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"I'm determined." Part 29

2 posts in 1 day! xD

Okay, here’s part 29. And since a lot of people including my best friend says stop at 30, I’m going to stop at 30. I’ll make it smooth don’t worry;)



First off, I read a comment from an Anonymous - I know I don’t reply to comments, but it doesn’t mean I don’t read ‘em! I do! - So Anonymous, first off, I didn’t mean it to be ina i3yal ACA ma9khara, awalan my cousins are in ACA. The point I had it in that way is because, I wanted it to be seem like they both went to the same school, both graduated the same year, and not once did they run into each other at any thing. And THAT was the point of it. Ana mo 8a9dii ina ohma ma9khara, it’s supposed to be a romantic thing! To me, and to other readers IT IS. Itha it’s not to you, I’m sorry honey, it was meant to be.

So, just wanted to clear that up. I’m going to keep writing, post 29 babies! :*



They walked back to his car, but before they got in, he got a hold of her wrist.

He got a hold of it and pulled her close to him, he gently kissed her lip, then whispered in her ear,

“Jenna, I’m not going to play around with you, you drive me crazy, I want you, o0 ra7 athbitlich.. Just wait..” he kissed her cheek and walked to the drivers side of the car.

She let his words swim around her mind like little tadpoles trying to find their way out of the lake. She walked to the passenger seat and climbed in, and they headed to her house.

Ra7 yathbitlee.. What does he mean by that? She asked herself. She finally decided to let it go.

“3aboudii, shaghil il radio” She blinked

“7a6’er! ‘3alii w’il 6alab ir5eeeee9!” He winked

“Hehe, thank you baby” She said

“aaaaaah ya galbiiii!” He said and placed his hand on his heart like it actually hurt

“Salamat galbik!” She said and kissed his cheek

They got to her house and Jenna saw Marzougs’ car outside. She looked at 3abdallah with tears in her eyes.

“Imshay..” He told her, “I’m with you.” He held onto her hands.

She held onto his hand and squeezed tightly. They walked in and she let go of his hand indicating she can take care of this.

“Hey babyyyy!” Marzoug said and walked to Jenna

“wa5ir 3anii.” She said coldly

“Ha, Janouya shfeech?” He asked her

“Shfeenii?! Inta ilee feeni!” She screamed

“Ha, JENNA LAT9AR5EEN!” He yelled

“7ARAM 3ALAY O0 7ALAL 3ALAIK?!” She shot back

He walked towards her raising his hands wanting to slam her to the ground. 3abdallah ran towards them and held Marzougs hand

“MARZOUG LA2.” 3abdallah said, “Mo rijoula it6ig bint.” He said trying to act like he’s his friend.

Marzoug lowered his hand and walked away stopping on his way out.

“I should’ve known you’d hurt me and leave me again. This is the last time I’ll ever come back to you.” And with that, he left her life for good.

She looked at 3abdallah and ran to him,

“Don’t worry baby, I’m here. And I’m staying.” He kissed the crown of her head as he held her tight in his strong arms.

Jenna started to tremble with every tear that came down, and it broke his heart, it broke it so bad that he made his choice; he knew exactly what to do. And he was going to do it. No matter what people said.

Jenna fell asleep in his arms, he carried her up to her room, slowly tucked her into bed, and wrote a note for her to see as soon as she woke up;

“To my love,

You fell asleep o0 galbii ma 6awa3nii aga3dich;* I have to go for a bit, I’ll be here tomorrow morning 7abeebtii.

I promised you I’ll never leave you, and I won’t ever leave you. I’ll see you in the morning, and start cooking la2na I have something planned;)






PS: You look like an Angel asleep;p ;* “

And with that, he left to get his plan done.

He drove home as fast as the traffic would let him. And when he got home he found his parents in the living room.

“yuma, yuba.” He said

“Ha yuma, shfeek?!” His mother said shocked, the boy was panting!

“Mafeenii shay, bes abee agoulikum shay..” He told them

“Goul yuba” His father urged him to go on

“Abee a56ib..” He said

“Hathee il sa3a limbarika yuma!” His mother said excited

“o0 mno sa3eedat il 7a6’?!” His father asked

“Jenna Il Flaniya” He told them

“Obouha Mbarak il Flani?” His father asked

“Eee yuba! 3arafta?!” He asked excited

“Akeed a3arfa! Ma3ay bil dawam!” He told his son

“Yuba tikfa! 7acha! Abii binta! Mabeeha itrou7 minii!!!!!!” He begged his father

“7a6’er yuba, bacher adig 3alaih o0 agoula..” His father smiled

“Mashkour! Allah i5aleeliyak!” He kissed his fathers head, “a7ibich yal ‘3alya!” He said and kissed his mothers head

He ran to his room knowing she would soon be his. He fell asleep thinking of her being his wife and a smile on his face..








“3ABDALLAHHHH!!!” His father yelled

“Hala yuba!” He said running downstairs

“Bil imbarak inshallah” His father said

“7achaita?!” He asked

“7achaita, o0 sa2el binta, o0 wafi8at..” He smiled

He ran to his father, kissed his head, ran to his mother, kissed her head, and ran out of the head with his mother screaming “Wain rayi7777?!” In the distance

He drove to Jenna’s house and rang her doorbell, she opened her door, and he scooped her up in his arms and twirled her around, both of them laughing in synchronized laughter.

He put her down and asked her,

“bit9eereen 7alaly?” He asked her

“Mhmm” She nodded

“a7ibich” he said and kissed her

“o0 ana a7ibik” she said after he pulled away

They spent the whole day together, talking, and being complete fools, Jenna never had someone that she could be herself around but her friends, and now the man she planned to spend her whole life with, is becoming her best friend..

2 months after that day, imlichaw, so now she was his. They went out every minute they could, they went to Uni together, they did everything together.

Until one day, it hit Jenna.

A7iba.. A7iba.. She thought. He was there for me through the toughtes. And now, all this time together, it only made us get closer.. He’s the one that’ll be there for me through thick and thin. I don’t want him to slip away from me, I don’t want to lose him.. Forever, he’ll be mine, and I’ll be his..


And the preperation for the rest of her life began..

The wedding dress, the 8a3a, the singers, the food, EVERYTHING. It had to be perfect, for the perfect life, for the perfect boyfriend, for the perfect future husband, and for the best future father of her children.



Okay! So part 29! xD

There you go! :* I’ll try writing post 30 the minute I can! A7ibkum! And tell me what you think! :*

I love youuuuuuu<3



  1. i still love marzoug!! madry laish bess a7iba!!
    loved the post!!:D next post please!!:D

  2. Now you can talk to me:p.
    ILOVEYOU AND 3ABDULLAH! Which is mine:$.
    I loveeeeeeee the story wallah:*
    The writer gave it a BLING BLING that made it awsomely written and explained(:
    My happiness is inexplicable. Seriously.

  3. i think u shud reply to the comments, that way ull get more and we'll feel like we are interacting with the author herself ;)

    thanks.. love ur POSTS!!!

  4. Anon: I will start commenting back;) And thank you! :* I'm glad you're liking them! x)

  5. Rawan: The perfect guy huh? ;p Bad boy, yet prince charming;p