Friday, November 20, 2009

"Maynouna.." Stupid In Love. Part 3.

Part 3.

Wow, this is helping me let go even more, you guys don’t even know. It’s making moving on SO MUCH easier! Because this way, I can know what YOU guys would do if you went through what I’m going through..

Thank you all for your on going support, through maybe the toughest time of my life.  

This post is dedicated to Zarh, thank you ya ba3ed 3umrii for EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Twinitii<3


“SHNO?!” She asked

“He wanted to give me his number.” I said.

“WTF! What is wrong with that dude?!” She asked

“LOL!” I said

“Min 9ijaaa?! He just fucking met you! Mo minii wi6ireej he gives you his number!” She protested

“Don’t worrrryy! Ma 3a6aita raqmii! I said I don’t give my number out unless I trust them with my life”

“Ee, good.” She said

We started laughing and planning our next move.


Na9er and me kept talking like normal, well normal to me, I was the one that would start the convo, the dude would blow me off? Yea, that’s what he later called it, blowing me off. I NEVER NOTICED IT. Every time we would talk for a few minutes or something, he would tell me he’s going to get off to get some sleep, it was 3adii to me, since I do that too.


Things started warming up between me and him, we used to talk daily, I started to know him better, I knew when his birthday is, I knew he had sibling, and all that.

Once, I was reading a blog, I was reading Outspokenly actually;

“What are you doing?” He asked me

“Reading (a)” I told him

“Reading what?” He asked

“A blog..” I said

“Ahaa. Did you know my ex wrote a blog about me?” He told me

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”  I asked shocked

“Loool ya” he said, amused I think

“I wanna read!” I said, I remember my how I felt then, I wanted to know how he acted, I wanted to know how he looked like, how he treated her, all those little details. I was DYING to know! And now, ironically enough, now there’s two blogs about him.. I know what mine is about, but what’s HERS?

“Looooool I forgot what it’s called” he told me

“Okay, how do you know it’s about you anyway?”  I asked him

“Someone told me.” He said

“Ohh okay” I said

“Inzain, ana barou7 anam, tabeen shay?” He asked

“La2 salamtik” I told him

“Ok, gnight” he said

“Night!” I told him

and his pm changed to “Nayim;*”

I decided to get off and start studying, since I REALLY wanted to bump my GPA higher than it was last year, la2na last year AHMALT.

I switched my phone to silent, and I started on my school work. I just started my Algebra homework when my mom walked in.

“Maisa?!” She called

“Na3am?” I turned to look at her, since I was on the ground doing my homework

“Yala goumay badlay” she said

“al7een?!” I asked

“Ee, yala goumay! Bnitfa6ar ib fin6as ilyoum, yala goumay” She told me and left

“Okayyy..” I frowned

Fin6as bait yadii min 9oub omii.. o0 I LOVED going there, I’m so close with that side,  my cousin is 2 years younger than me, and we’ve been through a lot together, so there is where I feel most at home, other than my place..

I wore my dara3a, and heels since my dara3a was long:/ I parted my hair to the left and I was ready to go!

I joined my family in my daddy’s car and we drove off.. For that time, Na9er never used to occupy my innocent brain, he was not even a speck in that brain.

Well not innocent, INNOCENT, I knew stuff, I had friends that are older I mean come on, manii bint i9gheera yahil ma afham! I told y’all, I’m sometimes the mama of the group!

After fi6our, I came home and finished my studies, showered, and got online, he was online but I didn’t bother talking to him. I was ADDICTED to FarmVille then, so I just kept playing, my eyes started to burn, so I got up, and decided to crash for the night..

Next day at school was a normal one, not dramatic or anything.. I just told Jawa about A7med, he was this random dude that commented on whatever I commented on Jawa’s profile on facebook, some what weird.. I told Jawa Je t’aime, and he asked me if I spoke French, and I was like yeaaaah! I do! My profile is on the top of it’s privacy, you can’t add me, look at my pictures, or even contact me in any way, I can add you and contact you. So he asked me to add him, and I was like, lol sure.

He was a flirt.. I’m a flirt too lil2asef.. Mu 3ala kaifiii! I do it without even wanting to do it! I laugh sometimes and it ends up being flirty! I talk, or say something, and they say I’m flirting! I don’t MEAN it to be that way!

I remember us being in Geography, me and Jawa were writing notes, yes yes, how 11 year old of us, but we couldn’t talk! Even when we were sitting right next to each other, we’ve got boys and big mouths all around us!

“Btw, A7med is Na9er’s cousin” she wrote

“WHAT?!” I scribbled down, “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!” I kept writing very fast

“Yup, but they don’t talk anymore, something happened.” She said

“What?!” I asked

“I’ll tell you later” She wrote

I turned and looked at her, and she mouthed later, I glared at her, and she mouthed BA3DAIN.

Grrr, I WANT to know! Patience isn’t a good trait of me.. I know I know.. Bad.

The bell rang, and I ran out of class and pulled Jawa the minute she came out,

“SPILL!” I said

“Na9er is stupid, he threw a bitchy fit over the fact that a7med didn’t invite him to his graduation, maskeen he only had a certain number to invite, o0 he had people..” She frowned

“Ola, shda3wa?” I asked and looked at her from the top of my eyes

“Yuuuuuuuup!” She said and we walked

“Yeah, look I have deen, ashoufkum ta7et.” I told them

“Yeah, okay baby” she said and we kissed each other’s cheeks

I went upstairs and dropped my back off, I went to the bathroom to fix my hair and wondered what the fuck was up with na9er?! Mu ma3qula! He’s 16! Not 6! He won’t throw a fit over that! Would he? Well I would soon find out..

3eid was coming around.. Which means, shocking people time!

Okay, I’m going to sort of explain my looks to you..

I have naturally brown curly hair, it’s pretty unique, mo 3an ina yay me, bes seriously, you’d know me in public from looking at the back of my head.. Yes, THAT unique! I have almond shaped eyes, not big, nor small, light brown eyes, a straight curvy nose, and some what full lips, and I had perfect eye brows, mo lazem a7ifhum is what people say.. Yet ana abiiiii! L

I have curves, MAJOR curves, type that make boys follow me around.. Bes I’m not skinny, I eat like a goddamn pig! Bes also I’m not fat, la2na I’m VERY athletic! Lets just say Jawa makes fun of me.. She compares Louis the XIII to me! His legs anyway:/ 7mara!

I’m pretty damn tall for a girl, almost 170:/ a6wal min oboy:p

So 3eid was coming, and I had NOTHING to wear! So shopping time with mommy! x)

I went shopping with my mama and little brother, I was psyched at how I was going to drop jaws! And Indeed I did..

Everyone tells me inee jameela o0 7ilwa and pretty and beautiful and all that, bes sometimes ma ashoufa! I really don’t! I mean come on, put yourself in my place, I had this best friend, that I won’t call ugly, bes 7imdella w’ishiker, un-attractive.. Lemn we go out together, guys follow HER, not me! They flirt with HER! Not me! Maybe her body? Since she’s skinny, bes almost no boobs, o0 mako womanly features and all that.. So see, ironically enough, the “pretty”, “7ilwa”, “jameela”, “beautiful” girl everyone see’s I don’t see.. Do you get what I mean now? So yeah.. a9lan shakait ib 3oumrii o0 I asked my mom if she saw me as pretty.. Yupp.. Insecure.

So yes, 3eid, ri7t 3ayadt o0 all that, I came home at around 6 or something and had to start packing la2na binrou7 il shalaih.. I got everything done, and went online.

“3eedik mbarak!” I told him

“ayamich sa3eeda” he replied

I didn’t have him on facebook yet.. So this is what happened next..

“Send me your pics:p” He told me

“LOL! Yeah, inshallah..”  I told him

“I’m serious” He said

“Okayyyy, when you send me your pics I’ll send you mine, DEAL?! xD” I asked him

“looool okay” he said

and started sending pics

Shittt! Ay pics I send!? My pics kila ib 7afar! I broke my cam so I don’t have pics san3een ila min Photo Booth! And they’re all of me in 7afar or PJ’s!

GOT IT!!!!!  I had pics of Jawa, 3anoud, and me from the weekend before or something! I looked cute, so why not?! I send him some, and he sent me some..

“That’s 5alid ilee ma3ay, he’s the friend I’m always with” he told me

“cool!”  I said

Wow, his lips mal bous! I told myself

Keep in mind, I’ve NEVER had my first kiss! I was 7adiiiiiiiiii baree2a! Never did I get physical with a boy! NEVER! Flirting is as far as it would go.

I giggled to myself, why the hell was I lusting for this boy when ma3jibatnii his actions ma3ay?!  :/

“Don’t show my pics to anyone!:p”  I told him

“Loool don’t worry” He said

“I’m serious..” I told him

“Who the fuck am I going to show it to!?” He fumed

“I don’t know, I’m just asking you not to..” I said

“I won’t.” He said

I was on facebook and got on Jawa’s friends, take the goddamn risk and add him Maisa! I told myself, and so, I clicked add to friends..

“Well, I gtg now;(“ I said

“Okay 3ayal” he said

“I’ll talk to you soon inshallah! Later! Tc! :*” I said

“Inshallah, you too;**” he sent

I turned the laptop off and got my iPod and other stuff with me..

The night before it though, me and A7med were talking, and we were good friends.. We wanted to exchange numbers and omii itfatish:/ So I remembered I had another line! Kan 3indii 5a6 thanii!! 5a6 ahalii ma kanaw yadroun ina 5adamtii sharatliyah! YES! SCORE!!!!!

“Digeega! I got it!” I told a7med

“Ok:P” He replied

 I called my nanny and asked for the other phone, I plugged the sim card into my iPhone, and I was good to go!

“Got it! ;)” I told him

“Shno?” He asked

I explained and gave him my number

“Shai6ana!” He teased

“Adrii!” I said

I was going to get my hair done and he called, his voice was 5ASHIN! Ya3nii itha a7ed 9adnii, MATARAGA3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hii, huh, ee, was sorta how it went, and then he had to go, and I did too. SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can breathe.

Now back to youm il 3eid.

So I went to shalaih and Na9er wasn’t on my mind.. YET.

I liked talking to him, he was funny and all, madrii irti7tla..

Next day, I got online min mobilee, yet it was dying, we talked for a bit, and then I went;

“FUCK! My phone’s dying!”

“Oh, a7acheech ba3dain 3ayal” He said

“Call me if you need anything!” I said

“I don’t have your number;p” Is what he replied

“Oops 9a7! Here, 97******” I gave it, maynouna o0 3a6aita.

“Here’s mine, text me or something” He said

“you have mine just text me and say it’s na9er, 5ala9! I have to go it’s dyingggggg!” I punched into my phone

“Looool! Okay” he said

I charged my phone o0 I went downstairs. I left my “private” phone in my underwear drawer

When I came back up to check on my phoneS, emphasis on the “s”, I found a text from A7med.

Galbii 6a7 ib 9irwalii..



THERE YOU GO!!! A LOOOOOOOOOOOONG PART 3!!!!! Adrii it’s been a while since I posted a long post, but I had a lot of spare time on my hands(a)

Hope you likeeeeeeeee!!

I love you all! And again, thank you for the on-going support!



PS: I think you girls are going to fall in love with Na9er later.. ;) 


  1. YUSSSSS !! A post finally;*! LOOL Louis VIII ! I loved the post.. Seriously .. another cliffhanger? Your killing is here, Juju! Keep 'em coming babe;*!

  2. I just started your blog and its amazing !!!

    Post soon love :*
    Hooked .

  3. walla 9ij?
    7elfaaaaaaaaaay? then im not gonna tell you shno soso labsa:p. ilyom:p.

    Post soon:*
    And thanks for the dedication ;). and mentioning my blog name;*

  4. OMG your story is amazing wallah
    i love your writing mashallah!!

    i'm not commenting because Zarh said so
    but seriously your story is worth commenting on!!!!

    ;** please continue!!

  5. Alvaro: Will do baby! Will do! :*
    Honeylove: I'm soo happy that you do! and inshallah a new post soon!
    Zarh: 7ayatiii;* For twinitii, anything;*
    Darliam: Thank youuuu! :* and 3ashanich, I'll keep going:*

    Thank you for your support! <3

  6. Loveeee it!
    Post asap, got addicted;p hehe
    God, I hate it when girls get shya6een:(
    we get our hearts broken, but the guys are okay with everything.. PSHT!

  7. im new to ur blog and i love the story...yalla next post pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez....i like a7med madri laish hahaha...na9er ana lail7een 5aifa minah

  8. N: I know right, we get hurt, and they don't care;( I'll post soon inshallah! And I'm happy you're loving it! :*
    Nawarii: 7ayach to my blog love;* Next post tomorrow inshallah, if I get the chance:* You'll find out how they both are soon;)