Thursday, June 25, 2009

OKAY!! Part two(=
Jenna and Alya finished their drinks and got up to leave, they had a lot of work to do before the opening of Dalal's store. Dalal was one of the girls best friend, they met way back when they were in school. Dalal was the new girl in school then, she was quiet and shy, but she opened up quickly to the girls. Jenna and Alya walked to Jenna's car in the parking lot. A distinctive black Targa 4S. Something that would turn heads with her in the drivers seat, driving it. After they got in the car, the girls started giggling and laughing at what happened inside the cafe.
"Haha! Jenna what was that about?!" Alya asked
"Hahaha! I honestly don't know! But wasn't he cute?! Exactly what I want!" Jenna replied and giggled.
"Lets just go before Dalal throws a fit! Becuase we're going to be late if we keep giggling in here! Hahaha!" Alya giggled.
The girls got to Dalal's house and told her what happened, Dalal started laughing at what happened to Jenna.
"I guess Jenna found the man of her dreams!" Dalal joked.
"Oh shut up! I don't know the guy! We didn't even flirt!" Jenna screamed.
"Oh really? So you weren't stealing glances at each other? Hahaha!" Alya blurted.
"Okay, okay! Stop talking about him and lets start getting ready for Dalal's opening! This is a big day for our Dalal.." Jenna smiled.
The girls got up and got dressed, they looked like goddesses in their white cocktail dresses, and their red Christian Louboutins. And like Kellie Pickler once said, "Nobody holds a candle to me in my red high heels!" So these red high heels were a signature thing for these girls, it made them feel confident and strong.
It was 7 and people started coming into Dalals store like ants! The girls had alot of people to greet and take pictures with.
"Wow, you girls look gorgeous tonight," Dalals mother said. "People won't be looking at the store but looking at these three beautiful girls standing next to me."
"Aww, mama! I love you do you know that? We all love you. None of this would be possible if not for your support and love for me." Dalal said as she hugged her mother.
Dalal's mother was a single mom, Dalal's father died three years ago. Dalal was heartbroken, her father was the only man she ever trusted, and any man she would let in, he would end up hurting her in ways she never imagined was possible. The girls were her rock back at those days, and still are. Her mother was also the girls safe haven. When something went wrong, with a guy, with school, or even with their parents, they would run to her and fall into her loving arms in tears, or in smiles. She was always there to catch her little girls. And she always told them to smile, because it was amazing what you can hide by putting up a smile. And when you smile, people ask why. Why is she smiling? Why is she so happy? It gives a little curiousty to a girls' actions. And with a simple smile, you can change someone's day in so many ways.. The can be having a bad day, and with your smile, you can make them find hope.
"Thank you Auntie Reem. For everything! You were always the one there for us through everything, and we honestly don't know what we would do without you!" Jenna said and kissed her friends mother on her head.
"Sweetie, you all know that I am always here for you. Now lets get back to entertaining our guests!" Urged Dalal's mother as they all started laughing together.
It was midnight by now, and no girl should stay out of the house un-supervised after ten! Jenna and Alya called their mothers and explained that things got very hectic, and they needed to help Dalal and her mother finish cleaning, and lock up the store, and that they would be sleeping at Dalal's house because of her need for her friends to help her tomorrow. Their mothers agreed after a few huffing and puffing. The girls giggled in happiness for a sleep over which will obviously consist of talking and searching of Jenna's "Prince Charming".
By three in the mornin, the girls were dead beat, so they decided hit the sheets.
The next morning, the girls got up and decided to each go home to get dressed and go out for breakfast at The Avenues. 
Jenna went home, and raided her closet for the perfect outfit. She decided on  peachy pink Juicy Couture sweats and a pair of black Chanel flats. She called Alya and Dalal and told her what she decided to wear, so they all decided on comfort. 
Dalal picked up all the girls and drove off to The Avenues. Alya was craving Watermelon for a week, so they took her to Watermelon to surprise her. :)
The girls sat down and started talking..
"Jen, don't look now, but prince charming is sitting right behind you," Alya said. 
"What?! What?! You are effin kidding me!" Jenna whispered.
"Hahaha! Jen, he looks gooooood!" Dalal giggled
Jassim heard the laughter, turned around, and to his surprise it was Jenna! He got up off his seat and walked over to her.
Part 2!!
Part 3 to come soon:)


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