Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My loves! <3

Hii 7abaybee!! I'm sorry I'm not keeping y'all updated, bes school is HECTIC!! Imla3wizna;p
I'll try posting on the weekend, inshallah I'll write everyday a bit, &by the weekend you'll have a long post, I'll try.. Bes 3ashankum(:

Now you guys tell me, hows everything going for y'all? I miss your feedbacks! Even on previous posts I'm getting nothing:( Ma7ed wellah 3alay 3ayal.. <|3

Il mohim, I'm trying to finish a vocab homework:/ fa INSHALLAH, when I'm done, I'll keep writing=]




  1. a55 ya schoool!!
    akeed we missed u!!:**
    HAHAHA vocab:s good luck!!

  2. I doooo<3333333333333333

    Holding into my bra ;)

  3. i missed school myself...a7na ehnee btbda elmdares ba3d el3eed...i know i'll take this back the moment i'll meet my math teacher-.-

    AND! zarh where the hell are you !? blogech closed! wntee m5tafya ! add me on my email you.tellme@hotmail.co.uk to ctch up;)