Friday, February 12, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 8.

Part 8! Enjoy;)


The next 15 minutes were all about that crab, basically running around after him/her, trying to get a picture of Mr. Long eyes:p but little did we know.. The real hysterics is yet to come later that night..

We headed back to my shalaih, panting from running, and laughing at how each of us looked. We went up the steps and quickly ran to my room as the shalaih was ice cold.

Heater! Heater!” I screamed as I ran into my room

I clicked the button on my air conditioning unit and changed it to heater.

Okay, aku three bathrooms, I'll use my parent's, and one of you can use mine, withanya can use the guest bedroom. Who wants here, o0 who wants there?” I asked them

Mu muhim! Lets shower bes!” Jawa said

Okay, nagaw!” I said

Lets shower in your bathroom taking turns..” Jawa said

Okay, 3ala ra7atkum, mno first?” I asked, “ana a6awil..” I said sticking my tongue out

Me too!” Jawa said and raised her hands in defeat.

I'll go first ya3nii?” Basma said

Kaifich..” We said

More contemplating and talking about who goes first, and we ended up all cramming ourselves into my shower – we were fully clothed with our bathing suits – taking turns on who uses the shower head first.

Waaaaaaaaai3! Sha3rii kila ramil!” I screamed

Jawa laughed at my expression of disgust.

Ee, ni6ray! Al7een bikoun ib sha3rich ba3ed!!!!” I yelled

Waaaaai3! Ka feeeeee!!!” Jawa yelled

Allah ma yirtha ya bgaraaa!” I retorted

Basma was the first to finish, she left the bathroom with a towel rapped around her bathing suit fitted body, and walked into my bed room to change.

Me and Jawa on the other hand, well we spent maybe up to another 20 to 30 minutes in the shower, washing out the tiny little grains of sand in our heads.

3a6eenii il body soap please..” Jawa said

Here, o0 smell it, it smells amazing! I got it yesterday lemn ri7t Il Kout wiya mama..” I said

Allaaaaah! It smells amazing!” She yelled

I know 9a7?!” I said

Yeaaaah!” She squeezed the purple creamy shower gel onto her palms and started spreading it on her body, in between her bathing suit and body, and on her bare body parts.

Hand it over please..” I said

Here” Jawa said handing it over

I squeezed some onto my palm and she went,

Mayouuuuus! Waiiii3!”

Shfeech?!” I said confused

Aku sand in there..” She said looking at me, wanting me to understand without saying the word

In where?” I said again

In makutiiiiiii!!!” She said and laughed

KAAAAAK!!! Umbay, inshallah ana maku!” I said

a minute later, I started laughing

Hem anaaaaa!” I laughed

Me and Jawa started laughing in unison as we each tried to clean it out. Apparently, il ga3da ib wis6 il ba7ar, o0 playing with the sand did that. Those little sand grains snuck in our shorts and bikinis and rested in the only place they could find. Our butts. :)

We made sure we were clean of sand infesting body parts and left the bathroom laughing. I pulled out my pink Calvin Klein panties, and white La Sanza bra.

Digeega, barou7 albis my undies bil 7amam o0 arid” I said smiling

Okay” Smiled jawa

I went into the bathroom, and wore my underwear, I rolled on some deodorant, sprayed on some perfume, flipped my hair and gave it a shake, and went out.

Okay, I don't care if you guys see me in my underwear, so deal with it.” I smiled

Haw, Mayso 3adii, we go through everything together, ana 3adii!” Jawa said

Me too, I don't care” laughed Basma

I got out my yellow Juicy Couture sweats, and white Polo t-shirt, and got dressed.

Maisa, do you have extra sweats? All my clothes ilee I got are kesh5a.. Kila nas 3indina, fa I didn't get anything casual..” Said Basma

Me and Jawa are the same size, gadich?” I asked

Ooooh, no” she said, “5ala9, 3adii..”

Are you sure? You can try it on..” I told her

La 5ala9, 3adii..” Basma said

Okay, 3ala ra7tich honey..” I told her

We each got dressed and went out, passing by the kitchen for some juice before heading out. I grabbed some banana milk, while Jawa got some mango juice. Basma on the other hand, got just water.

Na9errrrrrrrr!!” I yelled. Ironically, my little brothers' name is Na9er. Nice isn't it? Yeah yeah, it's a common name. Whatever.

Il muhim, I called him and asked him for the Rhino key.

Ma3a Jassim” He told me

Il mifta7 wiya Jassoum?” I asked

Ee, digay 3alaih, ohwa bara bil mal3ab wiya il shabab china..” He said

Ee, okay.” I told him

We started walking towards the mal3ab, and ma wa3aina ila inshouf shabab yil3iboun kura, o0 buggiat all around. I looked at Jawa and she wiggled her eyebrows.

Siktay!” I stuck my tongue out, “These are probably my brothers' friends” I told her

Akhhhh, 7asafa” she pouted.

Jassimmmmm!” I yelled

Jassim, wild 3amii, o0 he's a little boy, so no worries here. :)

Haaa?!” I heard him yell back

Ta3al please” I said

and he came jogging towards me

Haaa, shfeech?” he asked

Abii mifta7 il Rhino please..” I said

Ni6ray” he told me, “Zayouuuud! Yeeb mifta7 il rhino!” He called out to Zaid ithaher, o0 Zaid kuber Na9er o5oy, his sister is one of my good friends.

Hach!” he handed me the key and ran off.

Okaaaaay, thank you” I said sarcastically.

YEEEAAAH!!!” I said and ran to the drivers side of the Rhino, Jawa to the passenger, and obviously, Basma jumped in the back.

We drove like maniacs for a bit, then Na9er texted me..

Hii(: Can I call you?” it read.

Heyy! Sure I guess, but I'm with Jawa..” I replied

3adii, ba3day 3anha shway;)” he replied

Mmm, okay;p” I replied

He wants to call.. galii aba3id 3anich, bes I'll be right next to you” I winked to Jawa.

Good!” Jawa winked back

Yalla, call..” I texted him 3 minutes later.

We talked and talked.. We just laughed, and talked about random stuff, honestly now, I don't remember what we talked about, but I remember this significant part that made Jawa want to strangle him.

Jawa tadrii inich t7acheenii?” he asked

Nope, bes I'm planning on telling her tonight..” I told him

La2, don't tell her!” He said

Haw, shfeeh mayabeenii agoulaha? I asked myself..

Why not? She's my best friend, o0 I tell her everything..” I told him

Ee, she didn't tell you about us..” He said, but little did he know that she did..

Okay, she didn't, bes I can't keep this from her, maybe she doesn't want us to talk?” I told him

Don't tell her.. I know she's going to be pissed, a3arif Jawa 3adil” he said

In my head I said, “7abeebii, mat3arif shay, lounik t3arif chan you would know this was all planned out..”

Mmmkayyy..” Was all I said.

Mayouuus! Sakray il phone o0 ta3alay!” Jawa yelled

Na9er, I'm sorry, I gotta go, Jawa's calling me, she's on her way over here..” I told him

Oh, okay, deeray balich 3ala nafsich” he told me

Will do! You too!” I told him and hung up.

I ran to Jawa and told her what he said

7maaaaaaaar!!!! He know's me?! Fuck himmmm!! He doesn't know me at all! Tell him you told me! Tell him I knew all along!!” She yelled, “Wallah la adig 3alaih al7een wagoul inee a3arif kil shayyy!!” She was pissed..

Jawooo! La2!! The whole plan will just turn into one big problem!!!” I told her, “5aleeh! I'll say I told you LATER! NOT now!” I told her

Okay okay..” She calmed down

We walked back and forth at the length of the shalaih before we decided to get my dog and take him for a walk

Hii 7abeebiii!” I called out to him and his tail started wagging

Woiii! Eshawig!” Jawa said

Hahaha, he's big 9a7?” I laughed

Uff!” Jawa said

Yala 7ayatii, ta3al” I told him as I unhooked his leash from the nail in the ground.

I started walking him, and the shifts started.. Me, Jawa, then Basma, then I take him back for the night.

Right now, in this very moment, sitting here and writing this.. I wonder, why did I even want to talk to Na9er then? And now, I realize, it was the attention I was getting from him then, I was something not known to him, something he probably wanted.. Kil mamnou3 mar3'oub;) So I was something mamnou3 to him, something he couldn't get.. And so, he was giving all the attention I wanted, and that pulled me in.. Unfortunately, we can never turn back time and stop what we did before, we can only learn and grow from it..


There you go.. ;)

Tell me what you think, and like I said, inshallah a Valentines post;)

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I love you all!!!!



  1. waiii abii dog!;(
    cant wait for the the valentines post!

  2. Waayyyy! I just started reading your blog! Madry laish shway 7aQda 3ala nasser! a7isa he's wayid shayif nafsa like girls want me! madryy madryy laish! .. Can't wait for your next post;*

  3. we(girls) think more with our hearts than with our minds when it comes to guys.. these incidents in life make us who we are today..