Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Let me at him, LET ME AT HIM!" Part 27

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Marzoug was out..

Having his own fun..


Jenna and 3abdallah went to Mc Donalds il tha7ya and went to the drive through,

“Shtabeen takleen?” He asked her

“Mmm.. Abii happy meal chicken burger please” she smiled

“Bes?” He asked

“Yuuuupp!” she said

“La la min 9ijich?” He asked her dumb founded

“Haw, ee, laish?” She asked

“you3ana o0 tabeen  takleen o0 baghait a7tirig o0 bes tabii takil happy meal! A3i6’ha?!” He yelled and turned to look at Jenna

“Ahahaha!!” She laughed

Her laugh makes my heart melt.. he told himself

“Janouy! I5thay shay 3adil!” He told her

“Ahaha, inzain.. Mmm.. Big mac?” She asked him

“OLA! Ibtinba6ain!” He teased

“5ala9999!! Mabii shay zain?!” she said and turned her face

“Il 7ilwa za3lana?” He laughed

“Ushhh!” she told him

“Tara I’m just kidding you, iklay ilee tabeena, bil 3afya..” he explained

“Aww, 7abeebiiii!” She said and kissed his cheek

Uhh, shsawait ana? Jenna asked herself

A5555, galbii bes 5ala9, thaaaaaaaab! He thought to himself

“Alaaaaah!” He laughed

She giggled and blushed

“It’s just between me and you.. “ He reassured her and then leaned over and kissed her cheek, “wa7da ib wa7da” he winked

“Ahahah, okay” she laughed

It was silent for a bit as they both waited for the Filipino man to come and take their order.

I feel like I can be whatever I want to be with him, I can be me, or be anything else and he wont judge me.. She thought to herself

7abaitich min il youm ilee shiftich feeh, wallah imyanen ilee mo ga3deen wiyach, ana al7een ga3ed yamich o0 abii agarib izyada! He thought, he wished he could say that to Jenna, but he knows he can’t, not now anyway.. He needs to wait.


“Helloooo sirrrr!” The clerk said

“Hello, can you please take our order?” 3abdallah asked the man

“Yes sir, what would you like to have?” He asked

“Can we please have 2 Big Macs, 2 Chocolate Sundae’s, 1 Orange Fanta, and…?” He turned to look at Jenna

“1 Diet coke please!” She smiled

“Yes ma’am” the clerk said, “Will that be all?” he asked them

“yea, thank you” they said together

“That’ll be 4.750” The Filipino clerk informed them

3abdallah squirmed in his seat as he pulled out his wallet from his back pocket and took out a 5KD bill and payed for their dinner.

“Mashkour 3abdallah” she said smiling

“3ala shno?” he asked

“Everything” She smiled

“Laaa, walaw 3adii, itha it’s over dinner, you can pay me back when we get back to your place with a good movie” he teased

“DEAL!” She laughed

“Great!” he laughed along with her

“You know your English is very goooood! Ay madrisa daris?” Jenna asked him

“American Creativity Academy” He told her

“Fuck naaaa!” She screamed

“3aib 3aib ya bint! Il banat maygouloun hal 7achiii!” He laughed

“Rou7 zain! Ana ‘3air il banat! I say them!” She smiled

“Ee adrii intay ‘3air il banat, 5ala9 3ala ra7tich” He laughed

“Are you saying the truth wila ga9 3alay?! Daris ib ACA?!” She asked him

“Haaaa, eeee! Laish?!” He asked

“ANA DARSA IB ACA!!!!!” She screamed as she turned to face him

“7ilfay?!” He turned to face her

“WALLAAAAAAH!!! AHAHAHA!!” She laughed

“u555, 5osh 9idfa!” He laughed

“Shift shloun?!” She said

“Class of ‘07” He smiled

“CLASS OF ’07 TOOOO!!” She laughed

“LA!! Goulay wallah!” He yelled

“WALLAHHH!!!!” She laughed

“Wallah a7la 9idfa! A7la bint bil dinya kanat tadris ib nafs madristee, o0 nafs dif3itee ba3ed, shloun fatnii hal wayh?!” He flirted

“Hehehe, madrii 3anik, i6’aher wa7da ma5tha 3aglik..” She giggled

“Wallah yimken shiftich o0 intay ilee 5athaitay 3aglii..” he winked

“Eheheh” She blushed


Apparently, they both went to the same school, but since ACA was a segregated school, and there was no contact with the boys unless well you lived with your brother or cousin in the same house and they happened to go to the same school, then that’s how you would know the dudes on the boys’ campus.


“Here you go ma’am!” The Filipino clerk came back and handed Jenna their food through her window.

“Thank you!” She beamed

“Ya 7ilo hal ibtisama wallahhhh!” The guy in the next car said

“SHGAL?!” 3abdallah boomed

“3abdallah la2! Wa7ed ma yisti7ee i7gira!” She said scared


Jenna pulled up her window and turned to face 3abdallah

“3abdallah honey, i7gira, he’s not worth it, b’allah 3alaik, ana ga3da yamik, 3ashanii tikfa let it go, mabee mashakil..” She said with a tear in her eye recalling the nights events.

“5ala9, 3ashanich..” he said and wiped the tear that found its way down her cheek, “bes intay la tabcheen..” he told her

“Okay, thank you..” She said

they were quiet for about 5 minutes when he started talking again..

“Tabeen we go eat somewhere and we can talk?” he told her

“Sure..” She smiled

He drove her to this little remote place by the sea. He parked his car, and turned off the headlights, so no one can know they’re there.

“yala nizlay” He told her

“Okay..” She said as she opened her door

He got down and made his way to his trunk, he opened it and let it flap down. They sat on it with their food in between, they stared into the oceans deep color, just inhaling it’s scent.

“Jenna, abii agoulich shay..” He told her

“Goul..” she said




To be continued..

I hope 3ajabkum! I’m writing this in the car, so sorry for misspelled words;p


I’ll post something new soon inshallahhh!




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  1. LA WALLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll kill you jed. Abi post without cliff hanger please :(. UNFAIR!
    I hate you. latklmeny or even tweet me unless you tell me shgalha! khalas. *za3lana expression* with my hands folded.

  2. i just really wanna know wain marzooog!!!
    loved the post! next post please!!:D:D

  3. li3ilmich bas;)..

    i3yal american creativity academy mitrabeen o i3arfoon ilqala6 min il9a7 mo ma9khara so atmana inich matistahzi2een fehom lai hal daraja :)


  4. Anonymous;; This is just a fiction story. For gods sake! I know a lot of people in ACA. Ou 9adgeenii metrabeen ;) Fa don't go around making accuses that my friend here 6abbat feekom. She just put a random name of a school.

    Ou le3elmich bas ;)

    Shinu el ghala6? Shinu el 9a7? THIS IS JUST FUCKING FICTION MY DEAR.

    Keep on going Q, we love you;*

  5. yes! let him tell her how he feels twords her! finally!
    love the post next post pls:*