Thursday, November 26, 2009

Followers, &readers.

Dear Followers and Readers,
If you have noticed, there's been an "anonymous" commenting saying "M A 9 K H A R A", please don't pay attention to them, as I'll be deleting all their comments. Yes, to the Anonymous, I'll be deleting your comments. Itha you're really as old as you are or anything o0 mo 5ayfeen min shay, you'd actually say what you want to say from your account. And if you think my story is "Ma9khara", why are you getting on my blog? To do what? To read more apparently. 
I suggest you grow up and stop wasting my time. Thank you for your opinion. :)

Readers and Followers, I'm sorry if that person has been a bother to you, thank you for your time, and I hope you like the story:*



  1. I think your blog is amazing and i honestly read everything in like a day. yes, i have no life :P but honestly, malech shi8el min these weird people. again, your blog is truly amazing.

  2. 6anshaaaaaaaaaaaaaai... enjoy ur blog honey

    kil 3am wenti ib5air

  3. 3ashat !!!
    7athreen itha feha Husha ;).

  4. zarh latistaqwiyeen 3al bayikh wayid 3alaich hal 7arakat intay wayid mistaqwiya! ee ou whoever wrote that 9a7 kalamhom! inshallah ma akalim wa7id dag 3ala rifeejty ou kan m3a9ib! seriously?

  5. Anonymous;;

    Shfeech 7a66a doobech doob Zarh?! Etha mo 3ajbech el blog then why in fuck's sake are you even here? ;)

    Entay wa7da ma3endech 7ayat. JAD. Mo 3ajbech leblog KAIFECH! RAYECH! LATEGRAIN EL BLOG! Nas thanyeen imkabreen 3agelhoum, ou they're reading the blog for their own sake.

    So seriously, this place ain't for you.