Friday, October 30, 2009

"You Can Get It All" Part 25.

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I'm not gnna color code cuz it takes up ALOT of time, but you guys will still know who's saying what;)
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"a555 ya Jenna.. Lounich bes tadreen.." he said
He picked up his phone from the cup holder and dialed Jenna's number.

"Alo?" Jenna said as she picked up
"Hala, Jenna?" 3abdallah asked
"Ee, mno?" She asked scared
"Ana 3abdallah, afaaaa, nisaitay 9outii?!" He asked her sarcastically
"Laaa2! Ehehe, sorry, lail7een fee 9adma.." She said quietly
"La, lat5afeen, I took care of it. Did Marzoug get to you yet?" He asked her
"Nooo, I didn't hear from him! Did you call him?!" She asked worried
"I tried calling, but I didn't get an answer, I thought he would've called you by now.." 3abdallah told her
"Weeeh!" She screamed into the phone
"Tabeenii ayeech? I'll stay with you until you hear from you?" He comforted her
"Eee, can you? I'm just too scared.. itha ma 3alaik amir, please come.." She said from the other side of the phone blushing
"Afaaaa, ayich al7een, lat7ateen, I'll be there in 7minutes." He told her
"Thank you 3aboudii, matga9ir!" She squeaked into the phone and hung up

3abdallah drove to Jenna's house as fast as his car would let him. In his head Jenna's voice saying 3aboudii kept repeating, like a broken record, it played over and over and over again. And every time he would recall it, his heart would start beating at a 100 miles per hour! 3abdallah was determined. Determined to find WHO in the sam hell sent Sa3ad after Jenna, WHO told him all those things?! It sure as hell has GOT to be someone Jenna knows..

He got to Jenna's house, and got out of his car. He called her to inform her he's outside. She slowly opened the door and peeked out and found 3abdallah standing there with his arms wide open and a devilish smile.
"HAHAHA!" She laughed and hugged him
He couldn't believe what she just did so he hugged her back and smelled her hair.. The scent of strawberries and flowers filled his nostrils and his thoughts. Now he can remember that.
"7ayak 7ayak!" She screamed
"Allah i7ayeech" He smiled
They walked in and she lead him into the living room.

"3abdallah, wallah matga9ir.. I didn't have anyone to ask to come over.. o0 7adii kint 5ayfa.. o0 if Marzoug trusts you, I know I can trust you.." she told him
"La, Jenna walaw, it's okay. And don't you worry, you can trust me with whatever you have. Manii min hathoula il shabab ilee yil3iboun 3al banat.. Fa whatever you have to say is between us unless you say otherwise.." He told her
"Ya ba5at murtik.." She smiled
"Ya ba5at raylich!" He laughed
"Ehehe" She blushed

They were silent for a few minutes until 3abdallah spoke up..
"Let's do something.." He said
"Like?" She asked
"Madrii.. Let go crazy! 5an nistahbil!" He laughed
"Ahaha, nistahbil ib hal layl?" She asked
"Eeee, laish la2?!" He told her
"Umm, inzain.." She gave in
"3indii fikra.." He eyes glittered
"Shno fikritik?" She laughed
"5an rou7 in5abi9 insawee shay nakla.." He said
"Shay nakla? I'll cook for you ahah" She laughed
"Laaaa2! Abee insawee shay yideed! Something you don't know how to cook and I want to help with it!" He said
"Inzain! Haha!" She laughed
"Imshay!" He said pulling her off the sofa

They walked to the kitchen and Jenna pulled out her moms cook book.
"3INDII FIKRAAA!!" She screamed
"Haha! Shno fikritich?" 3abdallah laughed
"Wait here!" She winked

Jenna ran to her room and opened her laptop.
"iTunes, iTunes, iTunes!" She repeated
"New playlist" She said
and then she started pilling up songs into the playlist.. She got to 19 songs and stopped. She hopped off her bed and ran to her desk and started rummaging for an empty disk to burn.
"FOUND IT!" She screamed
"Emmm, burn disk.." She said to herself and inserted the blank disk.

Initializing Burn it said.
The playlist consisted of songs she loved and danced around to.

1. You Can Get It All - Bow Wow ft. Johnta Austin
2. Be With You - Akon
3. Beautiful - Akon ft. Colby O'Donis & Kardianl Offishall
4. Troublemakee - Akon ft. Sweet Rush
5. Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
6. I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
7. Party All The Time - Black Eyed Peas
8. Cyclone - Baby Bash ft. T-Pain
9. Lace & Leather - Britney Spears
10. Down - Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne
11. The Way You Make Me Feel - Micheal Jackson
12. Party In The USA - Miley Cyrus
13. Like This - MIMS
14. ErrTime - Nelly
15. Big Girl Now - New Kids On The Block ft. Lady GaGa
16. Put It On My Tab - New Kids On The Block ft. Akon
17. Jai Ho - Pussycat Dolls
18. Emergency Room - Rihanna ft. Akon
19. Never Leave You - Tinchy Stryder ft. Amelle Berrabah


"A5EERAN!!!!" She screamed and ejected the disk

She ran downstairs and into the living room and inserted the CD into her surround system and clicked play, and then ran into the kitchen.

"What's your brilliant idea?" He teased
"Isma3.." She smiled

Uh.. Uh.. Uhhh.. Got me like, WOOHOO!! When I think about you thats the first thing that comes to my mind!

It started playing

"YOU CAN GET IT ALL!!!!!" Screamed 3abdallah
"EEEEEH!!!!!!!" Jenna jumped
"AHAHAHA!!" They laughed in unision

They started messing around in the Kitchen, mixing flour and eggs and milk and any other thing they could get their hands on.



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