Wednesday, June 24, 2009

StarBucks Fairytale {Part 1}

Hii Everyone(: My first blog.. I hope this works! :'D

Every girl in the universe has this silly, cheesy, cute fantasy wedding and life set up for her in her mind.. It what makes every girl think of her knight in shinning armor.. Of her life with him.. Of her life after going to school and everything.. Jenna was the girl that seemed so shy and so quiet, but her friend knew her better than that! ;p She was the girl that was noisy and loud and hyper 24/7! But if only people would give her the time of day and not judge too fast..
In her mind, Jenna had this perfect picture of the man she wanted to be with.. Tall, handsome, clean shave, dimpled smile, tanned body, muscular, someone that can keep her safe when she felt vulnerable. She thought of keeping her heart locked up all her life until the day HE would come, because she knew from her friends experiences that the first love is the one that hurts most when you lose them, the ones that can give you hope to everything. So she kept her heart locked up, and every guy that wanted it, she would blow him off. But things were about to change for her.. 
She walked into StarBucks, her black skinny jeans hugging her perfect curves, her white breezy shirt complimented her collarbone and her gold necklace that had her name perfectly written on it sat right on the middle of her chest. She wore her black patent Christian Louboutin pumps, because well every girl knows, a pair of perfect heels can give a girl all the confidence she needs. And her white Chanel purse gave her the perfect finish. Her hair was long, brown, and curly. Her eyes were perfectly drawn with black liquid liner, but she never took it over board, they lined the top of her lids in a retro way. Her cheeks were a rosy pink, and her lips, a peachy pink to compliment her perfectly full lips, and her white vivid smile was shining brighter than the sun, and that caught his eye the moment she walked in. 

He was calmly sitting down with his best friend working on their presentation. Minding his own business and making fun of the girl that were sitting in the corner of the cafe with all the make-up in the world slathered on their face, every color you can dream of mixed together and slathered on. They were like a half dozen of cheap Barbie dolls, fake. Just plain, FAKE. Wearing clothes that just made their bodies look so silly you couldn't help but laugh at the sight of them. All six girls were wearing about the same things.. Red tank tops, with cropped jean jackets - and well doesn't everyone know those were YEARS ago?! :p - white jeans, and neon pink pumps. They looked plain ridiculous.. But when she walked in, with that smile shining bright, and her bubbly giggle, he couldn't resist the urge to stare.. Khaled followed Jassim's eyes and saw exactly what he was staring at.. 
"Jassim, yo man, are you okay..?" Khaled asked
"Huh? Oh yeah, yeah, fine!" Jassim quickly answered.
"You don't seem fine.. She caught you didn't she?" Khaled said and jerked his head in Jenna's way.. 
Jassim laughed and said, "Haha, yeah.. Who is she..?" 
"Go and ask fool!" Khaled told him.

Jassim got up and walked Jenna's way.. She was ordering her drink..
"Hii! Umm.. Can I please have one Ice Caramel Mochiato? And you Alooya? What do you want..?" Jenna asked her best friend
"I think I'll have the same.." Alya smiled and replied. 
"That will be 3KD 650" The Indian cashier answered. 

She opened up her purse to get her wallet out and pay, she took out a 5KD bill to pay, and at her attempt 20KD's fell out of her wallet. Jassim bent down, picked it up, and handed it to her. She looked him in the eye, blushed, and took it from his hand. She couldn't help but remember how his smile looked.. A dimpled smile.. And how his hand felt, soft and warm.. 
"Thank you," She said
"Anytime" Jassim replied and winked at her. 

Jenna and Alya sat right across the room from them.. Jenna and Jassim couldn't stop stealing glances at each other.. Little did she know what was on his mind.. 


There you go!!!
Part 1(:



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