Thursday, November 19, 2009

My precious precious readers..

To my precious, PRECIOUS readers.. 

I know it's taking a while posting new posts, but please bear with me.. Part 2, I asked for 7 comments and then I'll post a new post, well yes, I will post a new post after 7 comments, but if it takes longer, please bear with me, la2na the memories of all this hurt.. 
I'm over Na9er and everything, but thinking about the past opens up old wounds.. 
Fa as2alkum you bear with me.. 
I promise I'll keep posting until you get the full story, bes if it should take longer than usual, well it3arfoun laish.. 

a7ibkum.. Words CANNOT describe how much I love you ALL


1 comment:

  1. weee LOVE you tooo::*** <3
    inshalah yoou post soon. and even if it hurts its better and much much eaiser if you let it all out!