Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hii my loves. I'm sorry to say that I have this really bad writers block. I can't think or write anything. Quality rather than quantity bes I just can't write anything at all:(
To the two anonymous's, thank you for your opinion; bes intaw two min a majority, fa raykum mara7 ihiznee:) I'm glad I can put you to bed, how does it go? Noum il thalim 3ibada? I'm not sure, bes yea, noumkum means you won't hurt others:) So I'm glad I get to do that! :D

For my silent readers and my followers, I think I'm going to go on hiatus. I need the break I think, plus I'm leaving the country for a week or so. Fa it might be good for me.. I'll be sure to come back as soon as this stupid writer block is gone, but for now, I think you're going to have to reminese on my previous posts.. I'm sorry:(
Please la tiz3iloun minii, I love you:*


PS: I don't know if I'll keep writing if "Stupid In Love" or I'll start another story.. But for now, this is what's going to happen.. Again, I'm sorry:*

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  1. Great reply to the fucking anonymouses. WTF is wrong with you guys? 7essaad baby. and makes you go to sleep? sij 7ameer :) o Klaab. I know Im talking slang. bs Kilkom khara :). Thank you;* and malich shighil ib hal ashkal :).