Friday, January 8, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 6 & 7.

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The blood curling scream that left me deaf was Jawa's.. She screamed because that little bit of sunblock I had in my hand, I slabbered it on her face! :) Yep! I did! ;D

"Ya 7maraaaaaaaaaa!!!" She screamed
I laughed at her reaction and ran, as I ran away I caught a glimpse of something Red in the distance, I stopped turned my head to see a guy standing at the top of a staircase, my cousin's diwaniya's staircase.. 3aziz.. Yup.. I knew it was him, how do I know even though I never met him? Here's how..

"Mimi, he hurt his leg, o0 mo rathii yanzil! Mo rathii irou7 il mustashfa!" Jawa told me
"Ya mama.. Haday.. I think he'll know if it's bad or not.. Reelich wila reela!?" I laughed
"Bes Mimiiiiiiii! Lazem yirou7!" She pleaded
"Mu lazim.. Haday.." I calmed her down.

She stopped opening the subject again 'til the next day..

So back to what happened..
I saw him and ran back to Jawa..
"6al3ay mno hnak!" I said shocked
"Oh shit!" She said
"Ayabaaaaaaaaa!! Someone wants you!" I said and winked
"Shut up!" She laughed and this time she slathered sunblock on me!

"Ya bgaaraaaaaaaa!!!" I screamed
"Yatlich 3ala ghafla! Hahaha!" She laughed

Okay okay.. She got me.. but that wasn't the end of it.. The sunblock fight went on for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Yeah, 3aziz was watching.. Fa yama shaf 9ra5 o0 6ag o0 thi7ik.. Hey, we're girls! And girls just wanna have fun! ;)

After laughing at what we were doing, and how silly we acted, we started off for a destination where Jawa can fill me in on what I missed yesterday or the day before.

"Yala inrou7 nisba7?" I asked
"Yala, pool wila ba7ar? Jawa asked us
"Kaifkum" Basma said
"Intaw kaifkum, I can do both any day bes you two shno taboun?" I asked
"Ba7ar" Jawa smiled

See Jawa tmout 3al ba7ar, like me, if anything ever happens, the beach is the first place we'd want to go to, well probably after each other that is..

We walked down the stairs, singing our song; our song is Beautiful by Akon, so hand in hand we went, down the stairs.. We got down the last step and I felt the cold wet sand slowly sneak in between my toes; I looked down and watched my feet sink in lower into the sand.

The three of us slowly walked into the sea, the salty waves crashing against our legs. I was looking down watching where I'm going but I guess some stupid rock snuck in between glances and I let out a scream.

"Ahhhhhh!!" I screamed
"Ahhh!" Jawa screamed terrified of my scream
"5ara! a77 reeliiii!" I screamed and lifted my leg to look at it
"3ama b3ainich! 5ara3teeniiii!" She yelled
"Hahahah!" I laughed

We kept moving forward when a stupid crab decided to give us both a heart attack..

It came out from under a blanket of sane, it's two claws snapping at us, with the 6 eyes looking at us and running off between our legs.

"Ya mamaaaaaaa!!" Jawa screamed and jumped on me
I litterally carried her, while Basma ran out of the sea. Ithaher il 9adma 9argi3at'ha:p
Me and Jawa started laughing at our reaction.. She whispered something in my ear..

"I need to tell you about Bader and Jassim.." She said
"Ee, okay.. Lets find a place.." I told her, "Ako mukan fathii hnak, no rocks just sand," I pointed, "inrou7?" I asked
"Yalla.." She said and we got out of this part of the sea to walk to the other..


Part 7.


We got to our destination, but Basma was alone on the shore, 5afat I guess.. Me and Jawa sat down and she started pouring her heart out..

See, she recently realized she loved a guy.. Jassim.. He's in Uni, and studying in Ba7rain, irou7 wirid 3al likwait, bes fee shay mu 7ilo bil walad.. When he wants Jawa, he'll go to her, when he doesn't wella china she exists.. Bader on the other hand.. He's another story.. Bes 5an 5ali9 with Jassim awel..
Jassim min a good family, a9eel, tikana, and the reason he started talking to Jawa is well.. Because ilee galaha ina mayabii zawaj o0 ohwa may3arif il bint, wella i7ibha, wella shay.. So that was his reason..
Bader now.. My kwaitii.. Family problems.. no money, la 9alat, la dirasa, la shay.. Mahma 7awilat maku mustaqbal.. See Jawa min a big high class family, so you can see the difference.. She loves both, but she can't handle Jassim's mood swings.. Bader and Jawa are practically best friends.. So you see the pull..

"7ayatii intay.. Jassim aku future.. Bader maku.. Don't get yourself into something you know you'll come out broken from.. Bes I just wanna see you happy, so saway ilee iray7ich, o0 I'm backing you up 100%" I told her
"thank you," She hugged me, "Shasawii bidounich!? I love you Mimi" she said
"I'll always be here, mani ray7a mukan, and hey that's what friends are for!" I threw my hands up in the air

We sat in the middle of the big blue gulf.. Just joking around for the next 10 minutes, then we got out and headed back to the shore.

"LETS STRIP!" I screamed outta the blue, yeah I'm like that:p Very hyper o0 maynouna:p
"Fahraa! Wrabii fahra!!!" Jawa screamed
"Intay sh7arich?!" I stuck my tongue out
"Kaaaak!" She exploded into fits if laughter
"Ta3alaw bawadeekum mukan kila hotties" I winked
"Yala yala mishaina!" Jawa got up

We walked down the shore to a shalaih that had hotties for as long as the eye could see.. Madrii laish but it makes me feel like I'm reading Cosmopolitan's Hot Men Of The Year article! YA MAMA! ;)

"Intay mu hayna!? It3arfeen it9eedeeem!" Jawa winked
"A7im a7im, a3jibich" I winked
"Abii abiiiii!!" Jawa whispered
"Shh! Haha! 5anrid gabil la they start looking for us!" I told Jawa
"Ee a7sen.." Basma said

As we walked back, a funny looking crab ran ahead of us
"KAAAK!! Shoufay 3younah!! Bahaha!" Jawa pointed as she cried of hysteria

The next 15 minutes were all about that crab, basically running around after him/her, trying to get a picture of Mr. Long eyes:p but little did we know.. The real hysterics is yet to come later that night..


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