Friday, November 13, 2009

Stupid In Love. Part 1.

My loves;*

I’m going to start my new story, I don’t have a title yet, so I’ll just improvise until I do so;p

Keep in fact, this story is based on real events. Some might shock you, some might make your heart melt, and some may just make you feel like you’re living a dream.

I’m sorry to say that some facts, or stuff said during that period of time have been blurred because of a fact you’ll know later.. ;)

That’s it for now, so let the ball start rolling..



Hii, I’m Maisa, and I’m going to tell you my story. It caused me a hell of a lot of heartbreak.. I cried more than I have ever cried in these few months of my life. And it all started with him.

I’m going to tell you how it began..

“Fuck fuck fuckkk!!” Jawa screamed

“SHFEEEECH?!” I asked

Jawa’s my best friend, and when I mean best friend, I literally MEAN best friend, she’s the definition of a best friend. We’ve known each other for 7 years, and in those 7 years, we went through EVERYTHING together, sure there came a time where we got separated, but when we got in contact again, it was like nothing happened.. With Jawa, we went through heartbreaks together, relationships, family problems, even PMSing! It all came at the same time! I can read her mind as she can read mine, all we need is one look. That’s how close we are.

“Na9er!” She said

“Wait, Na9er? Mno hatha ba3ed?” I asked her


“Ohhhhh!! HIM?!” I asked

“YES!” She yelled

At this time, we were all standing in a circle at the school stairwell, when I say all, I mean our group, it consists, of Me, the little one of the group, yet sometimes the mama;p Jawa, the understanding one, 3anoud, the Americanized one of the group since her mom’s American, she’s basically the most westernized one, but she doesn’t date or talk to guys more than friendship kinda talking.. But, even her phone doesn’t have guys’ numbers. Loujain, the innocent one, and when I mean innocent, I literally mean INNOCENT. 3omerha ma sawat shay to break her moms trust, 3omerha ma 7achat wa7id, 3omerha ma 3a6at wa7id wayh aw 7atan 3a6ita ra8emha. Hiba, well Hiba is another case, she’s a boya, I know I know, how could you be friends with a boya o0 all that shit, bes you guys need to have a friend like that to know they’re just like us, ba3ed she’s more protective of me than my own brother! Madrii chem wa7id 3adii itkaf5a bes la2na he broke my heart! I swear it!

She handed me her phone and I looked at the name.

“Asheela?” I asked as I wiggled my eyebrows

“YES!!!” She laughed

“Are you serious?!” I asked in shock

“YES!!!!!!” She giggled

“Umm, okayyyy…” I said as I waited to get some guts to actually do so, la2na it’s been a while since I talked to a guy, a while I mean, 5 years a while. As friends sure, bes 7adha MSN, never on the phone. Well I dated this guy recently that wasn’t a Kuwaiti, and we never talked on the phone! It was Emails and MSN.. So yes, talking on the phone was still something..

1 missed call

“Sada” I laughed, “Adig?” I asked

“Kaifich” she laughed

So I called back

“Aloo?” I said, and it sounded so fucking dalou3a! I was in shock!

“Aloo?” He answered in a husky sleepy voice

“Ermm, did you call Jawa?” I asked

“Yea, mno?” He asked

“I’m her friend.. Telephonha ma3ay.. I’ll tell her that you called when I see her” I said

“Mmm, okay.” He said

“Okay, bye.” I said and hung up

I was shivering! I was soooooo nervous! That was the first time I heard his voice, and sure wouldn’t be the last..

“ahahaha! Shakla im3a9ib! Digay 3alaih lemn you feel like it!” I laughed

“Ahaha, okay!” She laughed with me and we wrapped our arms around each other’s waists.

We started going down the stairs ready to each head out to our way, still our hands were around each other’s waists.

“Shofay, itha matabeena 3a6eeniyahhh!” I joked

“I5THIII!! MABIIII!!!!!!” She said

“Intay min 9ijich?!” I asked

“EEEE!! MIN 9IJIII!!” She said

“Ahahaha!” I laughed, “Okay!” I kept on laughing

“Shofay ohwa shyabii awal shay ba3dain goleelii” I winked

“Okay” She winked back

I walked down the stairs with my girls with me, feeling invincible, nothing could go wrong, I didn’t need a man in my life, I got over that fag of a dude I was dating. Plus side of that, he wasn’t Kuwaiti, so no problems came with it. We were laughing and contemplating plans for the weekend.

I went back home, and turned on my phone, since my mother has a big no no with taking my phone to school:/

I turned it on and got on MSN.

“Bal 3alaichhhhhhhh!!! 3ain ma 9alat 3ala il nibiiiiiiiii!!!!” I got an IM from Jawa

What was she talking about?

I was confused.



There you go(: First part! x)

I hope you liked it!




  1. sh9aaaaaar :(. another cliffhanger?
    mayseeeer :( ufffftttttttt! *hand folded*

  2. what happened?:O
    next post please!
    loved the post!!:D

  3. I like it!!
    Yallaah next post soon nbe n3arf what happened!

    -Freckles xx

  4. I love ur story-the characters andd the feelings kelshay am glade u posted:* dont keep us hanging