Monday, December 7, 2009


Hii my loves,
I'm sorry, I know I haven't posted for a while, bes I'm REALLY busy and I'm going through a REALLY tough time(Personal stuff)..
Currently, I can't get on a laptop much.. So I talked to my best friend which I'm sure you all know, Alvaro, and she said she'll be happy to post my posts for me.. So inshallah I'll be writing them on paper and handing them to her, bes you guys probably won't get something for like a week or two.. Exams lil2asef..

At this very moment, my mood is sooo bad! I feel like crying. It3arfoun lemn it7isoun ina kil shay min 7oulkum bi6ee7 fougkum, you can't focus on a thing at all? Yeah, that's what I'm feeling..

Another thing. The story isn't getting as much feedback as I thought it would.. Madrii, should I stop? It takes a long time for me to writing something, so if you guys don't like it.. I'll stop.. I'll summarize it in one post, end it, o0 5ala9. If you like it, the story will be going on for a while..

Fa please tell me, and make it easier for me.. Keep going or stop?

Please keep in mind, inspiration is failing me, o0 I'm feeling like I'm writing by force, o0 I hate that.. It's like I'm obliged to keep writing. I love writing for all of you, bes when I don't see that you like it, or what you want to see, I can't keep going.. Long story short, you guys feed me the inspiration to write..

Fa again,
should I keep writing or stop all at once?

I love you all! :*
I'm sorry if I don't post for a while, but shasawii.. times are tough, o0 brou7ii karha 3eeshtii al7een.. So yeah..

I love you!



  1. KEEP WRITING U DUMMY;@ ! Don't you dare stop! And yeah girl, I know what your going through.. TOTALLY.. believe me.


    LISTEN TO UR BEST FRIEND...who has ur back better than ur bff?!!!

    U shouldn't stop doing something u love...I recently read ur first story...i haven't started the the second but soon will :D but based on the first story...

    DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT STOPPING <<-- how's that? :P hahahaha

    i've also started my second story i'm in my 12th post but check it out :P when ur free ;P

  3. Nafs al feeling. Continue don't stop.... 3ashan ur readers....pls.
    I miss you and you don't even know shkithr!!;*