Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stupid In Love. Part 2.

7abaybiiiii! Adrii I didn’t post something in a while, and I’m sorry! Bes lihait with school and all that! Bes I promise to post.

I’ve gotten a few likes! And I’m soo glad you guys like it!

I FINALLY have a title! It’s..

Stupid In Love.

Yessssss, stupid in love..

I’m going to keep telling you what happened next.. So here we go.




“Bal 3alaichhhhhhhh!!! 3ain ma 9alat 3ala il nibiiiiiiiii!!!!” I got an IM from Jawa

What was she talking about?

I was confused.


“Ha, shfeech?” I asked

“7achaitaaa!” She said

“Eee, o0 sh9ar?! :p” I sent

“He went, ‘Jawa tara ana adrii mita il bint ma gamat it7ibnii o0 matabeenii’ blah blah blah!” She replied, “o0 ba3dain galii, ‘tell your friend that picked up I say hii’ :p wtf, shfee hatha?” She asked

“LOOOOOOL!!! Min 9ijich!?” I asked her

“Eeee! Hahahaha xp 3ainich m9eeba!” She sent

“MASAWAIT SHAY! A9lan ma kint abeeh! I was just kidding!” I replied

“LOOOOL! Well it happened. Yala plan? ;)” She asked

“LOL! Okayyy;)” I replied

and that’s when it all started..


I got off MSN and started studying, staying in contact with Jawa about our “plan”. So it went that I add him on MSN, see how things go from there, and let it progress.

The next day, me and Jawa kept talking at school, and decided that when she gets back home, she’ll check if he’s online, and then I’ll do my job.


“Haa?! Is he online?! :p” I asked

“EEE!!” she replied

“Email baby. ;)” I said

“!@#$%$#^@hotmail.com” She sent

“YES! Ahahah:p wanasaaaaaa, ba9eer shay6anaaaaa (6)” I said

“Intay dayman shai6ana!” She teased

“Shh! Let me do my job baby! ;)” I warned

I added na9er, and within seconds he accepted.

Yummaaaaaa. I told myself.

“Hii, who is this?” He IMed.

“Hii, I’m Jawa’s friend, I picked up the phone yesterday..” I said, “you can delete me if you want..” I told him.

“No, it’s okay.” He told me

“Where did you get my email?” He asked

“I got on Jawa’s email and I got your email, because you sounded like you were mad or something, china you’re disappointed I answered..” I told him

“Ahaa..” He said

We kept talking and I asked if Jawa did anything that might’ve got him mad and his reply shocked me.

“Whatever me and Jawa have going on isn’t anyone’s business.” Is what he said.

Wtf? I asked myself.

I didn’t even answer him! I was in too much shock!

I decided to get offline and start studying because I really didn’t want my mom to take my laptop away.. :/

“I gtg, I’ll talk to you later I guess, if you need anything just ask.” I said

“Okay, if you need anything call me.” He said

I laughed, I fucking laughed.

“Lol, I don’t have your number.” I said

“Ya, right.” He said

“Anyway, I don’t talk to guys on the phone unless I trust them with my life, sorry.”  I said

“No it’s okay.” He said

I got off, and called Jawa;

“MARA7 IT9ADGEEEEEEEN!!!!!!” I screamed into the phone

“SHNO?!” She asked

“He wanted to give me his number.” I said.



To be continued. I hope you liked it! I know it’s not long, bes 7adii mareetha o0 ta3bana, I just wanted to post something so I don’t leave you guys hanging:*

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I love you!



  1. Ma7ib nassr. khays. maleq!
    other than that, I likeeeeeeeeeeeey postyyy:). post soon:*

    Zarh:* TWINTICH!

  2. madry laish bas i don't like him....

  3. shino 9arr between her and na9eer oo jawa?!
    love the post next post:*

  4. YAAAAAAYYY !! Allaaaaaaah I love diiis baby! Akhh yebtayy every freakin detail 3adelll ahahah xp

  5. i wanna knw wht happensss between themm? yalla can't wait for the next postt love u <3

  6. heyy sweety i'm a silent reader that doesnt like to comment bas i will comment 3ahsan Zarh
    please continue ;p

  7. hey hun ;*

    i haven't read ur story yet but i'm going to...
    Zarh told me about ur story and I can't wait to read it...guess i'm the 7th comment? so 3ashan ur readers and myself :P post the third :P

    oh and i've started a new story check it out


  8. I just started to read your stroy, and I have to admit:

    It's amazing!

    - Momii ;*