Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Lama ashoufik abtisim.."

Hii my loves! I miss y'all!!! ;*
This post isn't going to be long because of the reason, this iltihab thing is REALLY taking a toll on me &all I do is sleep:/
It's school, home, sleep, study.. Well that's how it's been for the past 2 days or so! Bes inshallah it3adii soon &I'll post something longer!
My laptop the dude says that the something board or something disk 5arban.. Idk, I was just too annoyed that they didn't call me that ma intibaht:p So if it's the mother board, all my work will be deleted:'/
Adrii ina I'm not posting much, bes ma ashouf alot of comments, well not like I used to anyway..
I have ALOT of tests &projects coming up, fa I think I'll be posting small small versions of the story.. I hope you like that!
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I love you all!!!! ;*


"I'm.." He started to say but Jenna interrupted him
"He's 3abdallah.. Marzoug's friend.." Jenna said
"Ahaa.." Alya said
"Shiftay, manii yay athbi7ich.." 3abdallah said sarcastically..
"I'm sorry if I was scared for my life." Alya shot back
"Zain." He said

He got up off the ground and sat on the chair in the corner of the room. He raised his left leg and rested it on his right leg and leaned back looking at Jenna. Alya got up and excused herself to go home. He still looked at Jenna..

"Oh, sorry, al7een I'll wear a shirt, and give you yours.." She said blushing
"La 3adii.." He replied calmly..

Jenna walked to her room and closed the door behind her, she sat on her bed and started thinking.. She thought of why 3abdallah looked at her that way, why she looked at him the way she did. She looked at him like he was actually something to her.. When in fact, she met him a few times before with Marzoug, ista3ba6 3alaihum bil jetski, but that's about it.. She didn't have feelings for him or anything.. She decided to get up and change her shirt so she can give him his shirt back. She took it off then took on looooong wiff of it.. She wanted to remember her hero's smell..

She pulled out her dad's shirt from her drawer and threw it on, she folded 3abdallah shirt, and walked out into the living room. He was still sitting there, and when Jenna walked out of her room, he looked at her..

"Here you go.." She smiled
"Thank you" He said as he took his shirt, he made sure to at least touch her hand while he did so.

He stood up and wore his shirt.
"Inzain, ana bamshii al7een.. Tabeen shay?" He asked her
"La salamtik.. Al7een badig 3ala Marzoug ashouf itha yigdar iyeenii.. Thanks again, for everything.." She smiled
"Laa, walaw, 3adii.. Tabeen ag3ad wiyach lemn iyeech?" He asked politely
"La, 3adii, go home it's late.. I'll hide in my room, hehe" She giggled
"Inzain, ana ba5ith hal 5aneeth o0 adig 3alaich achayick.." He told her
"Okay, again, thank you.." She smiled
"Anytime, give me a ring if needed!" He winked and walked to her parents room to get Sa3ad

He took him and walked out. As soon as he got outside, he put Sa3ad in his car and drove off to the nearest dumpster. He stopped, got down and pulled sa3ad from his trunk.

"Wallah inta wa7ed wa6ii mat5af rabik!" 3abdallah yelled and spat on him after he landed on the ground in a haze of dust.

3abdallah got into his black Escalade and turned on the stereo.
Ya3shagnii by Yousef Li3manii blasted.

"a555 ya Jenna.. Lounich bes tadreen.." he said

He picked up his phone from the cup holder and dialed Jenna's number.


That's all for now(:
Inshallah you liked it!
It's not long, &I can't color code, bes tell me what y'all think!


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  1. wait 3bdallah loved jenna?;s
    bess marzoog loves her!!
    loved the post next post please! oo take ur time!

  2. ditch marzuugi o take 3bdulla simply planned! ahaha, I love you for posting! sorry for commenting late, bs ma gelteely :(

    post soon please, I know ur busy o kil shy and we understand it (: