Thursday, November 12, 2009

"This is just the beginning" Part 30. FINALE!

HERE IT ISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The finale! Inshallah you guys like it! I’m going to start writing my next story soon, but this is the Finale of Starbucks Fantasy – wow, this is my first complete story! And it wouldn’t be possible without all of you!!!!!!!!!! :* Thank you! And I love you ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




And the preperation for the rest of her life began..

The wedding dress, the 8a3a, the singers, the food, EVERYTHING. It had to be perfect, for the perfect life, for the perfect boyfriend, for the perfect future husband, and for the best future father of her children.










Finally.. The big day has come..

The girls woke up early while they allowed Jenna to sleep in. Alya, Dalal, and Jenna’s mother started their side of the preparations, Alya went and called the stylists, Dalal called the caterers, Jenna’s mother got the dress and Jenna’s jewelry, after everything was set, they woke up Jenna.

“Gomay youma” Jenna’s mother kissed her head

“Hmm, inshallah mama..” Jenna said and tussled in bed.

“Yalla youma, goumay 3ashan titjahizain..” Her mother told her

Umbaih, today’s the day.. She told herself and slowly rose with a smile on her face.

She got up and walked to her hotel room bathroom, she turned on the hot water, and gradually incorporated some cold water with it until it got to exact temperature that she wanted.

She stood with a towel around her body and her sea salts in her hand, she thought she heard his voice and spun around to find that his suitcase was on the bed.

“He was here..” She whispered, and a smile broke on her face

She turned back around, continued sprinkling her sea salts into the warm water then walked to lock her door, she found a rose on the bed with a note gracing its presence. She picked it up and walked back to her bathtub locking the door behind her.

When she was finally settled in the warm, relaxing water, she opened the note and read it to herself;

“Ilayla intay itkouneen 7alalii.. 7agii o0 magii;*

It’s just a couple more hours until I can see my soon to be wife stealing the spot lights, breaking necks, and making all the girls there jealous.

A7ibich. And tonight I’ll show you just how much;*



She smiled and smelled the little piece of paper, that scent is the scent she’ll be smelling for the rest of her life..








Time came for her to start getting ready, her make up was done, her hair was perfectly sculptured, all that was left was for her to slowly wear her dress, and to finally glam up with her gorgeous jewels.

Any other girl would be nervous, and emotionally wrecked! She wasn’t, she was happy, she was ecstatic, and she was finally going to get what she wants.. 3abdallah.



It time.

She slowly walked down the stairs and stood in front of the huge wooden doors, queue music, and she walked in.

Everything was perfect, the big white lilies, the red roses, the creamy white sofa’s, the dimmed lights.

She couldn’t look around, she had this genuine smile plastered on her face and she kept walking.

One.. Two.. Three.. Stop. One.. Two.. Three.. Stop. She kept repeating in her head.

Yala Jenna, you’re almost there, one, two, three, stop.

She got to her Kousha, Alya, Dalal, and Jenna’s mother fixed her dress, grabbed her flowers, and helped her sit down.

She waited.


And waited.

An hour later, it was his turn.

He walked in. Her heart skipped a beat, she couldn’t breathe, all she could do was stare at him and smile. He mouthed “a7ibich” to her, and her smile got even wider.

He got closer to her, and behind him, she saw Marzoug, he smiled and nodded to her.

She stood up, and 3abdallah kissed her cheeks, and whispered something to her, it kept ringing in her head all night long,

“Forever you’ll be mine, and I’ll be yours, a7ibich.”

He stood next to her, and they greeted his friends, it was Marzoug’s turn. He kissed her cheek (since they’re related, it’s approved), and he said

“You picked the right one, bil imbarak inshallah, I’m sorry for hurting you, o0 itha 3baid sawa feech shay, bes digay 3alay, awareech shasawii feeh!” He winked and she laughed

“My Zougii,” she told him, “7mar, I missed you, bes now 5ala9, mara7 itrou7 mokan, you’ll be with us dayman” She smiled

“Akeed” he told her

He congratulated them and left with the rest of the men.

Jenna and 3abdallah sat down and looked at each other, he slid his hands into hers, and they intertwined. She turned to look at him, and she saw him smiling with his eyes shining like the brightest star in the night sky.

She squeezed his hand never wanting to let go.


This is just the beginning, the rest of my life is yet to come.. And I’m going to spend every waking minute of it with him.. She told herself. And so, her life began, his life began, THEIR life began..




So there you go! I hope you guys liked it! Again, THANK YOU for making me capable of finishing my first story! Wallah mindounkum this wouldn’t have happened at all! :* Thank youuuuuuuu! :*




  1. awwww i loved it!!:D
    i still love marzoug!! oo i will still hate 3abdallah!!
    bess i loved the ending! yalla start ur next story!