Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hello! :)

Hi my loves! Shlounkum?! I know it's been a while since I posted.. but inshallah I'll post soon..
I've been swamped, and going through a lot so I couldn't really post or write as my muse and my inspiration disappeared.. My writing was becoming stale, and so I guess the hiatus helped..?
Again, Twitter, it's getting big and I'm honestly thinking of making an account.. That is IF you guys follow (well the ones with Twitter's anyway!)

Valentines is coming up! :D What's your plans?! Anyone already have their Valentines?!;)

I wanna surprise my mommy, but I think the dozen roses with one false rose isn't really an idea? Should I? Or Shouldn't I? Since it's been used alot, it might be un-original..
Also! If any of you guys know a good flourist, PLEASE send me their name and number! You can either comment it on here, or you can email me at:
I'm in need of a flourist my mom doesn't know 3ashan she doesn't know what I have planned!;)
So please, it would mean alot to me! And INSHALLAH, on Valentines, I'll post a Valentines post..

So yes, two or possible three things.. :p
1. Short hiatus I went on.
2. Valentines ideas.
3. A good flourist! (PLEASE, it'd mean A LOT to me and I honestly need it..)
4. Inshallah a Valentines post;)

Okay, 4 things. Bes you get the idea:p Haha(a)

I love you all, and I pray you're all in good health and are doing well!

Forever, with love;

1 comment:

  1. hiiii:** we've missed youu!!
    i donna any flourists;p sorry!
    i hope youu have a happy valentine!!;*
    post soon!