Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I'll never break your heart.." Part 28

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“Jenna, abii agoulich shay..” He told her

“Goul..” she said

“Tara Marzoug isn’t with his father.. “ He informed her

“Huh?” She asked confused

“Marzoug mo ma3a oboh.. Oboh ma yi7taj shay.. A9lan oboh imsafir.. Marzoug 6ali3..” He told her, keeping out one important point.

“6ali3? 3abdallah, wallah 7adii confused al7een, sh8a9dik?” Jenna asked him

“YA JENNA FIHMAY!!” 3abdallah blurted as he jumped off his truck, “MARZOUG IS FUCKING CHEATING ON YOUUUU!!!” He screamed

“Sh-sh-shno?” she asked tears stinging her eyes

“I’m sorry I blurted this out, but he’s cheating on you.. I’m telling you la2na intay you deserve someone so much better than him! Adree he’s your cousin o0 all that, bes when you guys ‘broke up’ as kids he never got over it o0 he thought kil wa7da ra7 tijra7a nafs ma jara7tee wihwa 9gheer.. Fa I guess he resorted to being a bad guy..” He explained

“Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD!” She screamed and broke down in his arms

“Shh..” He comforted her

“Laish ana?! Laish ana?! Jassim, Marzoug, who’s next?! YOU?!” She screamed and pulled away looking at him

“La2, I won’t hurt you..” He whispered to her

“Promise me..” she looked into his eyes

“I’d rather die than hurt you, I promise you..” He comforted her

She held onto him with her life, like he was the one that’ll pull her through this.. And without her knowing, he slowly was..  3abdallah decided he would be her friend for now, help her through this, check up on her when she needed checking up, call her when she needed someone to talk to, hang out with her if she needed some fun, he would do whatever he could just to make her world that much brighter, even if just a wee bit, he was going to do so..

“Tabeen namshii?” He asked her when she calmed down

“La2.. Can we stay just a little bit longer?” She asked him quietly

“Akeed, laish la2.. “ He told her, “Tabeen ingoum namshii 3al ba7ar and you can talk about whatever you want..” He told her

“Eee, a7sanlii..” She said

“Yalla goumay..” He said as he stood up and held her hand


They started to walk, and Jenna started talking..

“Three years ago, 7abait wa7id.. o0 7baita with every nerve in my body.. 3a6aita dinyitee, ilee yabii kint a36eeh.. He was 18, o0 ana 16.. kil shay kan yabeenii asawii kint asaweeh.. a5rat’ha tadree shno sawa..? “ She asked him

“Shno?” He asked her

“He proposed to a girl I knews’ sister.. He started avoiding me, lemn adig, he won’t answer, lemn adizla message, ma kan irid.. I felt like my whole world crashed around me.. Slowly, little by little.. I fixed my once broken heart, o0 I stayed away from these love thingyy’s.. “ She explained

“Ouch..” He said

“You’re a guy and you said ouch.. Shit’haga ana agoul?” She asked him

“Madrii shagoulich, the only thing I know is that he didn’t deserve you.. “ He told her

She looked at him and he started explaining

“Jenna, you’re a girl that a million guys would want, you have a heart of gold, 3umrii ma shift wa7da mithlich, jamal o0 a5la8 o0 kil shay, all in one. Itha ohwa ma 8adar 8eemtich, intay la tafri6’een nafsich 3alaih, 5aleeh OHWA yil7igich.. o0 talking about my self, I swear, I’d run after you like a dog. 7atan law tafri6’een nafsich 3alay, mako a7sen minich yafri6’ nafsa 3alai, o0 it won’t even be like that, it’ll be me throwing myself at you! Il ghaly ghaly o0 il zain yafri6’ nafsa.. o0 intay, ghalya..” He told her

Without thinking she threw her hands around his neck and kissed him, she kissed him with every ounce of power she had left, she allowed her lips to shock his lips, her tongue to taste his lips, as his tongue tasted her mouth, she left his tongue to slowly leads it’s way into her mouth, it’s started slow and slowly increased in tempo.. Strong and passionate. And that kiss was the kiss that probably sealed the deal for them.

They both pulled away and slowly opened their eyes, Jenna licked her lips and looked away, shy she initiated that. 3abdallah looked at her with passion and love shining from his eyes.

“3indii shay thanii agoulich iyah..” He told her

“Hmm?” she asked

“A7ibich..” He said, “min youm shiftich wiya Marzoug, I knew you’d be the one for me, and I fell in love with you. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when I saw you, I did.. Because well, I fell in love with you when I first saw you..” He smiled

“Wow.. Madrii shagoulik..” she said still appalled

“Give me a chance, o0 let me prove it to you, I’ll never leave you, I’ll never hurt you, itha you want me to prove it to you that I love you, bacher a7achii ahalii 3ashan they talk to your parents, they minute they get back I want you to be called mine.” He told her

“Ola, 3abdallah la shda3wa.. I’ll give you a chance.. “ She told him and kissed his cheek

“Do you mean it?!” His eyes shone

“La2, I don’t. AKEED I DO!” She laughed as she saw his eyes turn from happiness, to heartbreak, to an ultimate ecstasy.

They walked back to his car, but before they got in, he got a hold of her wrist.

He got a hold of it and..



To be continued! I hope you guys like it!


I’m thinking should I end it at part 30 and start  new story willa tabounii akamil? I need your opinions!

I love y’allll!!! ;*



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  1. ya stop at 30 cos its starting to get really long... i want to read the true story eheh... sounds interesting!... keep it up (:


  2. i still love marzoug!!
    ma7ib 3abdallah!!
    loved the post !!:D next post please!!:D

  3. hi im in aca girls def3a 07, who r u? are u 07 or 06 or 08

  4. I'm gnna comment back to y'all! :p
    Anon (Me): I'll stop at 30, and trust me, I think you'll like the new story;p and thank you 7ayatii;* For y'all I will(:
    Identity: Ahah, 7abaitee min galb!:p Next post is up;)
    Anon: Hii, 7ubii, this is fiction;p it's not true, I'm not in ACA, nor is the character a real person, it's just all fiction, I cleared up why I chose ACA(:

    Hope you like post 29! :*


  5. Why did u choose aca i didnt get it?

  6. Anon: I chose ACA well because I know it's a very strict school, &the interaction with boys ad girls won't happen. Ya3nii imagine this; you're in a segregated school, and interactions with boys rarely happens, you find out the girl or boy you want, the one you love, studied in the same school you did! But you didn't know it until you opened up your heart to them, how would that make you feel? You'll be SO happy! You'll be smiling just thinking about it.. That's why I chose it, 3ashan it has a sentimental purpose(:
    Hope it cleared things up! :*