Monday, February 22, 2010

Stupid In Love. Part 9.

Hii my loves!
I'm sorry, I know I promised a Valentines post but I got swamped. I hate it. I hate how stuff pull me away for you. :(

Any way, I will continue:)
Maybe a short post though..

See, with Na9er everything was good, we talked like friends, it was cool, it was fun, it was harmless.. But little by little, I started to fall for him.. I know, Maisa, focus. This was supposed to be an experiment. Nothing more. No lovey dovey. NOTHING. Just an experiment, to see if he would do the same things he did to Jawa to me..

"Maisa, can I ask you something?" he asked me over the phone
"Sure, ask away" I told him
"t7acheen guys?" he asked
"La2, bes you oo your cousin.." I told him
"chathaba" he told me
"wallah!" I told him
"ma a9adgich bes okay" he said
"Mimi, do you like me?" He asked me
"Shno? La2 shaku" I said, I was terrified, every inch of my body was tingly and going numb
"3ayal laish il kalam il 7ilo o the flirting o all that?" He asked in a mischievous way
"I do that a lot, without wanting to do that" I told him
"Ahaa" he said
Then it was quiet for a minute or so, I heard the music in his car, I heard his breath, I heard everything.. Now, when I remember that moment, I feel like crying, then I didn't know everything would change like this, I wish it didn't.. I really wish that..
"By the way, when I start liking a girl, I start to slowly back away.." he told me
"Uhmm, okayy.." I told him
"Mimi, ana 3ind my cousin now, I'll message you" he told me
"5ala9 okay 3ala ra7tik" I told him

I got off my sofa, and 5 minutes later I got a text message..

"Please, don't call me anymore.. I'm sorry, take care;**"

I looked at the message in awe. What the hell? We were just laughing and talking like nothing was wrong!

I got on ebuddy from my phone.
He's online.
"Halaw, Na9er 3indik?" I asked
"Hala o0 ghala! Ee 3indii, laish?" he asked
"Shsalfita?! Tawa 3adii isoulif o0 the next minute this?! Tell him! Tell him that yes I did like him! I had this wee bit of feelings for him but not anymore!" I punched
Ouch. I felt the strings of my heart being cut off by a key. You know how hard it is to cut strings with a key? How long it takes, and how hard you have to pull at it, that's what happened..

A couple minutes after that, my phone started to vibrate, I looked at the caller ID and it was Na9er..

"Aloo?" I said
"Aloo" he said
"Haa, shfeek?" I asked
"Intay ilee shfeech" he told me
"Mafeenii shay, inta ilee feek shay" I said
"I told you, I walk away before I fall too deep.." he trailed off, "I don't want to get hurt.." 
"Al7een who got hurt?! Me or you?! ME! I didn't hurt you! You hurt me!" I yelled
"I know, but how do I know you won't hurt me?" he asked me
"Because I'm not one to hurt someone!" I yelled
"Okay.." he said
I think I struck a nerve, because we were okay after that.. 

Two days after that..
Remember that ex I told you about? The not kuwaiti one? Yeah, he popped up again:) Perfect isn't it?! He kept begging me to take him back, he scares me sometimes.. I know, what's he gonna do?! But I don't know, he gives me the creeps..

I told Na9er.. I know, stupid, but I did.. I needed reassurance that nothing will happen, but it caused more trouble than good..

"Shbisawii ya3nii?!" He texted
"Madrii! I'm scared of him! He creeps me out!" I said
"He can't do a thing, malich shi8el.." he said
"Okay.." was all I could muster

I was bored, my mom was out, so I decided to put on some make up and take pictures, shi8el banat 3adii;p
I went to her room, and started messing around with her make up; I liked how I looked, ALOT. I started taking pictures, and this particular one I loved.. I went on MSN and I used it as my dp.. 
The dude, esta5af. I am not kidding you. At first we were talking 3adii, then, AFTER using that picture as my dp, he went ballistic:/
He started being a jerk.
He was jealous. 

At that time, I didn't get it.. I really didn't.. Later on only did I found out that he was mad for me.. Well at that time..

There you go, sorry for the delay;* 



  1. Na9er wayeeed e5af 3alla masha3rah >.>

  2. Love iiiiittt! Amaziiinnggg!
    post sooon please;;**

  3. SuziQ: 9a7? You'll see more with time;)
    The Truth: I'm glad you like it! :) Post 10 is up honey! :)



  4. Na9er reminds me of some1 in my life..hehe i guess we all have our own version of Na9er;p

  5. Secerts: Maybe we all do.. but this is just a phase, something to get us to where we're meant to be:) :*