Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stupid In Love. Part 5.

Okay okay. I had the time to write, and I actually felt for writing since a while now.. So here you go.. Stupid In Love part 5;)

Hope you like. :)

"Maisa?" I heard a voice behind me say

At that very second, I clicked the round button at the bottom of my iPhone, slid the lock, punched in my code and hung up all under a minute, possibly under 30 seconds! The lyrics to Silly Boy once again gradually grew louder. And I turned around,

"Na3am?" I said in what was a voice full of innocence once heard, but it was actually filled with terror!
"Mno t7acheen?" My mother asked
"Ma7ed.." I said acting confused
"3ayal ma3a mno ga3da tith7ikeen? Ako a7ed wiyach?" She said looking around
"Haha! La2, ga3da ath7ak 3ala kalimat lighniya!" I smiled
"Aha, okay.." She said and walked away..

That was close! REAL close!

I unlocked the phone, and texted Na9er.
"Sorry! (a) Mom;/"
"3adii;p" Was the reply..

Ma9ar shay..
It was getting chilly and I was dead beat! So I decided to call it a night.. I got up and started walking to my shalaih, using the light from my iPhone as a guide.

I didn't realize I was smiling until I saw my reflection on the shalaih's window. I looked like I was love struck.. but I don't want to be, nor was I love struck! Or was I..?

I don't want to be in a relationship, I was loving being single! I would go out with my girls, see a hottie and know I could flirt, I can fo whatever I wanted to do with no strings attached! THAT was the life..

I climbed the steps up to my bedroom, my warm cozy room.. As I walked to my room, my mom called out,

"Mno?" She asked
"Ana mama!" I said
"Oh, okay.." She replied

I walked into my room, flicked on the lights, closed the door and looked around.. I was alone..

I peered into my closet and pulled out my towels. I walked into my bathroom and took off my clothes, throwing my dirty day old underwear into the dirty basket, and my clothes into a corner in the bathroom. I walked into the shower turned the hot water, then slowly and gradually adding and mixing the cold water with the hot until I got what I was looking for. I allowed the hot water to pour on top of me, to burn my back, and give me goosebumps that had me itching all over. I stayed that way for a few minutes then scrubbed my body down with my Olay Ribbons shower gel.

I washed my hands then texted Na9er,

"I'm going to call it a night, tabee shay?" I asked
"Salamtich, g.n;*" was his reply
"Night;*" again, was mine.

I went back into the shower , washed my body, and turned off the hot water.

When I got out of the shower, I pulled out my earring and inserted it in the slot to pull out my SIM card. I grabbed a piece of tissue and rolled the SIM card in it, ripping the excess sides of tissue paper. I walked into my room and to my Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Speedy bad; I pulled out my red snake skin MiuMiu walled and hid the SIM card in the outer zipper.. Who'll check, right?!

I hopped into my PJ's, crawled into bed and woke up with a smile the next morning. For once in a long time, I slept peacefully.. No one was breaking my heart, no deaths, no worries, just pure bliss..

Today though..

I WOULD BE SEEING JAWA!!!!!!!!!!!! My God I missed her!! I would go over to her cousins shalaih, Basma, since she's with her, I'd have lunch with them, then they'd come over for the rest of the night!

It was pretty formal but no biggie! Once we were done, they packed up and we started for my shalaih. We stopped by Sul6an for RedBull o0 5arabee6na, 3adii, ya3nii it's Shalaih! Hatha 7alata! 5arabee6 o0 3afsa 9a7?!

While in Sul6an, Jawa whispered to me..

"Mimi.. 3aziz ib shalaihkum.."
"SHNO?!" I practically screamed with eyes wide open
"SHHH!" She looked around
"7ilfay!" I laughed
"Wallah!" She giggled
"Shi6ana?!" I wiggled my eyebrows up and down
"Sure!" She wiggled hers

We paid and ran away as soon as we could, mission 3aba6 has begun!

We got to my shalaih and ran to my room to get ready, stopping by my dad kissing him and going,
"Hii baba! Bye baba!" and off to my room with Jawa and Basma

We got into our bikinis, shorts, and tank tops, then down the stairs so I can apply sunblock. Lounii kan 3ajibnii, mabii a7tirig! :p

I squeezed some into my palm and applied it onto my body, squeezed some more into my palm.. Then a blood curling scream left me deaf..


There you go!
This time, I wrote it on paper then on to here.. Better huh?;p

Tell me shraykum!
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  1. im loving this new story! loved the post! next post please! hahaha walla i had a death in my family!:( but im back now!:D

  2. 3atham allah ajrich 7ayatii:* I'm glad your loving it &I'm even happier you're back! You've been missed! :* Don't go missing again! ;p

  3. looooove it!
    Pls post asap..

  4. great post, loved the details...yalla next post

    identity 3atham allah ajrich...

  5. next posttttttttttttttttttttttt...who screamed??

  6. AllAAAAAAAAAAAH! I love this. o mno 3zeez?
    khush post! long. bs I need a longer one. y3ni Im just saying;p.

    thanks for writing 7beebti:*
    Love you:*
    +6 yalla!

  7. Q: ajirna oo ajrich
    hahaha walla i missed you too inshallah i wont!

    nawarii: ajirna oo ajrich

  8. heyy..i used to be a silent reader and i just made an account oo i wanted to say that i love your story;** keep it up:) and pls post soon;*