jenna asked, she saw Marzoug mouthing who is it?
"I'm Nicole. I'm Jassim's girl." The voice said. Now being Nicole..
"Excuse me?! I'M Jassim's girl." Jenna said
"That's what I'm calling you about. BACK OFF." Nicole said
"I'm not going to fight with a girl I don't know.. And we're both being played her. And I'm not going to stay around and let a low life play with my heart. So. You want him. You can have him. Goodbye Nicole." She said and hung up. Her heart was RIPPED out.. She fell into Marzoug's arms crying..

"Jenna?! JENNA SHFEEECH?!" He screamed
"Jassim!! Bes ma abeeeeh!! Ma abeeeehhhh!! Min 3arafta 7ayatii ingalbat foug ta7et!!!" She cried into his chest
"3ayal mis7ee min 7ayatich.." He told her..
"Ra7 amsa7a.." She said and called Jassim

6oo6.. 6oo6..

"Don't 'Aloo?' me!! Jassim, dagat 3alay, Nicole, 7abeebat il galb. IMBAYIN INKUM FRIENDS!!! INTA GA3ED ITGI9 3ALA MNO?! MNO SHAYIF NAFSIK!!!!!? ANA MO LI3BA 3INDICK!!! ANA 3INDEE 7AYAT 3INDEE GALB!! ITHA INTA MA3INDIK, MADRII WHAT CREATURE YOU ARE!!!" She screamed
"Jenna, SIKTAY!! Shga3da itgouleen?!" He yelled
"Rou7 is2el your girlfriend Nicole!! o0 Don't you EVER call me again! Fahim!? Bye asshole!" she told him and hung up

She looked at Marzoug
"Let's hit the road handsome!" She laughed
"Wow, you bounce back quick!" He laughed
"I'm with you aren't I?" She asked and held him by the hip
"Akeeed!" He said and put his arm around her shoulder

They decided to hit the movies
And after the movies Jenna and Marzoug decided to go for a drive

"Jenna, bas2ilich shay.." Marzoug said
"Go ahead Zougii.." She smiled
"Woii!! Walla lemn itgouleen Zougii a7is inee bil sima!" He told her
"Hehe! Asti7eee!" She said
"Woii!! Amout 3ala il yisti7oun!" He said and kissed her cheek
"Zougii.. A7ibik.." She said and lowered her head
"9ij? It7ibeenii?" He asked her
"I was torn between you and Jassim, ib kil 9alat 6alabt rabii iwareenii who I should leave and be with.. o0 ka rabii waranii.." She said
"A7ibich Jenna, o0 6oul 3omrii ba7ibich.." He said
She blushed and said nothing..
"Inzain.. Kamil.." She said
"Jenna, abeech lee, it9eereen 7abeebtii?" He asked her
"o0 ana abeek lee.." She said
"Itha tabeenii lich, 3ayal jawabich ee.." He told her
"Eee, jawabii, ee.." she smiled
"5ala9, 3ayal intay, Janooytii.. o0 6oul 3omirna bit'timeen Janooytii, o0 dayman lee.." He told her, "Wallah, a7liflich ib 7ayatii, 3omrii mara7 ajri7ich.. I can't break the heart of the girl that loves me.." He continued
"Marzoug, God created you uniquely.. Mako wa7ed bil dinya mithlik.. Wallah itha i9eer feek ayshay, I'd be lost.." She told him
"Ditto" He laughed
"Umbay! You're still the same!" she laughed with him
"3omrii mara7 at3'ayar!" He pinched her cheek
"I have a confession.." She said
"Confess my dear. For it will be safe." He said in a way that portrayed a priest
"Hahaha!" She laughed
"Confess!!!!" He screamed
"Zain!" She laughed
"Finally!" He smiled
"I've always loved you.. Lemn shiftick o0 3araft ina it's you.. Ri7t daree o0 ga3adt a9ee7.. I wondered where you went.. And WHY you went.." She told him
"I told you.. I left because I thought forgetting you would be easier.." He said
"I know, I know, and I forgive you, we can't change the past, but we sure as hell can change the future." She smiled
"Intay galbich mo bes abya6', bes there's like not one imperfection in it!" He told her
"Hehe! Thank you!" She kissed his cheek
"Alaaah! Sim3ay! Ihdaaa2!" He said and raised the volume on the stereo.. Can't Let You Go (Feat. Pleasure P And Bow Wow) by Chris Brown was on.

"Zougii.." Jenna said
"Hala 7ayatii.." He answered
To be continued!
I know it's not THAT long, bes just to quench your thirst for now.. =]
I hope you liked it!

A7ibkummm!! O0 inshallah SOON, another post=]



  1. what can i say te3awadt 3ala the cliffhangers malootch! u wont ever stop right! rassch yabss u wont even tell me what will happen!:( bess 5alas i was just reading it! ;D
    loved the post! next post please!!:P

    Their Perfect!

    O 9a7 klaam Identity!

    O ana nemt 3shan chethy mo first place =(

  3. u and ur cliffhangers:P bass 3ajeeb this post! next pls(:

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