Friday, October 30, 2009

Part 26 "Untitled"



"Ahahahahah!!!" They started laughing in unision

The soufflé they were trying to make exploded and they were covered in chocolate.
"Intay nag9ich chocolate on you?! You're naturally sweet!" He flirted
"Ehehe, tislam!" She blushed
"Yislamlich" He winked

They started cleaning up and Jenna decided to take a quick shower while 3abdallah starts something new. 

She ran upstairs and quickly jumped in the shower because it was 3aib to keep a visitor waiting.. 
She quickly scrubbed her body with her strawberry scented Body Shop shower gel, and rinsed it off, making sure she was fully cleansed. She got out and rapped her body with a towel and walked into her room, locking the door. 
She sat on her bed and started applying lotion, she's a girl, she needs to take care of herself. After applying her lotion, she hopped into her bra and panties, and wore her pink Terry Juicy Couture track suit, and ran back down bare foot. 

"Haaa sh9ar?!" She laughed
"I gave up.. Mc D'ees?" He asked
"Eee! Laish la2?!" She laughed
"Yala inrou7 inyeeb?" He asked her again
"Sure! 5an albis my flip flops" she smiled
"Mala da3ii, drive through, I'll carry you to my car ba3ed!" He joked
"Rou7 zain!" She laughed
"U555, 9arat rayal!" He teased
"Ahahah! Iskit! Okay, I'll run to your car bare foot, unlock it. NOW!" She stuck her tongue out
"Inzain!" He said

She opened the house door as he unlocked his car door, and she ran to his car and hopped it. 

"MADE ITTTTT!!!" She screamed
"I see! tara manii 3amay!" He joked
"Eeee, adriii!!" She laughed

He got into his car and turned the engine on, the purr of the engine, and 3abdallah being next to Jenna made her feel safe..

Where's Marzoug? Jenna wondered, where could her Knight In Shining Armor be? 
While she was going to get dinner with 3abdallah.. 
Marzoug was.. 
Having his own fun.. 

I know it aint long! Bes I wanted to write something;p
I love y'all! ;*



  1. Ayal 7ywan :@!
    Kalab Zag! I hate you male version of a slut!

    I love 3baid! EYANIN! ahah.
    I love this part where she runs to the car barefoot! ghabeya haha. No offense:p

  2. la2222 marzooog! i dont believe it!!! loved the post! next post please!!;D