Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Without you, I'm incomplete.."

Continuing.. I hope this comes out long.. ;p
This is for Glowing Aura. Wallah you're one of a kind, no matter what I'm here(: I'll understand whatever you're going through.


"Hala 7ayatii" he said
"Don't ever leave me.." She said, tears stung her eyes
"Never." He reassured her
She looked out the window and whispered..
"I love you.. I always have and always will.." and the tears started coming down..

She saw the trees passing by fast.. and before she knew it, everything went black..
She fell asleep thinking of her life with him..
Her life with Marzoug.. With her Zougii..
She felt herself being lifted up, and felt his breath on her neck; Marzoug carried her in his arms up to her room, she clung on to his shirt with her nails, scared he'll let her go. When Marzoug tried to put her down, she wouldn't let go.. So he climbed next to her and held her close..

"Allah o0 a3lam inich tiswain il dinya o0 ma feeha 3indee.. Bidounich madrii shi9eer feenii.." He whispered..
He just sat there looking at her, sleeping so peacefully, not even the angels could compare to her.. And soon enough, he fell asleep looking at her..

Jenna stirred in his arms and when she woke up, he was still there, sleeping.. She hoisted herself up on her elbows and gently kissed his lips.

I've always loved him.. If I didn't, why did I cry when I found out it was him..? She asked herself, coming to the conclusion that she loved him..

She thought of everything they went through.. Some, she didn't know about, but was told about by her mother and father.. Marzoug was born 2 years before Jenna, so when Jenna came, she was the first girl in the family. Ever since she was born, Marzoug was protective of her, he wouldn't let anyone go near her. When Jenna got to the age she started walking, he would hold her hand and they would walk; a little boy and girl holding hands and trotting around, just because he was scared she'd fall. Dam3at'ha 3'alya 3alaih.. She flashed back to when they were once playing at the beach in their shalaih, Jenna was feeling hot, so he decided to get her some ice cream, he started running to the kitchen, and he tripped and fell, he didn't say a word even though his knee was bleeding, he went and got her her ice cream, cleaned up his wound, and went back to her like nothing happened.. She noticed it, but she didn't say a word..
She wondered if that scar was still there.. She thought of asking him when he's up..

She got out of bed and went to wash up. She decided to take a shower and then get dressed and got some breakfast made for Marzoug.

She came out of her bathroom, snuck out in her towel and went to the laundry room to get her jean shorts and her black tank top.

After she got dressed, she went to the kitchen, hair wet, dripping to the floor. She pulled out her mothers cook book, and decided to whip up some Eggs Benedict.
She started cooking, when someone came up from behind her and grabbed her at the waist. She knew it was him the minute she smelled his cologne.

"Walaht 3alaich.." He whispered into her ear
She turned around and said "Ana akthar" and hugged him
"La, you're mine now. I want more than hugs" He kissed her neck
His breath on her neck made her dizzy.
"What more do you want? You said it, I'm yours.." She whispered
"Kiss me.." He told her
"You kiss me.." She retorted
"7a6'reen.." He winked

He picked her up, and slowly sat her on the counter. He went closer, and she rapped her legs around his waist, and rapped her arms around his neck, she pulled him closer and they both felt the spark when their lips touched..

"A man is born, a woman is born for him.. When they meet.. They know.. That's why love is never ending nor begging, it is always and forever.." -Unknown

"You're going to be forever mine.." He told her when he pulled away
"I want to be yours forever, and not any other mans' " She told him still holding on to him

She giggled when she saw his eyes roll back into his head while he hit his ultimate high when she said that. Euphoria to him..

"Okay! 5ala9! No more giggling! You need food baby!" She told him
"Yummy! Feed me!" He laughed
"Haha! Gladly!" She laughed along with him

They ate and laughed until they couldn't laugh anymore..
And then he asked her the one question that made her life complete..

"Jenna.." He said
"3youn'ha.." She said
"a7ibich, o0 6oul 3omrii ba7ibich, mahma i9eer, ba7ibich, until my last breath, I'll love you.." He told her, and her eyes started welling up..
"Marry me.." He continued..
She was quiet for a couple minutes..
"You don't have to answer me now.." he told her
"I want to answer you now.. Because I've always known the answer, and it'll never change.. Never.." She said, letting the water works begin
"Okay." he said
"My answer is.."
"Yes..?" He asked
"You know it.." she said
"I do?" he asked again
"Yes?" He asked
"YES!" She repeated

To be continued..
I didn't leave a cliffhanger this post;p But still, y'all don't know what might happen later right? Cliffhanger enough;p hehehe

a7ibkum! &I'm sorry if it's not long enough, I couldn't get on all week, only once, &this is all I could get to in my short period of time.. :/
Il mohim! I'll post the next time I can! =]
I love you ALL!!!!



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  2. ALLAAAAH 3ALAICH! !! 7abaitch walla ! ashkr fanich ! many emotions wipping through this post ..i got all tingly walla:P seductivly attractive! i love it i love it i love it ! marzoug is a hunk ;)

    sweetest dedication thanks hun =) am not one ofa kind, ente mthly ! long lost twins rememba;)