Saturday, January 2, 2010

My loves!

I'm back in K-Town! :D
I'm so glad to be back! It was a relief to get away min 7ash town:p Bes now I'm back;) Inshallah I'll be writing:) You guys exceeded the 5 comments, and so I'll post two posts in one;) Shraykum?!
But I need to know for twitter, I got 3 in's! 2 more &I'll get a twitter account!
Come on readers, vote vote vote! ;p

I love you all! &Man it's good to be back! :D



  1. ashoof laish il kuwait nawirat:* WB!
    we missed youu!
    post soon pls(a)

  2. Blulilies: Ib wijoudich galbii:* Thank you! :* Wallah I miss you more:* I'm writing my next post;) Inshallah soon;* School started so I'm writing it whenever I have time:( La tiz3iloun minii:*