Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hii my loves:* 
a7is ina I'm killing y'all with the cliffhangers, bes it's just to keep y'all pulled in;p 
Part 28 will be posted tomorrow at around 4:30, bes please gouloulii, do you want me to end the story at part 30, or do you want me to just surprise you? La2na mazajii currently is in the writing mood:p I have a new story coming up.. 
It's gnna be a true story, most of it anyway.. 
As you all probably know, ana ga3da aktib 3ashan asalii rou7ii, o0 asaleekum wiyay.. and to give people who don't have hope in love, some hope.. Because well, love is the closest thing we have to magic.. 
I'm going to start writing my new story, and as soon as Starbucks Fantasy ends, I'll post it. If you want me to start posting it now, I will, bes mabii I confuse you. Fa it's up to you my loves;*

o0 please remember, spread the word about the blog, o0 don't forget to comment! ;*

a7ibkum! With every bit! :* 



  1. ayashay..take your time ma7ad la7gich;p

    post soon pls

  2. Kiss;* : Thank you 7ayatii;* My readers la7ginee! ;p and I'm here to please you all! ;*
    Posting soon inshallah;*